I Raised a Big Boss in the 90s

I Raised a Big Boss in the 90s

Chi Mo

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AuthorChi Mo
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Su Wei just woke up and became the villain in the book. The female partner eloped with someone soon after her husband died, leaving her own son and her husband’s six younger siblings.

Who knows, but was abandoned tragically, the end is miserable!

But those six younger siblings have become superstars, scientific research magnates, stock speculators, Internet crocodiles…

When her abandoned son grew up, she became a digital painting genius!

What’s more terrible is that her husband is not dead at all! ! !

He just lost his memory, made a fortune in a certain corner, and finally became the official match of the scum heroine!

Su Weiwei: Eloped? Nothing! Is it not good to be the eldest wife of big brothers, or is it not honorable enough to be a mother of a painting genius?

No matter how bad, it is necessary to inherit her husband’s inheritance! ! !

Therefore, Su Weiwei was busy working as a fairy godmother to the seven big brothers in the chronology.

advance receipt
The day of the blind date

Qi Xiuyuan said: “My parents have died, no car or house, and a monthly salary of 5000, so I can’t give you anything.”

Lin Yuan laughed: “Coincidentally, my salary is moonlight, my family is poor, and my monthly salary is 1,000 less than yours. I can’t give you anything.”

The two looked at each other and smiled, and they agreed to get married.

Until one day three years later

Lin Yuan’s favorite novel “Toward the Heart” is going to make a movie, and the crew asked her to write lyrics and music for the movie.

As a fan of novels, Lin Yuan strongly urges to meet with novel authors in order to create better.

Then, she saw a husband in a suit sitting across from her.

Lin Yuan found out that the super network writer she fancied, known as China’s first person in science fiction, is her husband who can’t even write love letters.

Qi Xiuyuan also discovered that his conservative and old-fashioned wife turned out to be the sexy singer who has always been masked and has a hot body.

So Qi Xiuyuan blocked Lin Yuan in the corner:

“My wife, you never wear low-cut fishnet stockings in front of me, but you wear them to so many people on TV, eh?”

Lin Yuan ha ha da:

“You never talked about love to me, but on the day of 520, you said that the person you love the most is your heroine?”

Be a conservative and boring wife——→Sexy and enchanting masked singer

Be a thrifty and old-fashioned husband——→The great writer with over 100 million royalties

Friend Qi Xiuyuan said: “Bai Fumei wishing heart looks a bit like your wife.”

“Impossible, my wife is very conservative. It is absolutely impossible to wear a low-cut outfit, and it is impossible to have a rich father. I know her well.”

A friend said to Lin Yuan: “Great God Qi Xiu is a bit like your husband.”

“Impossible, I know my husband. My husband doesn’t know how to write. The first person in science fiction? No way!”

Later… it smells so good!

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