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(Sweet pet, ancient and modern, princess rebirth to conquer the entertainment circle)

In the troubled times, the younger brothers and sisters were brought up, Wenneng recruited the world’s wise men, and Wuneng took command and set out to open up the territory.

Xia Wanyuan, who finally sent her younger brother to the position of emperor step by step, was the most legendary eldest princess in the history of the Xia Dynasty.

But when the eldest princess opened her eyes, she found that she was a thousand years later.

There is a husband and son, and there is a younger brother who can’t live up to it.

It’s just that her husband treats her as the air, and her son has nothing to do with her.

This time, I was still called the “princess”, but it was all others who ridiculed her for acting with capital in the entertainment circle, being squeamish and arrogant, and giving her a black name.

In response to this Xia Wanyuan said, there is always a day when you truly call princesses.

Everyone said: Ha ha, really treat yourself as a princess? Who gave the face, are you about to kick your boss husband?

Jun Shiling: Hurry and leave with 100 million divorce fees.

Two years later

Everyone: Who said Xia Wanyuan is a straw bag?? If the double shadow queen is in hand, all works are sold, the darling of the fashion industry, and even the piano, chess, calligraphy and painting are proficient in everything, and they are the traditional cultural face of the country. Such people are all straw bags. What are they? Paramecium? My face hurts, princess, do you see my standard of kneeling?

Jun Shiling: Who dares to spread rumors that we divorced and let him break the coolness of the sky! Wife, let’s have another one, okay?

The beautiful, black-bellied and versatile eldest princess works as a part- time queen and has a deep mind and a cold heart chasing his wife and the president of the crematorium

A short story about finding oneself while reaping true love and raising cubs in modern times, I hope everyone will like it.

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