Chapter 1:Imperial Beast Evolution (Fey Evolution Merchant)

0 ask the beast and the sound bird

It has been raining continuously for 24 hours, and the sweltering summer is so damp that it feels a little breathless.

A young, skinny looking young man holding an old artificial intelligence mobile phone and tinkering with the phone for a while before making a start-up sound.

Lin Yuan could be relieved. Fortunately, this phone is not bad, otherwise Lin Yuan can't stand it with a new phone.

After the phone was turned on, Lin Yuan logged on to the as usual and found that the reply message on his account turned out to be 99+, but he only responded to a question.

When I went to bed last night, Lin Yuan saw a post in the post asking someone what to do if he was bitten by a ghostly spider spider. Lin Yuan answered it as a matter of course.

"Don't panic when bitten by ghost-spirited spider, drink hot water blue roots, then clean the wound, find a cool and ventilated shade to lie down, to avoid the body stinking, if the economy allows, it is better to spread one Roll the mat."

Looking at the various fancy replies, Lin Yuan heard the sound of the rope, and a gray-black kitten fell on Lin Yuan’s leg.

As soon as the kitten fluttered on Lin Yuan’s legs, the sound of instigating wings came from not far away. A small blue sparrow-like bird stopped on Lin Yuan’s shoulder, and the little bird tweeted twice. .

Lin Yuan quickly put down his phone and said to the gray kitten lying on his lap.

"Smart, what is the temperature of the store now?"

The kitten on Lin Yuan's thigh fluttered, opened his mouth, and said with a milky voice.

"The indoor temperature is thirty-four degrees, Lin Yuan, you should ventilate and dissipate heat at this time!"

When Lin Yuan heard it, he hurriedly picked up the gray-black kitten, and ran downstairs with the blue bird that had been chattering all over his shoulder.

At this time, the sky was just bright, but Lin Yuan had opened the window skillfully and walked carefully to the flower stand.

At this time, the gray-black kitten said again.

"Lin Yuan takes medicine first!"

Lin Yuan quickly stopped and poured water.

At this time, the cyan bird on his shoulder had taken the pills over.

Lin Yuan took the pill from the cyan bird, threw it into his mouth, and drank the water in the glass.

At this time, the blue bird couldn't help but sing a song, Lin Yuan quickly covered his mouth.

"Yinyin, sing now, don't call Aunt Zhang next door!"

The kitten on Lin Yuan’s leg and the singing bird on his shoulder looked quite strange, but after a hundred years of rejuvenation, the gray-black kitten and the cyan bird were the most common in the world. There is almost one hand.

The kitten is called "smart", and it is a beast of a hundred questions, just like a book of one hundred why, it can also serve as a simple life steward, and it is a "housekeeping beast".

It's just that this gray-black kitten looks thin and small compared to the white beast on the market, just like malnutrition, and the fact is the same.

This Yuanwen beast is the pups born in a nest of the mother Baiwenbecause the hair color is gray and black, which is like dirt, and it has not been sold.

The boss cut the price by half, which is cheaper than Lin Yuan.

The name of the bird that can sing is called Tonebird. There are few people who can sell Tonebird on the market, because most of them are the advanced class of Tonebird, Song Ji Bird.

Song Ji bird is like a living music player, smart song Ji bird can learn a hundred songs.

And the cyan, sparrow-like bird sound bird on Lin Yuan's shoulder is a sound bird that failed to evolve the song Ji bird.

The boss who sold the pet at that time hesitated when he saw Lin Yuan buying the Baiwen Beast, and he gave the sound bird as a bargaining chip and gave it to Lin Yuan.

Under the training of Lin Yuan for more than two years, the current Bird of Music has already sung a song.

Yinyin means that this little tone bird always feels frustrated when he comes home.

Everything is animating and can naturally feel everything around him, so Lin Yuanming always praises the sound and slowly builds up the confidence of the sound.

In particular, Yinyin became lively after learning a song.

A poorly questioned and abandoned beast, an advanced bird that has been regarded as trash by advanced failure, and a skinny teenager.

How the three seem to be a combination of "weak", but they are in a well- organized operation of a small shop of spirits left by their parents.

Lin Yuan walked to the flower bed after taking the medicine, and carefully removed the black cloth on the flower bed.

Five succulents resembling lotus flowers are growing in earthenware pots. They are emerald green in color with a faint, almost unscented aroma.

After looking closely at these five lily lilies, Lin Yuan couldn't help but sigh when he saw one of them.

The leaves of one of the lily lilies have softened. When will this hot weather be a head?

Lily Lily is a common healing system.

One hundred years after the resurgence of Reiki, all things in the world are affected by Reiki, and they all evolve and mutate.

Lily Lily, as a kind of succulent plant before rejuvenation, is one of them, and it is a common healing plant.

If it is placed at home and you accidentally cut your fingers when cutting vegetables, you only need to put Lily Lily on the head of the bed, and the wounds on your fingers will be intact the next day.

Of course, there are also Reiki professionals who choose Lily Lily as the contract spirit, but Lily Lily is the lowest-order spirit and it is very difficult to evolve.

The five pots of lily in the Linyuan store are all ordinary.

If you cross the elite level and reach the bronze door, then Lily Lily and other spiritual departments of the same treatment department will be no different.

Everything is conserved, and low-order spirits are rejected, just because it is really difficult to evolve.

But if low-level spirits can continue to evolve into high-level, then in the rumors heard by Lin Yuan, it can even suppress high-level spirits of the same level in some ways.

The rise of low-level spirits, UU reading www. is like a little person, stepping into the cloud step by step from the dust, rather than like a high-level spirit, born is the peak.

Higher-order spirits can also evolve, and it is easier to evolve than lower- order spirits.

So few people will cultivate low-order spirits, because there are resources to cultivate low-order spirits. Higher-order spirits can cultivate several at the same time.

is like the two kinds of creatures such as Baiwen Beast and Song Ji Bird.

is the centuries of this reiki recovery, but never heard of the evolution of the Baiwen Beast and the Song Ji Bird.

carefully manipulated five pots of lily lily. After cultivating soil and burying highly nutritious ore in the soil, although there was not much work, Lin Yuan was already slightly panting.

Although Lin Yuan’s shop is said to be a shop, there are only two types of Ling Zhi, five pots of lily and a dozen pots of Qingluo.

Qingluo is not even an ordinary level of spirits, it is a variant of Luluo before Reiki recovery.

eliminates the microtoxicity in the body and improves the nutritional content and growth rate of the vines in the body.

This also makes Qingluo the best feed for low-level herbivorous or omnivorous spirits.

These dozen pots of Qingluo can bring hundreds of rattans about one meter long to Lin Yuan every day.

Lin Yuan looked at these dozen pots of Qingluo like an old mother and did not care, said.

"It is still necessary to rely on these dozens of pots of Qingluo for daily maintenance. Lily Lily sells a pot and it is a surprise."

It's just that Lin Yuan, who looked at Qingluo like an old mother, didn't mean to play with these pots of Qingluo, but basically spent all her thoughts on these five pots of Lily.

After Lin Yuan's simple cleaning of the dust, this small shop of spirits in the early morning after the rain opened as usual.

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