Chapter 1693:I’m the Owner of the Breeding House In the World of Elves

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After Yuga returned to the space, the Night Watcher that he had freed was still there. It circled around the glass covers that closed its companions, but it couldn't hold the glass covers.

After Yuga got there, he released all the ghost-type elves in the glass cover. The strong elves had already run away when William invaded the place, and the remaining elves were weak and small. The presence.

Having already taken the keystone, Yuga asked the elves if they wanted to follow him, but the ghost elves were very wary of humans because of William, so they were hesitant about Yuga's proposal.

On the one hand, they feel close to Yuga because of the special ability in Yuga's body, and on the other hand, they are afraid of Yuga's identity as a human being.

The persuasion was fruitless, and Yuga could only let Gengar and Dream Demon come out to deal with them.

Gengar, Dream Demon and the little guys chatted for a while, and they didn't know what they said to the little guys. When Yuga saw the little guys again, they were no longer afraid of Yuga, and Expressed his willingness to leave with Yuka.

However, the little guys seemed to admire Gengar and Dream Demon, and they almost obeyed their orders. In the end, Yuga had to let them all follow Gengar and Dream Demon into the shadow space, which happened to save the Poké Ball.

After dealing with the problems of the ghost elves, there was nothing to cherish in this space, so Yuga took William back to Guoguo Town.

On the way back to Guoguo Town, William woke up. After he learned that the keystone was obtained by Yuga, he looked at Yuga as if he was watching the murder of his father's enemy.

It's a pity that Yuga didn't take him seriously at all, which made him feel that the anger in his heart could not be vented, and he wanted to explode in place.

He also tried to escape, but unfortunately failed.

Yuga returned to Guoguo Town in the small boat that William had gone to sea. Although William had done a lot of evil, the owner of the dock was innocent.

The boat was rented by William, and it was still the property of the owner of the dock. If it was lost, it would still be the owner of the dock, so after Yuga got ashore, he went to the dock and returned the boat to the owner of the dock.

When the owner of the dock saw Yuga escorting the embarrassed William, he was surprised to ask the reason, but Yuga didn't explain it to him because of the trouble.

After leaving the dock, Yuka took William directly to the Guoguo Town Police Station. After revealing his identity, he reported William's crime to Miss Junsha there, and took part of William's experimental data as evidence.

Whether it's abusing elves or illegally conducting elves experiments, it's enough for William to sit in prison.

Under the circumstance of solid evidence, William couldn't even make a quibble, and Miss Junsha even shattered the filter of this scholar who had a good reputation in Guoguo Town.

Miss Junsha organized someone to search William's house, and sure enough, he found a lot of evidence of his crimes in his house.

The natural sparrow witnessed the entire process of William's crime being determined, and also acted as a "witness", so when Yuka took it away from Guoguo Town, its mood was like a gloomy sky for a long time, and finally the sun appeared. , very bright.

William got the punishment he deserved, and the natural sparrow will bid farewell to the past and start a new life.

After dealing with the natural bird, Yuka didn't stay in Shinaoda any longer, and went back to Fang Yuan in the aircraft directly.

A few days later, at the airport in Luyin City, Yuka got off the aircraft with a natural bird. He returned home with a happy mood, but when he first arrived at the door of the house, he found a group of elves fighting at the door.

The two sides of the fight are Goth Boy, Sneeze Bear, Naughty Panda vs Round Land Shark, Mini Dragon, Little Fire Dragon and Pumpkin Spirit.

They're all from their own elves, uh... Probably, because there's one Yuga that I don't seem to know.

Needless to say, the three gothic children, sneeze bear and naughty panda, are known to everyone.

The mini dragon and the little fire dragon are the children of the fire- breathing dragon and the fast dragon, the main elves of Yuka. When Yuka called home before, Duoduo had already opened the screen so that Yuka had seen them, so Yuka was no stranger.

But where did that pumpkin essence come from? Is it the elf of some employee in the store?

The two sides fought very fiercely... No, the round land sharks were almost beaten by the Gothic boy, there was no way, no one was too old and not strong enough.

Most of the onlookers were the customers of the young nursery house. Because the fights of the little guys were so cute, no one stopped them, and they all gathered around to watch the fun.

It can be seen that the Gothic boys have actually kept their hands, otherwise this battle, let's call it a battle, would have ended long ago.

"What are you doing?"

Yuga's voice suddenly appeared, Goth boy shuddered, his movements paused for a moment, and then he casually threw the round land shark controlled by his superpower aside, looking left and right:

"It's nothing, just playing around."

Yuka heard the words and said, "Just play? You think I didn't see it, I've only been home for a few days? You want to turn the sky, don't you?"

Hearing Yuga's accusation against the Gothic boy, Yuan Lusha got up in a puff of smoke, pointed to the "wound" on his body, and complained to Yuga aggrieved.

Hearing this, Gothic boy was furious, pointed at Yuan Lu Shark and said, "You still sue the wicked first, right? It was you who came to me for no reason and said you wanted to challenge me!"

The traces on the round land shark could not be regarded as an injury. If Yuga had not appeared, it might have recovered in a short while.

In fact, Yuka didn't have to guess to know that it must be Yuan Lu Shark doing something.

Under Yuka's gaze, Yuan Lu Shark's eyes were dodging, and in the end he could only tell the truth.

Round Land Shark and Gothic Boy had a holiday. In order to get revenge, they have been training with Kuailong's mother. Because of their extraordinary aptitude, it has indeed made rapid progress.

With the rapid increase in strength, Yuan Lu Shark's mentality inevitably changed a bit. In addition, the mini-dragon and the little fire dragon were born soon. Yuan Lu Shark consciously became a big brother, and his image had to be taller, so he kept showing himself in front of his two younger siblings. of excellence.

The mini dragon and the little fire dragon really give Yuan Lu Shark a lot of face. They have been following Yuan Lu Shark since they were born. The elder brother is the longest and the younger brother is short, so he beggars the Yuan Lu Shark's heart.

Don't look at the two little guys who were just born, but they are particularly good at complimenting people, and they can say a lot of good things.

So today, the round land shark took the younger brothers to stop the gothic children who were going out, and the "battle" happened.

It's a pity that the round land shark thought that his power was false, and just as soon as they met, they were pressed and rubbed on the ground by the Gothic boy.

Yuga came back at this time.

Yuga squeezed the fin of the round land shark, lifted it up, and said to the little guys with a blank expression, "Come in with me."

The little guys thought Yuga was angry, so they followed him obediently.

In fact, Yuga was not angry, he was thinking about the pumpkin spirit.

Just now he looked at the pumpkin essence with his eyesight skills, and was surprised to find that it was a purple aptitude elf. After thinking for a while, he suddenly thought of the identity of the pumpkin essence, and now he was going to find Duoduo for verification.

Seeing that the show was over, the onlookers had to disperse one after another.

When the employees in the store saw Yuka coming back, they greeted him one after another. Their boss often ran out and came back suddenly, which was a habit for them.

Yuga easily found Duoduo who was busy, and Duoduo was very happy to see Yuga coming back, and complained that Yuga did not inform it in advance.

After verification, Yuga guessed that the pumpkin essence was hatched from the elf egg that the Rabbi had sent to him.

After the elf egg was in his hands, it was placed in the sub-garden of the haunted house. It was normal at first. It absorbed the life energy in the ghost sea, and its breath became more and more vigorous day by day. He thought it would hatch soon.

However it didn't.

It can absorb life energy correctly, but it just can't hatch. In desperation, Yuka sent it to Chaomeng, and Chaomeng has been studying it.

But it still hasn't hatched.

There was no clear answer to Yuga from Chaomeng, and the time just passed, because it was placed in Chaomeng for too long, and Yuka had already forgotten the egg.

Really caught off guard.

After confirming the identity of the pumpkin spirit, Yuka began to punish the little guys who were fighting and asked them to help Duoduo to do the housework together, and they were not allowed to go out today.

The little guys were extremely frustrated when they heard it, especially the Gothic boy, who gave Yuan Lu Sha a fierce look, and Yuan Lu Sha was not polite, and glared back again.

Yuga noticed the little movement between them, warned the Gothic boy with his eyes, and at the same time gave the round land shark a hard knock on the head.

Yuanlu Shark jumped out of Yuga's arms with his little head covered, and went to work in a sullen manner. As for the thick-skinned Gothic boy, it ran away with a smile, and then called friends for friends. Partners get together.

Yuga stared at them for a while, mainly observing the pumpkin spirit, the mini dragon and the little fire dragon. He was not familiar with these three new- born little guys, and wanted to see what their personalities were like.

After a while, Yuga had a general understanding of their respective personalities.

The mini-dragon has a very gentle personality, even if it is a dispute with people, it is gentle and gentle. Yuga found out during the previous fight that the mini-dragon did the least.

Xiaohuolong is the most lively, jumping up and down, and has a special "will to talk". To put it bluntly, he talks a lot, and it's uncomfortable not to talk to his friends for a while. Among them, the sister Minilong is the most harassed by it.

There are two elves, the mini dragon and the little fire dragon. The mini dragon is the elder sister and the little fire dragon is the younger brother.

As for the pumpkin essence, he is a bit shy and has the least interaction with his friends, but he seems to have a good relationship with the mini-dragon, and he basically communicates with the mini-dragon when he speaks.

Yuga guessed that the reason why it was pulled into the round land shark camp was probably inseparable from the mini-dragon. As for how the two little guys knew each other, Yuga was not clear.

Yuga is observing the little guys, and the natural sparrow standing on Yuga's shoulder is also observing, after all, this is where it will live in the future.

At this time, the screeching bird and the rocket sparrow flew in, their eyes lit up when they saw Yuga, and then flew towards Yuga.

"Honey, you're back!"

Noisy Bird rarely calls Yuga that much now, but he still makes fun of it every now and then.

Yuka looked at the noisy bird silently, and then said to the rocket bird: "Why do you hang around with this unruly guy every day, be careful to be damaged by it." Of course, Yuka's words were just a joke.

When the noise bird heard it, he was immediately dissatisfied: "Where am I not serious, don't ruin my reputation!"

The Rocket Sparrow said that the screeching bird is very powerful and can learn a lot with it.

This is the truth. Although the roaring bird usually takes the rocket bird out for waves, it is never stingy when teaching its knowledge, and the rocket bird progresses quite fast.

Hearing the Rocket Sparrow praise itself, the noisy bird said to it proudly: "You still understand me, I didn't hurt you in vain in the past!"

Yuka saw that one of them was willing to fight and the other was willing to suffer, so she didn't say much.

At this time, Noisy Bird noticed the natural bird on Yuga's shoulder and asked curiously, "Is this little guy new here?"

"That's right." Yuga nodded, thinking that he still has something to do next, so he said, "How about you and Rocket Sparrow take it around and let it familiarize itself with the place to live in the future?"

The noisy bird immediately assured: "No problem, the little guy can rest assured and leave it to me!"

Yuka nodded, and then said to the natural finches: "Go with the noisy birds."

Natural Sparrow nodded, UU read and flew out from Yuka's shoulder, probably because they were all flying elves, Natural Sparrow had a good first impression of Noisy Bird and Rocket Sparrow.

After the three birds left, Yuka saw that the little ones were still safe, so she turned around and went to the ecological park.

After arriving at the ecological park, Yuka first went to the sub-park of the shallow tidal flats, and put the sakura fish and spotted fish caught at sea into the sea.

There are also sakura fish and spotted fish living in the shallow sea, both of which evolved from pearl oysters, so the couple did not feel apprehensive about the new environment.

They used to live alone in groups, but now they have the same family, which is not bad.

Because they are wild elves, the couple still have obvious wildness on them, but it doesn't matter, they will gradually get better.

After leaving the shallow shoal, Yuga went to the desert sub-garden again, where he planned to place the Kirby brothers. There was already a Kirby in Oasis No. 1, just for them to be companions.

It's a pity that the two chibi beasts and a little chibi beast are both males, otherwise they can make a pair and have a baby.

Oasis No. 1 turned out that the Kirby beast was very welcome to the arrival of the same clan, and it was rare that he took out the sweetness that he treasured and shared it with them. Although it was not much, it was already rare.

It was a joy to be welcomed by his companions, so the Kirby brothers settled down in Oasis No. 1.

Then Yuga went to the Dragon Cave sub-garden and placed the elf egg that Kirachi entrusted to him there.

The elf eggs cultivated by the people of the dragon either belong to the dragon elves, or they have the blood of the dragon.

In the end, Yuka went to the sub-garden of the haunted house and planned to go to Chaomeng to see it.

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