AuthorCambrian light
Num. of chapters385 chapters
#86 Top Monthly


When he woke up, Yun Ting turned out to be Konoha’s new fourth Hokage.

What about the water gate?

Oh, he was looking at himself with envy and regret under the stage.

Looking at the time again, it is now at the end of the three wars, and there is only one year left before the Nine-Tails Rebellion.

Yun Ting suddenly panicked.

There is a great crisis of life and death outside, and an old man headed by three generations is taking power. This situation is very bad!

Do you want to become a short-lived Hokage like Minato?

Fortunately, Goldfinger arrived in time.

As long as Yun Ting’s Hokage reputation continues to increase, Wood Dun, Immortal Mode, Flying Thunder God, etc. can be exchanged.

So…a year later.

“Kiuwei, you finally appeared! Eat my immortal method, wood escape, thousands of hands, turn into a Buddha on the top!”

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