Chapter 2822:I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week

: Don't underestimate the tech of Tilia Island

Thinking of this, Lin Yi felt a chill down his spine and ran directly to Tianling Gai.

He felt that if these people were not extinct, maybe they could conquer the world now.

"Let's go, there is still business to do, hurry up."

Under Lin Yi's order, the remaining ten people quickly moved forward.

But soon, they found something different.

Murals appeared on the walls, and all kinds of strange things came into view.

Another creature with three heads and six arms.

There are humans on one knee.

There are flaming torches.

And the sun and the moon that shine everywhere.

All kinds of strange portraits left everyone scratching their heads.

But everyone has a consensus in their hearts. This may be the sacrificial record of the aborigines of Tilia Island, but it is still unknown what it is.

"Boss, look at this thing."

Luo Qi crouched down and picked up a mahjong-sized stone.

"This thing is quite heavy, it seems to be metal."

Lin Yi took it in his hand, took the defense master dagger, and knocked on it, making a tinkling sound.

"It seems to be an alloy, but it's hard to say what it is." Lin Yi said:

"But for sure, it should be something left by the indigenous people of the island."

Everyone nodded, agreeing with Lin Yi's point of view.

No one has set foot in the tunnel in front of him, so it is impossible to leave things in the human world.

"Will it be the same material as the statue?"

"Unlikely, there is no reaction in the hand."

Lin Yi put the metal in his pocket, "Take this thing back and you'll find out."

Everyone nodded and continued on their way.

However, in Lin Yi's heart, he already had a rough guess about this piece of metal.

When working as a doctor, the system rewards him with a set of alloy scalpels.

Although the shape is exactly the same as a normal scalpel, the material is very different.

He even tested it privately and found no such material on Earth.

Therefore, the alloy that I picked up may be the material of the scalpel.


Lin Yi exhaled in his heart.

"It really is a place full of secrets. From now on, let me take over your mysterious veil."

No one was paying attention to the facilities in the secret passage.

Although the things on the murals are mysterious, with their current abilities, it is impossible to figure out.

He simply put these things aside and ran towards the end of the secret passage.

According to the map, the length of the entire secret passage is about ten kilometers.

The interior is very well constructed.

If it is not specifically stated that it is a modern infrastructure project, there will be no sense of disobedience.

Ten kilometers is neither long nor short.

For Lin Yi and others, it was just drizzle, and it came to an end in about half an hour.

But at the end, not a brick wall, but a pile of red clay.

"What kind of thing, I really want to be different from ordinary soil." Zhao Yunhu said.

Lin Yi leaned down, picked up a little bit, rubbed it in his hand, and put it in front of his nose to smell it.

"It should be a soil rich in iron and aluminum oxides." Lin Yi said:

"This kind of thing is more common in tropical rain forests, but if there are other substances, you have to take it back for testing."

"If it is something that often appears in tropical rain forests, it matches the topographical conditions of Kandaya Forest," Xiao Bing said.

"No." Lu Yu said:

"Over the years, we've traveled almost all over the Kandaya Forest and haven't seen anything like this.

"never seen it?"

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. Such an answer once again added a mysterious color to Tilia Island.

"No matter what, now is not the time to discuss these." Lin Yi said:

"Dig it, or you won't be able to get out."

Under Lin Yi's order, everyone took action.

This time, Lin Yi was very confident.

Although the system is a bit sloppy, the quality of the things you give every time is guaranteed.

As long as you dig up the red soil in front of you, you will definitely be able to get out.

The group was full of energy, including three women.

Looking at these young people working hard, Lu Yu felt that the executive power of a group seemed to be stronger than that of the Yanlong team.

Subconsciously, Lu Yu looked at Lin Yi again, and immediately remembered what happened to the Wang family a few days ago.

To a certain extent, his control over a group seems to have surpassed the Central Defender Brigade itself.

The action of a group is very fast, and the red clay in front of them is quickly transferred away.

At this time, everyone found that the brick wall of the tunnel disappeared, and in front of it was a solid laterite wall.

Lin Yi looked up and said:

"Dig up, dig through the ground, and we'll be out."

A group of people went on to work, like tireless excavators.

After digging for a while, Lin Yi and Lu Yu saw that the red soil had disappeared and turned into normal black soil.

"It turned out to be the laterite layer." Lu Yu said, "I said why I haven't seen it before."

"But the strange place is here. UU reading" Lin Yi said:

"Normally speaking, it is normal for red soil to appear in the tropical rain forest, but now it is buried under the feet. Although it can be explained, it always feels strange."

Lu Yu nodded and agreed with Lin Yi's point of view, saying:

"They have dug to the black soil layer to a depth of at least one meter. It is conservatively estimated that at least two to three meters must be dug before returning to the ground."

"Not so optimistic. When we came down from the entrance, we only dug about two meters to enter the secret passage, and here, it must be at least four meters." Lin Yi said:

"The most important thing is that we did not find a laterite layer at the entrance. It is only ten kilometers away, and such a big change in the topography is impossible."

Originally, Lu Yu didn't pay much attention to this matter, but when Lin Yi said it, he suddenly felt strange.

"My initial thought was that it might be the crustal change that caused the landform to change, but if this is the case, there should also be red soil at the entrance, which is completely inconsistent with the statement of the crustal change."

"The problem is that there is no such small-scale crustal change." Lin Yi said with a smile:

"With the scale of Tilia Island, if the crust was really changing, the island would have sunk long ago."

"No, no, you're wrong." Lu Yu spit out:

"Looking at what you said, I know the information in the brigade, I didn't read it carefully."

"Uh... Is this still recorded?"

"According to the records, there have been many crustal changes in this sea area, with different scales." Lu Yu said:

"In the estimation and deduction of experts, in history, there may have been dozens of islands of different sizes around, and finally disappeared in the crustal movement, but Tilia Island is still strong, just like taking medicine Yes, nothing at all."

Suddenly driving, the most deadly, almost flashed Lin Yi's waist.

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