Chapter 462:Immortal Cultivation Simulator: Starting From The Empress’ Palace

Bing besieged Anchang City

Immortal cultivation simulation: 559 soldiers besiege Anchang City starting from the Queen's bedroom

The generals hurried forward, only to see Chen Mo pointing at the corner of the map mountain and saying: "Weiqiu, according to the report of the horse, this place is a mountain in the western suburbs of Anchang City, the terrain is very deep, and it is easy to hide soldiers.

If our army is attacking the city, if the Tibetan soldiers here are suddenly released, it will be difficult for our army to attack the city, but will be attacked by the enemy army, so…”

Chen Mo originally planned to arrange it directly, but it was too decision- making, and there was no room for his subordinates to play, so he asked, "What ideas do you have to keep them out of the battlefield?"

The generals stared at each other and observed that the mountains and rivers around Anchang City were all marked on the map. This was the advantage of local warfare, and they had a clear understanding of the various places.

Both Li Weiqiu and Zhang Lie are only warriors. Although they are smart, they only know how to obey orders and charge in front of the military, but their strategies are limited.

However, he is also one of the lieutenant generals of the army, so he definitely can't say no directly, so he put on a contemplative expression, giving people an unfathomable look.

After many battles, Dai Xishan already has military experience. After returning to Beijing, he is also reading books on military affairs and battle formations. He also asks veterans for things he doesn't understand. The topography of the mountains and rivers appeared in his mind as if it were a real thing.

After thinking for a while, he said: "Sir, this place is low-lying and the road is difficult to travel, so it is impossible to mobilize the army like an arm. If we attack the sheep first, and use light cavalry to attract the enemy troops from this col, and then attack them together, we will Don't be afraid of a sudden attack when he sieges the city."

"No, the enemy troops are all here." A solemn-looking general stretched out his hand, drew a circle with his finger on the map, and immediately said: "If you lead him with a light cavalry, he will scare the snake in advance and let the Anchang city's army If the defenders ask for help from the troops in other places, the defenders of Anchang City will also be prepared in advance, and the purpose of quickly attacking the city will not be achieved.

At that time, if the melee fights together, if it drags on for a long time, and reinforcements from the enemy arrive, it will be detrimental to us. "

After saying what was wrong in his heart, he said his own suggestion: "Sir, according to the general's opinion, we should fight steadily and steadily. Anchang City is a big city, and the city is high and solid, and it is difficult to capture in a short time. Why don't we take a detour and attack Yicheng first, this city is small, but it occupies a favorable position, it is easier to capture, and we can also test out where the enemy's main force is..."

The general's name is Chu Ang, who was originally a military officer of one of the Tiger Jie Army, and was later promoted to Xiangzheng.

Chu Ang's suggestion is very good, and it is relatively safe. If there is no Hongyi cannon, Chen Mo will definitely take Chu Ang's suggestion, but now that there are Hongyi cannons, cupping bombs and high-explosive thunder, it is natural to take Anchang City first. Hit it down.

This is a big city. After capturing it, Chen Mo intends to use it as his logistics, so that he can attack and defend.

And Yicheng, because the city is small, is obviously not suitable.

Chen Mo waved at Chu Ang, and then said to Dai Xishan: "I have decided to attack Anchang City tomorrow. Since Xishan proposed Yang Gong's proposal, then the candidate for Yang Gong will be handed over to you. ."

Dai Xishan clasped his fists and said, "Your Excellency trusts the last commander, and the last commander will try his best."

"Be careful." Chen Mo patted Dai Xishan on the shoulder.

After all, it is a sheep attack, and there are definitely not enough troops. If an enemy army is dispatched, it will be a good thing for the Song army who is attacking the city, but it will be a disaster for the sheep attack.

The cavalry of the deserted country is like a cloud, and the Dragon Guards have not yet been wiped out. Once they fight, they will not be able to escape.

Later, Chen Mo reassured Chu Ang a few more words, explaining that it was not because Dai Xishan was his own that he adopted his advice and did not listen to your advice, but that Anchang City was more important, so he should not take it to heart. go.

Chen Mo didn't want to have internal problems.

Chu Ang's face improved a little, but he didn't take it to heart.

He also knew Chen Mo, and knew that he did not take the usual path in war, and even took some risks.

Now attacking Anchang City directly is in line with his style.

After that, Chen Mo discussed the preparations for tomorrow's siege.


the other side.

Ling Zhi led the remaining Dragon Guards back to Anchang City.

There were 80,000 horses stationed in the city of Anchang, among them 20,000 cavalry, if adding the Dragon Guards, there were 100,000 people.

But now, there are only 90,000 horses left.

Ling Zhi stood on the city wall, looking in the direction of Anchang Plain, preventing Chen Mo from attacking at night.

The lieutenant on the side said: "General, what happened today, do you want to report it to the king and ask the king to send troops for reinforcements."

After all, for now, the enemy troops are several times larger than their Loulan.

"Not yet."

This was the task that the king gave him, but instead of succeeding, he screwed up and lost nearly 10,000 Yuan Longwei. If the king knew about it, he would be punished.

Besides, the army is still searching for Zhao Qianyin's whereabouts, and Ling Zhi doesn't want to spoil the king's interest because of this.

Therefore, he planned to atone for his crimes, defeat Chen Mo once, save face, and then report the matter.

"The order was sent to send some of our defenders from other cities to Anchang City. In addition, all the Song troops that we captured were driven to the western suburbs, and the Tibetan soldiers guarding there were responsible for driving them away." Ling Zhi After thinking about it, he said.



the next day.

The army gathered, the horse army and the infantry army lined up neatly, the flags were bright, and the horses kept neighing.

Chen Mo was wearing Tiangang heart armor, with Tianwen on his waist, and sat upright on the horse. Li Weiqiu, Dai Xishan, Zhang Lie, Bai Yongtao and other generals gathered, and the Tiger Jie Army, Fire Qilin Army, Tianwu Army, Shenrui Army and other elite soldiers were like rain. .

"Xishan, I will hand over the Tianwu Army to you. We have to lead us away from the Tibetan soldiers in the mountains. If there are no Tibetan soldiers, return to the team immediately." Chen Mo said.

Dai Xishan clasped his fists and said, "Don't worry, sir, Xishan will definitely live up to his mission."

"Very good. UU reading" Chen Mo nodded with satisfaction, then faced the army, and said loudly: "Out of the Anchang Plain, I want you to use all your strength to get behind the enemy reinforcements. Go ahead and capture Anchang City."

"No." The officers and men shouted in unison, the sound was shocking.

On the 194th day of the great turmoil, Chen Mo's troops were divided into two groups and the whole army attacked.

own moment.


Outside the city of Anchang, the horn was blaring, and along with the majestic and long sound of the horn, countless small black dots came from all directions, and the strongest fighting force of the Song Dynasty was assembled here.

There are also various chariots and horses in the distance, transporting food and grass and giant siege equipment.

If someone has good eyesight, they will see some "devices" covered with black cloth, making people completely unaware of what is inside the black cloth.

This dense figure also shocked the defenders in Anchang City, but to be honest, the defenders of Loulan really didn't take it to heart.

For them, except when they attacked Hulao Pass, they encountered stubborn resistance.

After the Hulao Pass was breached, they went all the way south, and Song Jun saw that they all fled.

All of this made them feel that it was too smooth, and they despised Song Jun from their hearts, even though their Dragon Guard suffered a big loss in Song Jun's hands yesterday.

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