AuthorChu Ruoxi
Num. of chapters34 chapters


[Entertainment fairy sister X genius movie emperor] [1V1] [Group pet] Xiu fairy world treasure-Nanyue, the failure of crossing the catastrophe was hacked back to modern times by heaven.

Was she a weak, pitiful, bullied girl with no background? !

If it doesn’t exist, dare to be a demon, and experience the strongest (black) speech (crow) mouth!

Doubt that she is a hot-searched vase by plastic surgery?

Sorry, she is the little fairy Benxian.

Looking at Nanyue, which is getting more and more beautiful and more lucky, the whole entertainment circle is not calm.

In the support group of Nanbao relatives and friends,

Queen Li, the Queen of the Three Golden Shadows: “Baby Nan, my sister’s beauty pill was shamelessly robbed again, please–”

Master Mu Lao: “Nanbao, your health pill is so easy to use, you also want a bottle of Grandpa Zhang.”

President of Shengshi Entertainment: “Brothers and sisters, is there any more hair tonic?”

Labels of works: Shuangwen, celebrities, icebergs, strong women, cannon fodder counterattack

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