Chapter 2542:Imperial Beast Evolution (Fey Evolution Merchant)

God's decision!

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The godmother's breathing was stagnant, and the godmother at this time had a feeling that she was being commanded.

For a moment, the godmother felt that her struggle with Bu Po seemed to be at a disadvantage.

The goddess wondered more than once, where did Bu Po have the courage to face himself like this.

Bu Po was so confident that the godmother dared not persecute Bu Po for a while.

We can only continue to test Buper.

In the end, Bu Po took his sister with him and put her in danger!

"Does Xiao Po think that a master like me can't teach you anything?"

"I didn't expect that in Xiao Po's mind, a master like me would be so useless!"

"It seems that Xiao Po's heart is no longer in the Godmother Federation!"

"I'm curious, Xiao Po, where is your heart?"

"As a Godmother reserve, the mind is not in the Godmother Federation, but it is absolutely impossible!"

"I thought Poo had already figured this out when he became a reserve for the Mother of God!"

Bu Po's elder sister felt the confrontation between Bu Po and the goddess, and she didn't dare to eat the spiritual fruit in her hand.

After just taking a bite, he hurriedly put it aside and looked at the godmother with bated breath.

For fear that the godmother would suddenly shoot at Bu Po.

There is not much respect in his eyes, some are just defensive.

Beware that the godmother, who is admired by all in the godmother federation, will hurt her younger brother.

Lingyuan just had two purposes for Bupo Sound Transmission.

The first purpose is to reassure Bu Po and further make friends with himself.

Another purpose is to test the goddess to see if the goddess will find clues when he is delivering news to Buper.

Ling Yuan was a little afraid that the Goddess had secretly hidden his strength, for fear that he would misjudge the Goddess.

At this time, if the godmother really discovered her own breath, it would be impossible not to respond as usual.

There is only one possibility that the godmother did not respond, that is, she did not find herself.

Ling Yuan completely let go of his heart and secretly said in his heart.

"This goddess has some green tea, how can you say that there is tea in the tea!?"

Lingyuan felt that since Bu Po was going to showdown to the Mother of God, it would be better to make it clear now.

But he was only sent by Lin Yuan to protect Bu Po's safety, and he was not qualified to dictate Bu Po's decision.

Buper listened to the godmother's temptation to him, and said with a smile.

"Mother God, what are your words?"

"You said that my heart is not in the Federation of the Mother Goddess. Where do you think my heart is?"

"If Lord Goddess even doubts my intentions, why would you let me pass the nine exams of the goddess successfully, instead of letting others pass the nine exams of the goddess?"

"I thought Lord Godmother, you let me pass the Godmother's nine exams because you trusted me enough."

"But I didn't think that you don't trust me at all, Lord Goddess!"

Bu Po's words made Ling Yuan, who was hiding in Bu Po's chest, fight a cold war, and goosebumps all over his body.

How can this stepper be no worse than the goddess in terms of tea art, it is completely carved out of a mold!

If it wasn't for knowing that the goddess had not taught Bu Po before, Lingyuan would have suspected that Bu Po was taught by the goddess mouth to mouth!

The godmother clenched her teeth when she heard Bu Po's words.

The godmother never thought that Bubo would be so difficult!

From Bu Po's way of coping, the godmother learned that Bu Po did not intend to communicate with herself at all.

If so, there is no need to waste time.

He seduced Bu Po so many times, but Bu Po didn't show up to himself.

Then it's better to take the initiative to show off against Buper!

"Bubo wants me to trust you, and you have to give me a reason to trust you."

"I'm curious how you became a Samsung Builder!?"

"I have checked your information. According to the information, you became a Samsung founder very suddenly."

"Before you had no chance to contact the creator resources at all, don't tell me you had a dream, and when you woke up, you became a three-dimensional

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Star Creator! "

"I haven't asked you for so long because I thought you would take the initiative to give me an explanation, but I didn't expect you to come to me for so long."

"You make me very disappointed!"

When Bu Po faced the aggressive words of the godmother, a smile appeared on his face.

Now it seems that the goddess has the upper hand in terms of momentum, but in fact, she has already won the goddess in the battle just now.

The godmother didn't want to take the lead in a showdown and wanted to force herself to showdown, but she couldn't.

During this process, the godmother did not face herself hard, which showed that the godmother had great fear of herself.

Bu Po can also be regarded as having a preliminary understanding of the situation of the goddess.

Bu Po did not rush to answer the godmother, but asked the godmother in a very serious tone.

"My Lady Goddess, I don't know why I became a three-star creator, does it go against my status as a member of the Godmother's reserve force?"

"How I became the architect of Samsung is my own opportunity and skill."

"If one day I suddenly become a four-star creator, that's my own business!"

"The Tianmu family will not report to you, how did they cultivate the young Tianjiao!?"

"Does God Mother have to tell me to break the chance?"

The godmother was completely angrily laughed at by Buper, so she stopped hiding and asked directly to Buper.

"Since you don't want to talk about your chance, tell me who is standing behind you!"

"As long as you can guarantee that you will not do things that go against the interests of the Godmother Federation in the future, you will sincerely consider the development of the Godmother Federation."

"I can guarantee that the reservist member of the Mother of God is still you."

"Just like before I was selected into the Godmother's reserve, I was not without support."

"You can't be a godmother without any reliance on yourself!"

Bu Po has always had the upper hand in his words, but at this time Bu Po was stunned when he listened to the godmother's words.

Bu Po didn't expect that the godmother would make such a guarantee to herself, and even more that the godmother was not without support.

The godmother could be sure from Buper's expression that Buper's situation was guessed by herself.

Bu Po does have some support behind him. This reliance allows Bu Po to take his sister by his side calmly when he faces him.

From one point of view, I lost to Bu Po back Godmother continued to say.

"Even if you don't admit that I am your master here, I hope the dialogue between us can guarantee absolute frankness."

"Because this is related to the inheritance of the Mother of God Federation."

"No matter who or which force you climb, you can't deny your origins in the Federation of Gods."

"If you hate such a godmother federation, you might as well use your own abilities and methods to change all this after you become a godmother."

"I'll ask you again, can you guarantee that the forces behind you will not harm the Federation of Gods?"

"You won't go against the interests of the Mother of God Federation?"

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