Chapter 2:Mystery Descends: My Exchanges Are Not Equal

,exchange! SSS level talent!

Wang Teng relieved his mood, black ripples appeared in his pupils, and a talent introduction appeared on the translucent panel.

[Born talent: unequal exchange. 】

[Unequal exchange: You can exchange for all targets, and you can get unexpected things. 】

This explanation is a bit too general. It seems that I have to do more research to find out the effect.

Putting away the panel, Wang Teng thought about it and switched to the chat channel.

I don't know what talent others have awakened?

"Haha, I'm awake! Master's talent is E-level talent—the wall is impenetrable. When you activate the talent, your physique will increase by 50%!"

"Haha! Isn't that just awakening a bastard? Mine is a D-level talent \- mental attack!"

"Can you resist mental damage as long as your body is impenetrable? Haha, I'm invincible!"

"Hey, how come mine is an F-rank talent \- Taste Enhancement, when activated, the taste is increased by 5 times, but what's the use? TMD!"

"Mine is also the most ** F-level talent \- pectoral muscle strengthening, woohoo~"

The chat room was full of people, and Wang Teng wanted to see if he had awakened SSS-level talent like him.

There are nearly ten million people in Yancheng alone, and everyone is like a dragon. It is impossible for people who have awakened their talents in SSS.

Thinking of this, Wang Teng entered the chat channel again.

"The girl in front, why don't you come with me, I'll protect you, hehe."

"It's Brother Qiang! What talent has Brother Qiang awakened?"

"Hehe, I have awakened a C-level talent \- Li Bing Shan Xi. When activated, the power is doubled, and the attack has a pressure effect."

"My God! C-level talent not only increases the value, but also has a built-in buff in the attack. It's amazing!"

"Yeah! It's really the reincarnation of the overlord!"

"Brother Qiang~ Little sister is willing to accompany you forever like Concubine Yu!"

At this moment, all the chat channels are flattering the big guy Su Qiang.

"At present, only one C-level talent has been awakened. It's too difficult to obtain such a good talent!"

"Have you awakened your SSS-level talent?"

Everyone was looking forward to it.

"Thirty years in Hexi, thirty years in Hedong, don't bully the poor!"

A familiar head flickered and appeared in everyone's field of vision.

"My talent is an SSS-level talent with a philosophical nature \- endless extraction!"

"It's you?! SSS talent? Would you like me to bring you a plate of peanuts?"

"I know you don't believe it, take a look, what is it?!"

【Name: Li Ao】

[Fate Talent: SSS Level Endless Extraction]

"This is... a living SSS-level talent!"

"Brother Li Ao, my little sister will serve you for life!"

"Crap! People are more popular than people, and my talent is simply garbage!"

Someone said with envy.

Seeing this, Wang Teng silently activated his talent.

【Asymmetric exchange activation】

"I want to exchange SSS-level talent \- endless extraction."

[Exchange failed! 】

Seeing the result, Wang Teng was stunned for a moment.

Could it be that SSS-level talents cannot be exchanged?

[Friendly reminder: zero yuan purchases are prohibited! You need to take out an item and exchange it. 】

It turned out to be so!

It is impossible to prostitute for free. He has never done prostitution for free in his life.

In exchange for what?

Wang Teng looked around, his eyes lit up.

He picked up the half box of instant noodles and said firmly:



A white light flashed, and the half box of instant noodles in Wang Teng's hand disappeared.

[Asymmetric exchange activation is successful. 】

[The unequal exchange enters into a cooldown for 24 hours. 】

[This unequal exchange consumes 88 Luck points. 】

[Friendly reminder: The luck value can be restored to the initial state over time, and the speed is 1 luck value/day. 】

[Congratulations, you have obtained the SSS-level talent \- endless extraction. 】

[Endless Extraction: Get unexpected rewards by touching any item. 】

SSS-level talent, introduction has always been so metaphysical.

Sure enough!

Wang Teng already knew how to use this ability.

As long as the target is locked, he can force the exchange.

And he can exchange anything for anything!

The only thing that consumes is the air transport value.

With 88 points of luck, Wang Teng doesn't know whether to lose or gain by changing to an SSS-level talent!

But fortunately, his luck value can recover over time.

the other side.


"What's the matter? Which instant noodle was thrown at me?"

Li Ao in the room stood up, looking unhappy.

"Brother Li Ao, what function does your SSS-level talent have?"

Hearing the delicate voice of the chat channel, Li Ao was relieved.

With a swipe, he shared the talent description to the chat channel.

"Talent: Half a box of instant noodles, can satisfy hunger, fried food, in order to protect your health, please don't use it often."

"Hahaha! Half a box of instant noodles is also called SSS-level talent?"

"It turned out to be an instant noodle talent, as expected of you!"

"Ahhh! Where's my SSS-level talent? Who threw this half box of instant noodles into my house!"

"No, what I just saw was clearly endless extraction."

"Me too, what a hell!"

"Everyone, don't announce your talents, there is great terror here!"

Wang Teng entered the chat room, saw countless people swiping the screen, and immediately backed out.

The chat channel is actually terrifying, and he can't easily expose it.

The fact that he obtained two SSS-level talents can't be said even if he is killed!

More importantly, his two SSS-level talent abilities are auxiliary functions and cannot improve combat effectiveness.

At present, he has 44 points of combat power, the strength of a chicken, and it can even be said that it is difficult to protect himself.

Besides, he still hasn't figured out, what exactly does the endless extraction of new SSS-level talents do?

Suddenly, that mechanical sound resounded again!

[Announcement: The awakening of all personnel is completed. Next, you will choose the major game copies to explore! 】

[Game Mission: Live! 】

[Time limit: seven days. 】

[Tips: Real objects cannot be brought into the dungeon. 】


As soon as the prompt ends, the translucent panel appears again!

[Choose A to enter the world of "Eternal Dragon Slayer". 】

[Choose B to enter the world of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes". 】

[Choose C to enter the world of "Dragon Babu". 】

[Choose D to enter the world of "The Legend of Condor Heroes". 】

Wang Teng looked at the familiar world of novels, his eyes wide.

"Everyone...Which world will you choose?"

"Whichever Brother Qiang chooses, I will go for it! Brother Qiang has the highest combat power. Now that he has awakened his C-level talent, he will definitely become stronger in the future!"

"Yes, yes! Brother Qiang, we are with you!"

Everyone kept talking and flattering Su Qiang.

When Su Qiang heard everyone's compliments, his heart fluttered, and he couldn't help but be filled with pride.

"Everyone, I will first choose to enter "Tian Long Ba Bu" to see how dangerous it is, and give you a head start!"

After speaking, he chose C, his body turned into a flood of information and disappeared without a trace.

Everyone silently looked forward to the chat channel.

Soon, all records of Su Qiang in the channel were cleared.

[Warning: This is not child's play! This is no child's play! 】

[Number 440****6654, Su Qiang was killed! 】

[Real state: Deleted. 】

The next second, everyone heard the cold announcement.

Everyone, fell into endless silence...

In the blink of an eye, UU was reading www. Su Qiang, whom had been waiting for, was killed.

Everyone was dumbfounded!

The cruelty of the martial arts world is much greater than they imagined!

Soon, Su Qiang's relatives confirmed that he disappeared at home.

This message reminds everyone that this will really kill people!

Everyone felt the fear.

[Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in the martial arts world, in order to prevent this incident from happening again, everyone will gain skills \- a glimpse. 】

[Stunning glance: You can check the character's comprehensive combat power. You cannot check it when it is higher than 1000% of your own. 】

[Hint: If you do not make a choice within ten minutes, you will randomly enter each world. 】

The voice stopped abruptly, and the chat channel panicked again.

"Don't panic, everyone, although the martial arts world is very dangerous, we can form a team! There are so many people, so much power!"

"Yes, our innate attributes, together, are not necessarily worse than those martial arts people!"

"E-level talent \- shadow stealth, seek team!"

"F-level talent—taste enhancement, ask the boss to lead me~"

Soon, everyone started teaming up with each other.

Those who have awakened D-level talents are endlessly sought after.

Wang Teng watched all this silently, indifferent.

He didn't want to expose his talent in front of everyone.

Everyone teamed up and entered the world of martial arts one after another.

The voice of the chat channel is also slowly disappearing.

Wang Teng knows that more and more people are teaming up to enter the world of martial arts.

In the last ten seconds, he took a deep breath and said slowly:

"I choose the world of "Dragon Babu"."

[The world of Tianlong Babu is officially opened! Please have a blast! 】

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