AuthorOrange cat hugs fish to sleep
Num. of chapters480 chapters
#118 Top Monthly


Chen Mo was told by a fortune teller that he had a suffocating aura, and was ordered to commit murder, and then inexplicably traveled to a world of high martial arts and became a fake eunuch serving the queen’s concubine in the harem of the Song Dynasty.

One day finally ushered in his golden finger…

Immortal Cultivation Simulator!

[Choose the talent to complete, do you want to start the simulation? 】


[Day 1: The great turmoil came, and the horns of uprisings were raised throughout the Song Dynasty. The sky is dead, and the yellow sky stands. You are in the palace, which is the safest place in the Song Dynasty. You are ready to grow up in a dreadful way, and then surprise everyone. 】

【Day 2: You were promoted from the third-class eunuch to the first-class eunuch by the empress. 】

[Day 3: A palace maid accidentally discovered that you were having an affair with the Empress, and you died. 】

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