Jin Yi Kill

Jin Yi Kill

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Wang Yanqing’s father was killed in battle, and she was adopted by Zhenyuan Houfu as an orphan. She liked Fu Tingzhou for ten years. She was born and died for him. A girl’s family was full of scars. In the end, Fu Tingzhou wanted to marry someone else.
Ten years of hard work has become a joke.
Fu Tingzhou accompanied his fiancée out of the city for incense, completely forgetting that it was her birthday. As a result, Fu Tingzhou was busy protecting his fiancée when he was ambushed on the way. In order to protect Fu Tingzhou, Wang Yanqing stumbled and fell off the cliff.
After waking up again, she lost all her memory and only remembered to repay her kindness. The person sitting in front of her bed smiled, reached out and touched the top of her head: “Qingqing, have you forgotten, you were accidentally plotted by the Fu family and lost your memory. You and I have known each other as childhood sweethearts.”
She didn’t know that the person in front of her was Lu Heng, the famous commander of Jinyiwei, who was also the old enemy of the Fu family. The culprit who assassinated Fu Tingzhou and caused her to fall off the cliff this time.
After Wang Yanqing was arrested, Fu Tingzhou went crazy. Fu Tingzhou rushed into Jinyiwei desperately, and just as he was about to tell Wang Yanqing to follow me, he was stabbed by her sword.
Fu Tingzhou looked up in disbelief, only to see her coquettish to another person: “Brother Lu, I have caught Thief Fu.”
Wang Yanqing didn’t know. After she left, Lu Heng stabbed his sword a little deeper and said to Fu Tingzhou with a smile, “Thank you for taking care of Qingqing a few years ago, but unfortunately, she is mine now.”

Note: 1. Overhead Ming Jiajing, Jagged and ruthless Jin Yiwei & Amnesia and cold beauty
2. Update every day at 18:00
3. The plot has been handled dramatically. Please don’t copy the content to your life, such as recognizing lies through micro-expressions

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