Chapter 1:Mystery Descends: My Exchanges Are Not Equal

, wake up! Unequal exchange!

[The 3000th issue of mysterious arrival is about to start! 】

[This is your only chance to redeem yourself! 】

[Location: No. 4399, Colonial Planet \- Rich Continent. 】

[Placing a copy...]

[No. 4399, the deployment of the Abundant Continent has been completed. 】

[Entering various dungeons, danger and opportunity coexist, you will die at any time, and you will also gain eternal life, I wish you good luck! 】

In the depths of the icy and dark universe, a space probe captured an ethereal and icy voice.

The voice of the live broadcast echoed in the ears of every Blue Star...

Everyone was shocked!

Abundant Continent, in a rental house in Yancheng.

Wang Teng picked up the hot instant noodles and was about to open his mouth when he heard the cold mechanical sound.

ˉ▽ ̄~)Cut~~"

He picked up his mobile phone and opened an anti-fraud center APP.

"Wait, the anchor's name is a bit familiar, the Continental Science Research Space Center!"

The next moment, an incredible scene appeared in front of Wang Teng's eyes.

A halo suddenly enlarged...

Form a translucent data panel!

【Name: Wang Teng】

【Game ID: 440***2868】

[Level 1 (0/100)]

【HP: 100/100】

[Physical fitness: 10 points (please click for details)]

[Strength: 8 points (please click for details)]

[Agility: 9 points (please click for details)]

[Spirit: 15:00 (please click for details)]

[Comprehension: 2 points (please click for details)]

[Air Luck: 100 points (please click for details)]

[Talent: Not yet awakened]

[Martial arts: none at the moment]

[Comprehensive Combat Strength: 44]

[Evaluation: The power of a chicken]

As various data poured into Wang Teng's mind, he was a little curious.

His evaluation is the power of a chicken, what level is this?

Wang Teng rubbed his ears in annoyance, but voices came one after another.

"Which game company developed this product, isn't it too real?"

"Upstairs, we are forced to enter the 'Mysterious Descent', and we may die at any time!"

"What?! I haven't got a boyfriend yet, I don't want to die, woo woo..."

Who is talking!

come out!

Wang Teng looked around and found that there was no one in the rental room except himself.

Could it be... a chat system?

Thinking of this, in his mind, when every sound came out, a dynamic avatar appeared.

Those avatars 100% restore the current real appearance.


Wang Teng let out a nervous groan, and a familiar head appeared in his mind.

Hmm~ He's still so handsome!

However, he didn't pay much attention to the avatar, and his eyes fell back to the chat content.

At this moment, everyone is full of fear of the unknown, but also has curiosity and hope for this sudden game.

"Everyone has seen the data panel, my comprehensive combat power is 50, how about you?"

"I'm lower than you, 47."

"I'm 43, and I evaluate the power of a chicken without a hand╮(╯▽╰)╭."

"Huh! Then this game is fairly fair. The gap between us should be controlled within 10 points."

"You guys are wrong! My comprehensive combat power is 99, and I just barely broke 100."

"How is this possible! Could it be that you can beat us both alone?"

"Haha..." A flat-headed man smiled without saying a word.

"Comprehensive combat power of 99? Come on, how much is your statistic?"

"Bragging? Look at my data panel."

【Name: Su Qiang】

【Citizen ID: 440****6654】

[Level 1 (0/100)]

【HP: 100/100】

[Physical fitness: 30 points (please click for details)]

[Strength: 33 points (please click for details)]

[Agility: 8 points (please click for details)]

[Spirit: 18:00 (please click for details)]

[Perception: 10 points (please click for details)]

[Air Luck: 35:00 (please click for details)]

[Talent: Not yet awakened]

[Martial arts: none at the moment]

[Comprehensive Combat Strength: 99]

[Evaluation: Big Chicken Powerful]

"Boiled! Upstairs... Big brother's physique and strength are so strong, more than twice as strong as mine."

"My eldest brother, Su Qiang, has the money to eat chicken!"

"It's so terrifying! The big chicken is strong, if I eat chicken tonight, I'll mess with you in the future!"

"Haha, everyone is overrated, did the girl just now find a boyfriend?"

"Brother Qiang~ People like you like this, hee hee."

"And me, brother Qiang, let's go together~"

After diving for a while, Wang Teng had a general understanding of the situation in his mind.

The chat system is limited to Yancheng, and the national and even world chat channels have not been opened yet.

Moreover, the comprehensive combat power is related to the five-dimensional index.

By increasing the five-dimensional index, you can increase your combat effectiveness.

Now that there are fierce men with a combat power of 99, Wang Teng is not too discouraged.

Although his fifth dimension is weak, there is one place that everyone has ignored, and that is luck.

Throughout the entire chat area, he found that the highest luck was 48, less than half of his.

Mysteriously descended, Su Qiang's physical strength was overwhelming, and he would definitely have an advantage over him in the early stage.

But as long as you live on your own and your luck explodes, you may not be able to soar into the sky.

At this moment, the cold mechanical voice of UU reading came again.

[Notice: Within one minute, according to your luck value, you will be empowered to awaken your innate abilities. During this period, please do not exercise vigorously, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences. 】

[Hint: Innate abilities are divided into nine levels: F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS.

The voice fell, and the chat channel suddenly exploded.

"Awaken talents based on luck! My luck is 30 points, haha!"

"Damn it! Why is my luck value only 8 o'clock, do I want to take a shower and consecrate it?"

"Wash carefully upstairs, don't exercise vigorously, before the game starts, you will lose your life, that's called sad reminder!"

"Is there a mistake! I can definitely win the lottery! It must be an SSS-level talent!"

"As long as there are a few grains of peanuts, you can't drink like this~"

Listening to the heated discussion, Wang Teng suddenly had some expectations in his heart.

With a luck value of 100, what level of talent can he awaken?


A golden light instantly drowned Wang Teng, and the powerful impact directly overwhelmed him, and his clothes were shattered.

This is Daigo empowerment, it is clearly Mount Tai pressing the top.

Under this kind of pressure, let alone strenuous exercise, it's hard to even move a finger.

I really thought that the Plenty Continent were all superhumans! ?

Just as Wang Teng complained, a prompt sounded in his mind.

[Congratulations... You have awakened SSS-level talent \- unequal exchange. 】

[Note: SSS-level talents are unique. 】


He actually awakened his SSS-level talent!

And it's a unique talent!

Wang Teng let out a burst of laughter...

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