Chapter 1519:Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

A Lousy Attitude

Chapter 1519: A Lousy Attitude

The man frowned as he scrutinized the young man and pondered. He proceeded to turn on his phone to call his subordinate. He had told his subordinate to stand by at the agreed location. “Keep your eye out. She might be here any moment now.”

The moment he finished his sentence, the young man beside him sighed and said, “I said she’s almost here. No one said anything about her reaching the agreed location.”

The menacing-looking man raised his head and looked over. He was still holding his phone without hanging up. “What do you mean?”

The young man flashed an innocent smile. “I forgot to mention that she’s a computer expert, so I’m sure she had no trouble locating my GPS and coming over.”

The leader went speechless. The young man was quite a show-off.

The fierce man rubbed his brow. He nearly wanted to throw a fit, but controlled himself and calmed down quickly. He called his subordinate to look out for the woman.

After hanging up the phone, he turned around and told his subordinate, “Take a few men with you and wait at the building entrance.”

His subordinate acknowledged his boss before quickly leaving the room.

The man looked toward the door. He was very young and looked naive, but he was completely unafraid. Instead, he clearly seemed excited about seeing his older sister.

The vicious-looking man went quiet.

He did not know what to say about the young man’s calmness. The guy was naive and oblivious to the deep trouble he was in.

  • Huo Yao paid the cab fare and got out of the car. She walked past the shops in the street until she got to the end of the path where a European-style building was located.

A guard post was located outside the building, so she had to produce identification to enter the compound. A few men dressed in black suits were standing outside the guard house entrance.

They clearly did not resemble normal security guards.

Huo Yao glanced at them mildly before she walked over.

The men at the entrance looked at her cautiously the moment she approached the building. When they noticed it was just a young woman in her twenties, they automatically let down their guard. They were waiting for someone, but they assumed it was not her. “You shouldn’t be here. Make yourself scarce.”

One of the men looked at her and spoke coldly.

Huo Yao stuck her hands into her coat pocket and looked at them nonchalantly. “Aren’t you waiting for me?”

The man opened his eyes wide in surprise and looked at her in disbelief. “Are you…”

Huo Yao wasted no time and promptly interrupted him. “Where is he? Take me to him now.”

The man swallowed his words. It was the first time anyone had taken this attitude at him. Also, she was just a young woman!

The men glanced at each other before they quickly led Huo Yao through the door.

After entering the building, they took the lift to the third floor.

Huo Yao had a powerful aura, so the men instinctively did not attempt to make things difficult for her.

The man in the lead knocked on the door when they got to the lounge. He opened the door when someone told him to enter.

The young man sat in the corner of the room drawing circles on the ground with his finger. The moment he heard the door open, he raised his head and looked at the door intently.

His fists were clenched and he was a little nervous. After all, he had yet to see how the woman looked now.

Huo Yao had already walked over and stopped the young man in the corner. She caught him looking at her intently and promptly muttered under her breath.

Even though she did not say it out loud, Shangguan Yun accurately read her lips and knew that she had just called him an idiot.

Shangguan Yun’s cheeks twitched before he grinned.

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