Chapter 1165:Mysterious Recovery

Curse of Entanglement

Yang Jian used the dye in the makeup box in A Hong's hand to paint makeup on her face without facial features.

His makeup skills are very powerful, and he is considered a top master.

Soon, the makeup is complete.

A delicate face appeared in front of everyone.

This face is completely painted with strange pigments. Except for the color which is a little bit gorgeous, there is no imperfection on the whole face, but I don’t know why, this color is slightly rich in makeup, no matter how you look at it. It's like a dead man's makeup.

It's not that Yang Jian's craftsmanship is not good, it's that this dye feels like this.

Just as the enroller in the funeral home puts makeup on the dead, there is a strange feeling of lifelessness anyway.

"It's exactly the same as A Hong's original appearance, and the degree of restoration is extremely high."

Cao Yang took a look and made an evaluation: "In this way, after the supernatural power has worked, she should not turn her into another person."

The painting is wrong, and the thing judges the makeup to be someone else, then the problem is big, maybe A Hong will die because of that strange face.

next moment.

Without any warning, Ahong suddenly opened his eyes.

There was no look in her eyes, revealing an abnormal void, but as time passed slowly, a trace of human emotion appeared on her face.

"I was unconscious before?" A Hong looked at the people next to her.

Seeing Yang Jian, Cao Yang, Feng Quan and others appear next to her, she felt a little relieved.

"The spirit has eroded your body and almost completely rotted your face. It has affected your life. We saved you through some methods, but you can't get your face back." Yang Jian said calmly.

A Hong was shocked when he heard the words, and subconsciously stretched out his hand to touch her face.

, but Cao Yang next to him grabbed his hand: "Don't touch it, your face is now painted. You know the characteristics of ghost makeup. Once the makeup is done, you are done."

"It turned out to be like this." A Hong was startled, her palm trembled, and she dared not touch her face.

Although ghost makeup has a lot of advantages, it also has a big disadvantage.

The magic of ghost makeup will fail.

"You should be fine, but now is not the time to rest. I have already picked up Li Jun's human skin. Go and rescue Li Jun. At this time, the ghost lake is already out of control. We need manpower here. "After Yang Jian finished, he pointed to the dead skin that was nailed to the coffin over there.

After being pinned, the ghost fell into a dead silence, unable to recover and kill.

If you want to make-up, you can only do it under this situation. If you don’t have any restrictions, I’m afraid you will be killed by Piga Ghost Fire before you finish painting.

"I understand." A Hong nodded.

The supernatural incident has not ended yet, the ghost lake has not yet been completely dealt with, the danger is still there, it is not the time to be lazy and take a rest.

"How are you two, don't tell me that there is no way to act at this time." Yang Jian then glanced at Cao Yang and Liu San.

Cao Yang said: "I was soaked in the ghost lake for too long before, and the impact was too great. Now there is still the lake water in my body. It takes a while to drain out of my body, but it is barely okay if I want to do it now."

He is still wet, is there water stains coming out?

"It seems something is wrong with me. My body is getting wetter and wetter, and there is always a weird voice in my ear, like a woman whispering in my ear."

Liu San had a gloomy face at the moment, he raised his hand and looked at the back of his hand.

There was a layer of water droplets on the back of his hand, as if a person was sweating on a hot day.

"Could it be that......"

Cao Yang frowned at this moment: "Liu San, I need a piece of your hair."

"What do you want to do." Liu San became vigilant at the moment.

"I suspect that you have the curse of a ghost, I want to confirm it." Cao Yang said.

Liu San hesitated for a while, originally didn't want to agree, but felt the same in his body, and finally tore a piece of crumpled paper pasted on his face, and reached into it with his hand, and pulled out a few pieces. hair.

The hair is very long, like weeds, and it seems to have been buried in the soil for a long time without rot, and it has a peculiar smell.

"Still a paper man?" Yang Jian saw this scene and knew that Liu San's body was still a paper man, and the real body was hidden inside the paper man.

But how old can one hide in this paper man?

I'm afraid I can only hide from a child.

Cao Yang did not have Li Gui Liusan's situation. After taking the hair, he took out a pair of rusty scissors, and then wrapped the hair around the handle of the scissors.

While doing it, he explained: "Hair is the medium. With the help of ghost scissors, you can see the curse that is imperceptible to anyone. The so-called curse contains many situations. The law of killing by the ghost is also one of them. The scissors can be used in time to shorten the connection and interrupt Li Gui's murder."

"This is a bit of usage I found out, but the use of ghost scissors requires a price, because the curse of cutting has not dissipated, but it is stored on the scissors, accidentally it is easy to be contaminated with the curse of the previous cut, which will attract others. Attack of a ghost."

Cao Yang said in great detail. At this moment, he said he not only wanted to dispel Liu San's doubts, but also planned to reveal it to Yang Jian.

Because the ghost scissors were to be returned to Yang Jian, Cao Yang only borrowed it for a period of time.

"Cut the curse short and interrupt the law of ghost killing?" Yang Jian's eyes moved slightly.

Speaking of that invisible curse, he thought of the little girl that Gao Ming had met before, Zhao Xiaoya.

In the ghost realm, Yang Jian's ghost eyes had peeped into the fickle threads, the ones that connected Zhao Xiaoya and Li ghost together, I wonder if this is a way of cursing?

But the thread cannot be broken.

Is it possible that ghost scissors can cut the line of curse?

After Cao Yang wrapped Liu San's hair, he took hold of this weird pair of scissors.

next moment.

There was a strange change in his vision, and the surrounding light suddenly dimmed, and all kinds of terrifying things began to emerge around him.

On the ground there are dead people's heads peeping at him, there are mutilated limbs covering his feet, thick blood dripping on his shoulders, and the sound of footsteps approaching...These are not ghosts, they are ghosts. The laws of killing were all left behind after the previous ghost scissors users cut the curse.

Behind these curses are all ghosts.

If you are contaminated, it means that you have been targeted by a ghost for no reason.

Of course, unless you are lucky and the ghost who is going to kill you after being contaminated with a curse is imprisoned, then it’s okay.

Otherwise, as long as the ghost is still there, without being imprisoned or restricted, then the ghost will come and kill you no matter where you are.

Cao Yang ignored these supernatural phenomena and stared at Liu San's direction.

The existence of Ghost Scissors made him see an incredible scene.

Behind Liu San, a woman with disheveled hair and a gloomy breath was strangely attached to his body, and her wet hair kept dripping, and water stains dripped on Liu San's body along her hair. The place entangled it like a vine.

can't break free.

The most creepy thing is that the face of the female corpse was lying on Liu San's shoulder, whispering to his ear.

"Is this the curse of Ghost Lake..." Cao Yang's eyes shrank.

Now he understands what Liu San said before that he was wet, and it seemed that someone was still talking.

After a little hesitation, Cao Yang still gritted his teeth, took a step forward and approached Liu San.

He raised the scissors in his hand and tried to cut the invisible black hair short, cut off the hands and feet of the female corpse, and separated the curse from Liu San.

But Cao Yang just cut a strand of wet black hair with his scissors.

next moment.

The cold female corpse suddenly turned her head to look at Cao Yang.

"What are you kidding? It's just a curse, so you stared at me?"

Cao Yang was startled, and subconsciously stepped back a few steps, pulling away.

"Cao Yang, your methods are useful, and the sound in my ears has stopped."

Liu San was a little excited at this moment, thinking it was a success.

Cao Yang's face was ugly and said, "No, I didn't succeed. I saw a ghost lying on you. It was a terrible curse, and it was very difficult and very difficult to use this pair of scissors to peel off the curse. , This is the trickiest existence I have ever seen, none of them."

Most of the curses he had seen before were that there was a line between Li Guikao and the living, just cut off that line.

Occasionally, some of the curses of Li ghosts come into contact with living people. You only need to cut the places where the Li ghosts come into contact with living people, such as the hands and feet of Li ghosts.

This kind of cutting can't hurt Li Gui, it just interrupts Li Gui's spiritual attack.

But right now, Li Gui's whole body is lying on Liu San, which means that this ghost is no longer as simple as a curse.

is more like... an invasion.

Liu San was invaded by a ghost in the ghost lake.

"At least I am a little better now than before." Liu Sandao.

He couldn't see the curse, of course he didn't know that the ghost in the ghost lake was lying on his body at the moment, sticking to his ear.

"You are wrong. If you can't separate your connection with Li Gui, your previous situation will not get any better." Cao Yang said.

As his actions stopped, the cold female corpse turned her head stiffly at this moment, and continued to whisper in Liu San's ear.

"You really got it right, that voice is coming again." Liu San's expression changed slightly.

The familiar and weird sound came to my ears again, really like a tarsal maggot, unable to shake it away.

Yang Jian became curious at this moment: "Liu San, what kind of terrible curse did you see, you dare not even do it?"

Cao Yang didn't speak, but just said, "Yang Jian, give me a hair from you. I want to confirm your situation."

"Do you suspect that I am in the same situation as Liu San? Okay, please make sure of the situation first."

Yang Jian moved his eyes, and immediately gave him a few strands of hair.

Cao Yang did the same, wrapping his hair around the handles of the scissors, and then looked over.


His eyes shrank, and he was startled again; "Yang Jian, you have it on you too, there is a female corpse lying on you."

"The curse of the ghost lake?"

Yang Jian was not afraid, but frowned.

"Absolutely can't be wrong, you and Liu San are both contaminated with the curse of the ghost lake, the ghost is staring at you." Cao Yang said.

Yang Jian said, "No wonder I feel a little wet on my body. I thought I had just come out of the lake before, but it doesn't seem to be right now."

"But Yang Jian, your condition is much better. The female corpse lying on your body did not speak in your ears, and there is no movement yet." Cao Yang explained in detail what he saw.

Yang Jian looked at Liu San; "This is first come first, come first. He was spotted first. It is estimated that I will have to wait for Liu San to die before it is my turn."

"Team Yang, what you said is a bit scary, I am not that easy to die." Liu San hurriedly said.

"hope so."

Yang Jian finished speaking, and then turned to say: "Ghost scissors can handle the curse. If so, give it to me, and I will try to get rid of this female corpse on my body."

"Be careful when using ghost scissors. Every time you may be contaminated with other curses and be targeted by other ghosts. This is not a very good spiritual item. An inconspicuous curse provokes even more fierce ghosts."

Cao Yang passed the scissors to him without hesitation.

This ghost scissors originally belonged to Fang Shiming in the circle of friends. After Yang Jian killed Fang Shiming, it was Cao Yang who was responsible for handling Fang Shiming's corpse, so this supernatural item fell into his hands.

But the headquarters has promised Fang Shiming will return the ghost scissors to Yang Jian as compensation after finishing the collection.

"I probably know how to use it." Yang Jian nodded.

Cao Yang said in great detail, which greatly reduced the time he spent exploring, which is indeed worthy of thanks.

Of course, this time Yang Jian rescued Cao Yang, and it was considered to have friendship with each other.

As soon as I got the ghost scissors.

As expected.

Some changes have taken place in everything around him, and all the curses that were invisible before have surfaced in an instant.

This is similar to a hatchet.

But the hatchet kills people through the medium, and the ghost scissors interrupt the medium and interrupt the curse. They have different functions.

At this moment, Yang Jian glanced at himself slightly.

Strands of wet hair hung in front of him, and a pale and cold palm rested on his shoulder.

But these have no sense of substance, just a manifestation of curse.

"This is what Cao Yang saw before." Yang Jian tried to cut the pale palm with scissors.

The scissors seemed to be rusty and useless after touching the curse, but in fact they were like a hatchet against a ghost. They were so sharp that they cut off the female corpse's wrist with a single pair of scissors.

The female corpse fell to the ground, but it did not disappear, and it still appeared in Yang Jian's eyes.

However, the female corpse lying on her body has reduced a part of the contact area with him.

However, it is far from enough.

This female corpse is almost entirely lying on her body, and it takes at least a dozen cuts to get rid of it completely.

When Yang Jian is about to move for the second time.

Something seemed to hit her foot.

looked down.

A highly decayed dead human head rolled over without knowing where it came from, and hit his leg.

Yang Jian tried to reach out and kick.

can't help.

The highly decayed head of a dead man is a curse placed on the scissors. It is not an you cut it with scissors, it cannot be dealt with.

But if you use the scissors more times, the probability of contaminating other curses increases again.

Therefore, this is a very cost-effective behavior.

Unless there is any way to completely eliminate all the curses on the scissors, otherwise, the powerful role of ghost scissors will be difficult to play.

Just like the side effect of a hatchet, you need to find a way to offset it before you can use it.

"How about, Team Yang, I'm not wrong." Cao Yang said: "This thing is not that I don't want to use it, but I don't dare to use it. If I use it too much, maybe it will die faster."


Yang Jian nodded: "I have to find and wash off the curse accumulated on the scissors before, otherwise this thing is really not easy to use, unless it is used for emergency, the curse on my body has not affected too much now, I can ignore it. ."

"I think so too." Cao Yang said.

Yang Jian didn't say much, but put away the ghost scissors.

This problem can only be dealt with after the fact, and there is no time to pay attention to the curse on him right now.

"Team Yang, the drawing is finished." Suddenly, Ah Hong's voice came from the side.

"Very good, then let Li Jun resurrect, and our team captains will work together to deal with all these ghosts." Yang Jian walked over and directly drew the spear nailed to the dead man's skin.

There is no suppression of coffin nails.

The ghost fire inside the human skin ignited again, and the human skin swelled like an inflated balloon.

A strange person stood in front of him.

The strange face on the man's skin disappeared and was replaced by another familiar face, even though this face was drawn.

But it is undeniable.

Ghost Fire Li Jun returned again.

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