Chapter 2379:Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2379

Chapter 2379: Sudden Storm

The two of them didn’t have any luggage to check-in. After walking out, Xia Jinyuan placed the notebook in his military travel bag and smiled at Ye Jian. “This is the most precious memory. After I return to the capital city, I will lock it in a safe. When we get old in the future, we can take it out and take a look. At the same time, we can tell our juniors how we fell in love in the past.”

Ye Jian smiled brightly when she saw Xia Jinyuan putting the notebook into the bag and patting it. “Keep it well. It’s a family heirloom.”

They chatted happily and talked about the pain of separation.

Before Xia Jinyuan sent her to the bus, he dragged her to a secluded place in the airport and made out with her. He kissed her until her red lips were a little swollen. Then, he sent her to the car reluctantly.


Ye Jian specially sat at the back. She didn’t lie against the seat of the chair until she couldn’t see him anymore.

Separation was a common thing for the two of them. However, even if it was a common thing, every time they separated, their hearts would ache unbearably.

Ye Jian opened the window and allowed the cold wind outside to blow on her face. Then, she suppressed the tears in her eyes.

She said that when they got off the plane because she wanted to make herself laugh.

A family heirloom… How could a notebook become a family heirloom?

However, it was indeed a memory that belonged to them.

She didn’t know what urgent matters the base had. They gathered at 2:00 AM and left silently. If they left in such a hurry… it must be urgent.

Ye Jian, who was separated from Xia Jinyuan, was thinking about it uneasily. The image of Xia Jinyuan’s cold face when she got into the car flashed past her mind. Even his eyebrows were sharp and cold.

It could be seen that they were having an emergency.

Something did happen to Xia Jinyuan. It couldn’t be considered an urgent matter. It was something that would affect the outcome of the competition.

He didn’t turn around and return to the airport until he couldn’t see the bus anymore. He didn’t have the time to feel bitter because of their separation. After sending Ye Jian off, he called the base.

All the members of the Xueyu unit suddenly returned to the capital city because two world-class special forces had joined the overseas competition.

As for China, this was their first time participating in a foreign competition. Facing opponents that suddenly appeared, they needed to increase their personal combat ability to a greater extent within a limited time.

“Storm Commando has sent a total of six comrades over. They’ll reach the base in half an hour. There’s no hurry on your side. You can return to the base as planned.”

J5 quickly answered Xia Jinyuan’s question. His voice was deep and tense. One could hear the nervousness in his heart. “There are still a few months to prepare. I hope there’ll be a huge improvement.”

Standing in a secluded corner of the airport, Xia Jinyuan’s handsome face swept away the gentleness he had when he was interacting with Ye Jian. His gaze was as cold as an arrow. He said in a low voice, “Follow the weekly training that I planned previously. We need to specially arrange training for Storm Commando as well. Ask Demon King Li to list the shortcomings of their team as soon as possible. When I come back, we’ll formulate a plan together.”

The addition of two top special forces soldiers made the Xueyu unit and Storm Commando feel unprecedented pressure.

Before Xia Jinyuan arrived at the military unit, he had already entered a tense training state.

For the time being, Ye Jian didn’t know that the two teams had entered the joint training in advance. She took a bus back to school from the airport. When she got off the bus, it was already 5:20 PM.

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