Chapter 291:My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Zhou Guo chaos

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In the clouds, a figure appeared.

Blue-faced fangs, double wings on the back.


This person's eyes widened, looking at Cheng Xiaoxiao greedily!

Pretty! beautiful!

"Which race are you a hybrid of the Demon Race? Interesting, you can get rid of the limitation of the blood inheritance of the Demon Race!" Glenn asked with a smile.

The moment he saw Cheng Xiaoxiao, he felt something was wrong.

Cheng Xiaoxiao's meaty wings are as good as those of the Celestial Demon, but on the contrary, his skin is extremely fair and he has no fangs.

You know, the bloodline of the Demon Race is strong, at least Glenn has never seen a guy who can get rid of the bloodline of the Demon Race!

There is no doubt that the woman in front of her has the blood of the Celestial Demon Race.

But it looks completely different.

Glenn had already determined just now, neither of these two people have very high cultivation bases. It's only the ninth rank!

Although it was scary enough to say that the little girl had the rank 9th rank, at least it could not pose a threat to him as the rank 3rd rank.

But there is one thing he still cares about. The little girl was able to find him hiding in the clouds.

So Glenn didn't do it directly.

Still tentatively speaking!

Cheng Xiaoxiao has never been to the Demon Realm, but when she saw Glenn, a word blurted out: "Betrayer!"

Glenn looked blank, contrasting with the transparency inherited in the world of no phase.

Within the Sky Demon Clan, only some high-level leaders knew about the origin of the Sky Demon Clan.

"What have I betrayed?" Glenn asked with a frown.

Cheng Xiaoxiao looked at Glenn with some fear, but still stood in front of Su Su: "What are you going to do!"

Glenn smiled slightly: "What am I going to do? I want you to go home with me!"

Cheng Xiaoxiao was a little scared, she whispered: "Susu, run away, I'll try to stop him!"

Su Su shook his head slightly and said with a smile: "Aunt Xiaoxiao, you can't beat him, he is a heaven!"

Cheng Xiaoxiao was taken aback and fell into a tangled heart!

How to do this?

But she was hesitating at the stall, Su Su took a step forward and smiled: "Uncle, we are going to find daddy, we can't let Aunt Xiaoxiao go with you!"

Glenn laughed and said, "Little girl, what kind of dad do I find? Am I ready? How about I be your dad?"

As soon as he said this, Su Su suddenly turned dark: "You shameless ugly, don't you believe it or not, I will let my sister come out and kill you?"

"Huh! Little girl, the tone is not small! You ask me to see?"

Glenn let out a cold sigh, his aura spread, and the realm spread.

The dark magical energy covered the sky, enveloping Su Su and Cheng Xiaoxiao in an instant.

Cheng Xiaoxiao's complexion changed drastically.

She screamed: "Susu, run away! I'm trying to stop him!"

The girl reached out to catch Susu.

However, her hand was bounced off in the next second.

Susu Mountain exudes the aura of Ruo Ruo Wu.

Susu closed his eyes, surrounded by vitality, and muttered, "The first seal is lifted!"


Compared with the last time the seal was lifted, the moment Susu lifted the seal was even more grandiose.

The vitality of heaven and earth is infused instantly.

Susu, who was originally at the ninth rank, has a cultivation base that has broken through to the heavens!

Glen's eyes widened. What did he see that this girl actually broke through the heavens?

Although there is only one grade of Tianwei, it is really such a simple breakthrough.

And how old is she?

When I was my age, I'm afraid I was still playing pee, right?

When Su Su opened his eyes again, his eyes were full of indifference.

"Well... the opponent is a bit strong, and the cultivation base of this first rank seems to be a little insufficient." Da Su Su muttered.

Glenn shouted loudly: "Smelly girl, stop struggling, there is not much difference between Rank 1 and Rank 9 in front of me!"

Su Su sneered slightly, and his immature face seemed a little weird with this sneer.

She whispered: "What about this?"

In an instant, Su Su's aura suddenly increased, and a heaven and earth vitality cover appeared beside her!

Glen raised his hand, pointed at Susu, and asked with some horror: "Who are you anyway?"

Su Su's strength is not enough to make him afraid!

But such an act!

too frightening.

Is this heaven?

Promote if you say it improves?

"The body is still too weak and can't be mentioned anymore. This is already the limit. Even so, this physical body cannot withstand such a strong cultivation base. It must be made quickly!" Da Susu made a judgment in his heart.


Su Su moved!

The golden wings instigated behind, and in an instant, it turned into a red light!

Su Su flew quickly in the dark air.

"Sister, come on!"

Xiao Susu shouted loudly in the sea of ​​knowledge.

"Shut up, don't disturb me! Get ready! I'm going to lift the second seal!"


"The second seal, the spiritual restriction is lifted!"

Susu, who was flying rapidly in the air, slammed into Glenn!

"The devil screams!" The moves that Hares had used in the past were also used in Glenn's hands.


There was a roar, and the vibrating sound wave overflowed four weeks.

The main target of the attack was Susu who was on the front!


The violent energy just flew not far away, it was already split by an invisible sharp blade!

"Spiritual Blade!"

At the same time, Su Su's figure had already rushed closer.

"Feng Mingduo!"

The sharp phoenix sound sounded.

But the huge Fengming has sounded in an instant!

At the same time, Su Su's eye sockets were already congested.

At the same time, in all directions, the invisible blade composed of mental power slashed towards Glen madly!

This powerful and violent mental power is extremely difficult to control.

However, Glenn never expected Su Su to be able to use such a terrifying attack while urging martial skills. He only saw the vitality attack of Su Su's body.

"Devil Warhammer!"

Glenn blasted a backhand and attacked Su Su's Feng Mingduo.


There was a loud noise, and the vitality scattered between heaven and earth.


Cheng Xiaoxiao couldn't bear the scattered energy at all.

Zhizhi was shocked and flew over, falling straight from the sky.

Spit blood at the mouth.

In an instant, Glen was attacked by countless spiritual blades at the same time.

"Puff puff!"

In an instant, he was physically present by Wan Ren!

As a defense, the heaven and earth vitality cover was also split abruptly!

Su Su's movements did not stop at all, and there was fierceness in her eyes.

"Fengwu in the sky!"

It was another fascination, and the vitality of heaven and earth was bombarded as if he didn't need money.

At the same time, in the sky, an invisible spear of spiritual power was condensing.

When Su Su's body attacked, the invisible spear also appeared to cut through the space, and it arrived in an instant!

Glenn roared and smashed his fists, abruptly resisting Susu's attack!

But the next second! A blood hole was suddenly penetrated in his heart!

Glenn's eyes were full of disbelief!

"How is it possible.... Why can she spur such a terrifying attack in this kind of battle?"

Glenn's consciousness is a little fuzzy.

This kind of serious injury, he knew, he would die.

In front of him, it was Su Su's small face with blood in his nostrils.

It seemed to him that he was not fighting a person.

Although the frontal Susu is strong, he may not have the power to fight.

But what was terrifying was that Susu was able to issue another invisible attack even when he was crazy to urge his geniuses.

The powerful spiritual power completely surpassed his cognition.

How did he know that this is a battle between the two sisters!

Xiao Susu is responsible for controlling the terrifying and powerful mental power, while Big Susu is responsible for controlling the body and fighting against Glenn to contain them.

And I have to say that the timing of these two people's cooperation was excellent. Each time they attacked, Glenn did not give Glenn too much opportunity to react. In several encounters, they used the opponent to complete the beheading without knowing their methods. !

"Sister, I hit!"

Xiao Susu exclaimed excitedly.

"Give you back my body, I need to rest! Don't untie the seal if there is nothing to do, our body can't bear it right now!"

Da Susu exhorted, and fell into a deep sleep.

The violent and powerful mental power dissipated...The cultivation base in Su Su's body also fell back to the ground.

Xiao Susu instantly felt a headache and body aches.

Pain all over the body.

The operation that exceeds the body's load is bound to pay a price.

She also hurried down, looking for Cheng Xiaoxiao.

"Aunt Xiaoxiao won't fall to death, right?" Xiao Su Su was extremely worried.

This height dropped... Rank 9 martial artists, there is a high probability that they will die.

Xiao Su Su hurried down to find Cheng Xiaoxiao.

Fortunately, Cheng Xiaoxiaofu had a big life... and fell on a towering tree in the process of falling.

Although the bones on his body were broken a lot, the luxuriant branches and leaves of the big tree slowed the impact, and luckily survived.

At this moment, in the Great Week.

I don't know when, everyone has serious black eyes.

Not one person, but the whole country.

Some people in other countries may have broken through the heavens, but none in Zhou Guozhong has broken through.

After allowing the return of the heavenly position, Zhang Qian also came back.

When he set foot on Zhou's land, he did not return for a long time. Zhang Qian also missed it very much.

At a tavern on the side of the road, Zhang Qian suppressed his figure.

Entering it, Zhang Qian frowned as he looked at the crowd.

He has already seen that there seems to be something wrong with these people!

"Little Er, come to a pot of old wine!"

Zhang Qian said loudly.

Xiao Er immediately delivered a pot of old wine.

"Guest, your wine." Xiao Er said with a smile with dark circles under her eyes.

Zhang Qian stared at him for a long while, but couldn't see any problems.

Body is strong, Qi and blood are as usual.

"My second brother didn't rest well? Why are there such big dark circles?" Zhang Qian asked directly.

The little Eryi was taken aback, looked around, and said, "Are my dark circles under my eyes big? Everyone is like this? But you, the guest officer, look good, you don't see any dark circles at all."

"Everyone is like this..." Zhang Qian murmured, "This is not normal."

He grabbed Xiao Er's wrist and said with a smile: "I'll show you, this is my ancestral medical skills!"

Xiao Er was anxious: "No! I still have to work, and the shopkeeper will scold when he sees it."

Zhang Qian threw out an ingot of silver and said, "Half to you, and half to the shopkeeper!"

Seeing the silver, Xiao Er suddenly stopped talking.

Zhang Qian's innocence followed Xiao Er's body into it.

No exception!

No abnormalities were found at all!

Zhang Qian frowned.

Is it my own illusion?

At this moment, several warriors came in at the door.

These people talk loudly, and their cultivation level is not high.

But Zhang Qian saw that they also had dark circles.

And these people are full of energy and blood, and they will never have dark circles under the eyes because of poor rest.

has a problem! There is a big problem!

Zhang Qian concentrated on his breath again and began to examine Xiao Er's body carefully.

I've been there one by one with infuriating spirit!

Just as Zhen Qi entered Xiao Er's heart, Zhang Qian's eyes widened suddenly.

A black bug was in Xiao Er's heart.

It is tightly attached to Xiaoer's heart, and countless black rhizomes emerge from it, and the holes are inserted into Xiaoer's heart, connected by flesh and blood, and move with the rhythm of Xiaoer's heart.

"Guest officer, are you optimistic about it? Look, the shopkeeper is looking at me." Xiao Er said.

Zhang Qian smiled reluctantly and said, "Then you go first."

Watching Xiao Er leave, Zhang Qian felt a chill from his heart.

Looking around, everyone is like this...

Damn it! Who did it?

Taking advantage of the fact that the heavenly master is not in Zhou, he actually did such evil things.

And what exactly is this black bug?

What is it about being attached to these people?

Did no one notice the abnormality?

In fact, of course some people found anomalies, but with their means, they couldn't find the bug at all.

Zhang Qian pondered for a while, stopped drinking, got up and left.

Xiao Er came to the table, looked at the old wine that hadn't moved, and smiled triumphantly: "Where is this idiot? Don't give money or drink any drinks, but today I have a good taste."

Zhang Qian went out and went straight to the mass grave.

When he got there, he found a still fresh corpse.

With a quick finger, the corpse's heart was cut open by Zhang Qian.

But after cutting it open, Zhang Qian did not see the trace of the bug.

Without a trace, it has disappeared.

Zhang Qian frowned in thought and returned to the city.

As I was walking, I suddenly heard a cry.

It is the family who just produced!

He went straight into it and snatched the baby, but the family who frightened him again and again.

After a while, Zhang Qian put down the child, got up and left!

It's just that his face is even more gloomy!

There was the same black bug on the child who just made the noise.

Zhang Qian knew that this time, something really happened.

Emperor Zhou... The little monk sits on the Emperor Zhou’s dragon couch.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

A red dot appeared on the surveillance chart.

"Haha, are you here?"

The little monk knew that this matter could not be concealed, or that he had no need to conceal it at this time.

Just know, so what can I do?

As expected by the little monk, the red dot came straight to the palace.

The person here is Zhang Qian!

He solo flew straight into the palace.

"Zhao Pingshan! Come out for me!" Zhang Qian roared.

Zhao Pingshan is also the name of the second prince.

After all, this matter was found on the second prince.

Hearing this roar, the second prince walked out of the imperial study room.

Looking up at Zhang Qian floating in the sky, he bowed and said, "I don't know what's the matter with seniors calling juniors?"

The moment Zhang Qian saw the second prince, he was silent.

The second prince also had extremely obvious dark circles under his eyes. Obviously, he also had that black worm in his body!

Originally Zhang Qian thought that this matter was done by the second prince, but it seems that this is not the case.

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