AuthorOne Minoan Smoked Fish No. 2
Num. of chapters1671 chapters
#119 Top Monthly


Demons are lurking, and there are thousands of races.

If you don’t pay attention, you will eat the weak.

But all this seems to have nothing to do with Li Dan, because as long as he is self-disciplined, he can get corresponding rewards and become perfect and invincible!

“Congratulations to the host for insisting on exercising every day and obtaining a top-level body forging exercise.”

“Congratulations to the host for insisting on basking in the sun every day and getting a top shield.”

“Congratulations to the host for insisting on playing ball every day and obtaining the full-level alchemy talent.”

Crowd: Why does he not do his work every day, and his cultivation keeps rising?

“Ding: Release a new self-discipline task, insist on confessing the beautiful women in the sect for a month, and reward a mysterious talent.”

Li Dan: “Everyone is busy first, I have something to do, so I will leave first, senior sisters, your Dandan is here-“

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