Chapter 275:Pokémon World’s Male Mother

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In front of Peony, two women who looked a little older, one with long blue hair and one with long blond hair…

Although Eminem is a little blind, it can be seen that the three people have some subtle similarities in facial features.

In contrast, peony makes people feel more lively and agile in temperament, the second sister calamus with long blue hair feels more gentle, and the eldest sister cherry blossoms with long blond hair makes people feel more majestic.

The two sisters learned that Peony was attacked, and hurried to Junsha to find her. After confirming that she was not injured, Sakura severely reprimanded her \- actually rushing up to duel? It's fine if you didn't report to Junsha... Why didn't you notify the sisters?

The second sister Changpu also endured this time, did not persuade the eldest sister, but even helped.

Peony lowered her head and was trained for a long time, and suddenly found a life-saving straw... No, she suddenly found the "culprit", so she immediately identified Eminem.

Seeing the cherry blossoms and the calamus looking over, Eminem's scalp tightened.

However, Eminem still took the initiative to come over. Although he didn't hear how Peony was arguing, he immediately said, "These two are Senior Sister Sakura and Senior Sister Changpu, right? Don't blame Senior Sister Mudan, I also asked Senior Sister Peony to inform me before. The two, Senior Sister Peony is worried that Team Flare will have eyeliners around, knowing that if the two Senior Sisters appear, they will definitely be disturbed, so they refuse!"

Eminem is not a lie. Although Eminem is worried about this, at least out of politeness, he took the initiative to notify the owner of the main hall and the second hall. After all, it is not good for Senior Sister Peony to take too much risk. ...It was Peony who refused, but Eminem just didn't insist.

With the help of medicine, if it weren't for the peony too waves, choosing to fight head-on, it would not be so thrilling!

Eminem immediately backhanded and sold the peony...

Seeing that the "hatred" of the two sisters was pulled over again, Peony said quickly, "You said you can lead those two guys over there!" In order to emphasize—just "lead over", she was alone. no problem.

"That's right, it's all my fault... I only cared about the medicine for Senior Sister Mudan, and I forgot that Senior Sister Mudan was not used to fighting under the effect of the medicine, so she was overconfident at the beginning, thinking that she could really defeat those two dangerous elements." Eminem took the responsibility with sincerity.

" don't prepare well for the test, and you are still wandering around!" After Peony had nothing to say, she began to accuse other aspects.

slim Shady:…

"Enough! The two of you... Go back and talk about the two of you!" Sakura stopped the two of them from throwing blame at each other, and then looked around, probably because she was worried that the "Three Hualan Sisters" would be too conspicuous here.

"Go back? Senior Sister Sakura, I'm not going to visit..." Eminem heard what Sakura meant, and wanted to refuse for a while.

"You can just call me Sister Sakura. Senior Sister or something, it's weird." Sakura emphasized.

"Sister Sakura... I'm still waiting for junior brother, ahem, I am ready to take the test, and then go to Hualan Taoist hall..."

As Eminem was talking, he was interrupted directly by Sakura: "Okay, I didn't want to force you to test, Hualan has already come, how can you not come to the door except for the test?" tone.

When Eminem heard the words, he was embarrassed and said, "I'm not worried. Did someone say I went through the back door..."

In general, any competent trainer will indeed avoid it, and the owner of the museum who has a relationship with him \- after all, in the award of the first eight badges, the owner of the museum has a high degree of autonomy. As long as it is not too much, the alliance generally does not care. , it is easier to gossip.

"Humph." Peony hummed twice \- not because of this! My sister mentioned Eminem before, but it was a guess...

However, after Peony was glared at by the elder sister, she immediately became honest.

Calamus was on the side at this moment, lightly covering her mouth, pretending to be surprised, "Ah? So you're here for this, Eminem? We thought it was because of Xiaoxia!"

slim Shady:…

Is it so direct?

Seeing this, Peony couldn't help but shiver a little \- the second sister is here again...

Indeed, Eminem did not come to the door before taking the test, mainly because Xiaoxia had always been very resistant to Hualan Gym.

Eminem too

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I know, it's mostly Xiaoxia who makes her childish, and it has nothing to do with the three senior sisters, but she doesn't have any bad views on the three senior sisters because of this. She is just worried about Xiaoxia's emotions, so she has never been in contact.

Sakura was embarrassed to see Eminem, and deliberately didn't clear the siege immediately. She deliberately watched him explain a few superfluous words there before saying, "Okay, come to Hualan Gym first! Do you have a mount Pokémon?"

"No..." As Eminem felt unable to refuse, he winked at Xiao Ai, hoping that she could use her advantages as a child to interrupt with an "ahlielie".

However, Xiao Ai obviously didn't mean to help. After Sakura knew that Xiao Ai was Eminem's sister, she also warmly invited her to get on the bus, and asked Ayame and Peony to take care of him in the back seat. It's okay to ride a ride in an emergency, but it's not a mount Pokémon, because if you ride for a long time, such Pokémon and riders will not be comfortable!

Eminem couldn't see the push, so he had to sit in the co-pilot first...

"Actually, we are also from Hualan City, the child of Xiaoxia, we have known each other since childhood..." Sakura explained while driving.

It's just that Xiaoxia was still very young at that time. After all, Sakura was eleven years older than Xiaoxia, and Peony, the youngest of the three sisters, was also seven years older than Xiaoxia.

Therefore, in the mouth of Xiaoxia's father who is not very good at expressing, since Xiaoxia has memories, the three sisters are "children of other people"...

Later, the three sisters embarked on the journey one after another, and they successively shined in the rookie competition and became the students of Dr. Jumu. This "children's family" became heavier and heavier on Xiaoxia's head.

"Right! Sister Peony, the person who helped you out of the siege before was..." Eminem suddenly reacted—that person was using Fire-type Pokémon, probably... related to Xiaoxia's father's gym, right?

After all, Xiaoxia's gym is actually a fire element!

"No, it's not a relief... I can do it myself..." Mudan was a little panicked when she heard the words, especially after she noticed that Sister Sakura was looking at herself in the rearview mirror \- just now, she specially softened the thrill of the battle.

"Cough, it's Uncle Guang." Peony calmed down and replied first.

"Uncle Guang?" Eminem obviously didn't know the name.

"It's Uncle Yan's good brother... You don't know who Uncle Pao is? It's Xiaoxia's father, Paoyan!" Peony said carelessly, looking at Eminem's expression.

It was only then that Eminem realized that that person should be the trainer of the previous "Hua Lan Taoist Gym", an old subordinate and brother of the owner of the Explosive Flame Gym, and he should also have the strength of a ten-star trainer.

From this point of view, there is a good reason to follow him before \- after all, people also need to see who the daughter/niece's companion is.

"Hey..." Eminem sighed Huh? Brother Eminem, are you feeling so emotional when you come to dinner with the seniors? Are you worried about Xiaoxia's anger, or... worried about the craftsmanship of my eldest sister and I? ” The voice of the calamus floated weakly from the back seat.

Eminem shivered suddenly!

Of course Eminem couldn't say that, much less said [the matter of "God" was brought up in the previous chapter, but this chapter still didn't explain it, and someone would definitely be scolded], so he had to say: "No, I was thinking ...Pity the hearts of parents in the world! Xiaoxia doesn't know yet, her father actually cares about her..."

Then seeing what Peony had to say, Eminem immediately hurriedly said, "I'm an orphan! That's why I'm very emotional!"

After the sacrifice was made, not only peony, calamus and cherry blossoms were also embarrassed...

This is an ancestral handed down from our orphanage, interrupting all embarrassing conversations and only embarrassing the other party!

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