Chapter 666:Red Dragon Emperor

Goodbye Blue Tooth, 6-armed snake monster breaks through

The Blue Fang, like the silver flash, was very confident in his own strength and did not choose to live in a safe city, but in the meteorite belt outside the city.

Jose discerned the direction and flew towards the blue dragon group residence.

Before long, he saw a giant meteorite belt made up of large and small meteorites. The small meteorites are like gravel, and the large meteorites are comparable to small continents.

"Isaac!" Jose didn't know the exact location of the Blue Fang, so he simply agitated his mental power and shouted the surroundings with mental power. As for why he didn't speak directly, it was because the sound couldn't spread in the air.

With the red dragon as the center, an invisible storm of mental power swept across a large area, and even hard meteorites could not stop the penetration of mental power.

Inside a giant meteorite, a group of blue dragons live in it.

An invisible storm of mental power swept across the blue dragons, and many blue dragons awakened one after another, got up in a hurry, left their respective rooms, and came to the corridor.

A young blue dragon said: "Who was calling the ancestor just now?"

"Isn't it someone's prank?!"

"..." A group of underage blue dragons twittered and discussed.

The grown-up blue dragons gathered together dignifiedly. The grown-up dragons are stronger, and the information obtained from the cry of spiritual power is more accurate. He feels an unmatched pressure from that shocking spiritual power. , This pressure is even greater than the demigod ancient dragon-Blue Fang.

"Did you figure out who it is?"

"The surveillance circle in the meteorite group has been activated, but no target has been found."

"Is the target invisible?"

"The opponent is very strong, he won't be the enemy of Lord Isaac!"

"It is very possible, if it is a friend, it is impossible not to know the residence of the ethnic group."

"Anyway, don't act rashly. Now Lord Isaac is sleeping, and we have nothing to resist against a powerful enemy."


While the blue dragons were discussing it, Jose felt a slight wave of magical power: "Well, it seems that some kind of magic circle has been activated."

The red dragon flew in the direction of the magic circle, and the blue dragon group probably lived in the direction of the magic circle.

On the other side, the blue dragons found the red dragon breaking into the surveillance area, and they were in an uproar.

"Damn it! He might have found us!"

"Quick! Open the defensive circle! Ready to fight!"

"Wait!" Among the dragons, Ofili resisted the restless companions and stared at the flying red dragon.

"What's the matter? Master Ofilik?"

Ofilick murmured: "This red dragon looks familiar, shouldn't it be..."

"Master Jose?!"

Offilik took a closer look and found that the red dragon that broke into the surveillance area was a little bigger, but his appearance was very similar to the Jose in his memory.

"It's really Jose-sama!"

"The alarm is lifted. The visitor is a friend of Uncle Isaac, from his hometown-the red dragon of Tedanor-Lord Jose."

Some old dragons also recognized the red dragon, and they all breathed a sigh of relief.

Ofilick opened his mouth and said, "Open the door, get ready to meet."

"But, Master Ofilik, Master Isaac is sleeping, put the other party in, can we really control the scene?"

"Don't worry, I will be responsible for any problems. Jose-sama and our family have always had a good relationship with us, and there is no reason to hurt us, and if the uncle wakes up and knows that we are negligent of the distinguished guests..."

"Okay," the dragons agreed to this point.

Outside, Jose is still searching, and while searching, he feels strange.

"Isaac should have heard it so loud just now, why hasn't it happened yet."

The next moment, the red dragon saw a group of blue dragons flying behind a giant meteorite in the distance, and the blue dragon headed by them waved excitedly.

He recognized the identity of the blue dragon at a glance. It was the blue dragon that had been beaten by himself, Ophelik, and it was also the one that was so good. The blue dragon was completely beaten and became a self. A little fan.

Soon, the two sides met in the void.

"The Thunder Lair welcomes you, Jose-sama," Ofilik led the dragons to the red dragon in a dragon ritual.

Jose responded, looked at the blue dragons, and wondered: "Where is Isaac? Why didn't he come out to meet his old friend?"

"Back to Master Jose, uncle, he was injured and fell asleep."

"Injured? What's the matter?" Jose frowned slightly.

"I don't know the specific process of the matter. I only know that the Hundred Beast Alliance and a certain abyss lord clashed. Uncle, he followed the army to join the battle. When he returned, he was seriously injured. Uncle did not explain anything and fell into a deep sleep. "

"Devil..." Red Dragon muttered to himself, not knowing what was thinking in his mind.

The atmosphere was silent for a while, and Jose said, "Why? Don't you ask me to go in and sit?"

"Ah? Oh! Come in quickly," Ofilik reacted, leading the way.

Surrounded by a group of blue dragons, Jose drilled into a rock face that looked no different from the surroundings, but as if through a pool of water, he entered the interior of the rock face.

After entering the inside of the meteorite, the eyes are wide open and cheerful.

Jose looked at the residence of the Blue Dragon tribe. The living style of the Blue Dragon tribe was similar to that of Silver Flash. They all dug a huge cavity inside the meteorite, and then dug a cave for family members to live around the cavity.

In addition to caves for family members, there are also food storage rooms, emergency escape transmission rooms, reception rooms and caves with other functions.

Jose also saw that in a large cave, a female blue dragon was taking care of the concentrated dragon eggs.

Blue Fang set up a magic circle inside the meteorite, using magical power to sort out the chaotic elemental energy of the star realm, so that relatively fragile juvenile dragons can also live in the star realm.

At this time, many juvenile dragons were poking their heads out of the cave*, curiously looking at the red dragon like stars and moon.

Jose thought for a while, took out a pile of gold coins from his pocket, wrapped the gold coins in spirit, and shot them at the juvenile dragons in all directions. He was right to give the junior's pocket money.

Regardless of the chaos behind him, the red dragon, surrounded by the adult blue dragons, entered the reception room for the distinguished guests.

Jose sat on the special dragon chair and faced Ophelic: "Ophelic, you go and wake Isaac, let me see his injury, maybe I can help him."

Ophelik’s face was overjoyed. He didn’t think the red dragon was talking big words. All the way, the dragons roughly sensed the terrifying power emanating from the red dragon. They were definitely the master of the thunder’s nest, the demigod ancient dragon-Ai Sack still has a strong presence.

"Okay, I'm going now," Lan Long hurried away.

The rest of the dragons are served with meals to entertain the guests.

Jose glanced at the blue dragon family's diet. The diet was very rich, including fruit, meat, seafood, and fine wine.

Even in the star realm where the material is scarce, it is easy for a demigod ancient dragon to support a tribe that is no more than a hundred in size, not to mention the blue dragon tribe backed by a large force-the Allied Beasts Alliance.

The red dragon waited while eating the food.

It didn't take long for the red dragon to see a friend he hadn't seen for a long time, the blue tooth-Isaac.

It's just that the blue tooth at this time has completely lost the spirit of the past, and his whole body exudes a decadent aura, and his spirit is decadent. What caused all this was a wound on the back of the demigod Blue Dragon.

Seeing the wound, Jose's pupils shrank.

The skin and flesh of the wound are turned out, and bones are deeply visible. These are not the most important thing. The most important thing is that there is a vicious evil energy remaining on the wound. The evil energy lingers around the wound like a mist, constantly eroding the blue dragon's body and absorbing it. vitality.

Even though he was weak, Blue Tooth forced a smile at the red dragon: "Long time no see, Jose."

"Yeah, it's been decades, I didn't expect to see you again, you will look like this."

Jose frowned and looked at the blue tooth's wound: "Old friend, what's the matter?"

"Speaking of which, it's a long story."

Blue Fang smiled bitterly, sitting on the side of the red dragon, and then said: "The matter has to start with the conflict between the League of Beasts and the 81st floor of the Bottomless Abyss, the slasher-Naham..."

Through the narration of Blue Fang, Jose figured out the whole story.

Not long ago, the ** evil-level leader of the Hundred Beast Alliance took a group of demigod elders into the eighty-first abyss, looking for the slasher- Nahum to regain the captured and tortured demigod elder.

The battle of the gods and evils broke out, and the blue tooth was very unlucky, and was whipped by the lasher in the chaos.

The whips that the lashers wield in battle are different from normal times. They usually wield whips for torture and pleasure, but they wield whips for the purpose of killing opponents.

Even if it was only swept by the lasher's whip, the Blue Fang almost died, and only managed to escape with the help of the friendly army.

In that battle, the scourer and the ** evil-level powerhouse of the Hundred Beast Alliance were injured.

After listening to the blue tooth, Jose nodded clearly.

He had also received the news of the eruption of the gods and evil ranks on the eighty-first floor of the abyss. It was at that time that the black dragon \- O'Neill, escaped from the chaos.

"Old friend, let me see your wound, maybe I can help you," the wound was caused by the Abyss Lord, and Jose didn't dare to say too much.

The Blue Fang naturally trusted the red dragon, otherwise he would not come out when he was seriously injured. He turned his back to the red dragon and let the red dragon observe the wound.

Jose carefully observed the wound of the Blue Tooth, and saw that the wound was surrounded by vicious cursing power. This cursing power has eroded the flesh and blood, and even a small part of the bones was contaminated. The infected bones were unknown. black.

While the red dragon was observing the injury, Blue Fang said: "I have consulted the demigod priest in the alliance. Even if I drink the blessing holy water from time to time, it will take at least two hundred years of sleep for the injury to recover."

As he said, Blue Tooth took out a tin of pale golden blessing holy water, pulled out the cork, and poured blessing holy water on the wound.

Black smoke came out of the wound like sulfuric acid corrosion, making a creaking sound, and the blue dragon gritted his teeth with pain, and his body trembled slightly.

Jose couldn't help frowning slightly, a powerful demigod Ancient Dragon was so painful, God knows how much pain the Blue Fang endured.

The red dragon lowered his head and thought, [The Heart of the Phoenix] is ineffective to others. The only thing he can use is the second artifact-the Heart of Trunoi.

"Isaac, I think of a way."

Canglan Fang was surprised. Originally, he was only thinking of giving the red dragon a try. After all, the attacker was a god-level abyss lord-the slasher. He didn't expect the red dragon to really have a way.

He quickly asked: "What is the solution?"

"I have a treasure in my hand. As long as it survives for a while, I can return to its peak state after using the treasure. However, after using the treasure, there is a sequelae. The sequelae will be infected by the abyss devil energy."

Jose quickly explained: "But you can rest assured that if you use it only once, you will not reach the level of demonization."

Demonization also depends on circumstances, such as O'Neill's deep demonization, even if the ** of justice personally takes action, it may not be able to be saved.

If it is only slightly infected with the devil qi, it is like a small cold, and it will heal naturally after staying away from the abyss devil qi for a period of time, and drinking the purification medicine can also speed up the recovery speed.

The red dragon has tried it. After using [Trunoy's Heart] once, the degree of demon qi infection is not deep, supplemented with purification medicine, it can be restored after twelve years of recuperation.

Resting for twenty or thirty years is better than using the holy water of blessing, enduring pain, and sleeping for hundreds of years.

"I believe you, then come on," Canglan Fang nodded.

Jose didn't talk nonsense, and directly contacted the Dragon Tooth clone far away in Tedanor, and asked the Dragon Tooth clone to send [Trunoy's Heart].

Not long after, a burst of teleportation light flashed, and the Dragon Tooth clone appeared in the teleportation room of the Thunder Lair, holding the secondary artifact—the Heart of Trunoi in his hand.

Jose took [Trunoy's Heart]: "Then, let's start, I will tell you how to use this treasure..."

Under Jose's guidance, Blue Fang used [Trunoy's Heart] smoothly to recover from the injury. After all, the blue dragon was only affected by the end of the lasher's whip, and was not deliberately targeted.

After the Blue Fang recovered, the red dragon offered to help sit in Dragon City.

Of course, you have to wait for the blue tooth to fully recover before rushing to Longteng City. After all, the environment of the abyss will have a counterproductive effect on purifying the devilish energy.

Blue Fang did not hesitate at agreed to the red dragon.

Saying goodbye to the Blue Dragon clan, Jose returned to Dragon City.

Time passed day by day, and came two months later in the blink of an eye.

In the past two months, Jose has been following the progress of the six-armed snake demon purifying the blood of Tiamat, and the progress is gratifying.

As the six-armed snake demon became stronger step by step, the speed of absorbing the abyssal demon energy was getting faster and faster. Yesterday there was news that the six-armed snake demon broke through to the demigod. After breaking through the demigod, the six-armed snake demon absorbed The speed of the devilish energy has tripled, and it is estimated that the blood of Tiamat will be cleansed in one year.

Not only that, but the breakthrough of the six-armed snake demon also freed the gorilla.

Jose mobilized the diamondback to the abyss to take his place in Dragon City.

The red dragon is free.

To celebrate freedom, Jose decided to kill a demigod demon.

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