Authorcuckoo fish
Num. of chapters218 chapters
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Travel through pirates and gain the ability to decompose and reconstruct everything.

In the next life, Link will marry the most beautiful queen and be the freest man!

Supreme Swordsman Twelve Workers? Look at my ship-killing knife made of the essence of meteorite iron and talk!

Want to turn the world upside down? Decomposition and reconstruction of memory, Blackbeard shouted for world peace!

The Four Emperors threaten, Im coming? When the mystery of energy and rules is analyzed, all abilities will be decomposed, and all abilities can be mastered!

Join Doflamingo at the beginning and set sail from the North Sea!

ps: This book is also known as “The Man Behind the Pirate Queen” and “What Experience Is It Like to Fall in Love in a Pirate”

The newcomer and the new book kneel down and beg the gentlemen for support! ! !

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