Chapter 1667:Self-discipline, I’m Invincible

Yanjing, tell us the truth

Facing the worries of the Seventeenth Princess Yin Yunxi, Jiang Shengnan patted her chest to reassure her.

"Don't worry, to tell you the truth, I haven't seen the real appearance of my master until now, but there is nothing wrong with the character of this group of people, let alone why you confessed. , they are not so idle."

Jiang Shengnan expressed confidence.

Yin Ruoxi was still a little worried.

After going through all kinds of hardships and traveling all the way to come here, she really didn't want to go back.

Now that he has taken this step, if he is caught, the first thing to usher in is definitely the horrific punishment of his father.

At the same time, this also greatly hurt the face of Dayu Xianchao. If you continue to marry her, how do you think the members of their royal family will treat her?

Even if they don't get married, the attention of countless people in the two immortal dynasties, including the wait-and-see of the other two immortal dynasties, the emperor might choose another princess to marry.

Then this elder sister or younger sister absolutely hates her, not to mention the imperial concubine and family behind her.

These princesses of Daqin and the forces behind them all want to form intricate networks of relationships in their own territories, and no one wants to go to other fairy dynasties.


"It's a piece of wool. Although we have only been together for less than three months, I think you and I have similar personalities. How do you act like a mother-in-law? Trust me, Jiang Shengnan, and you will be safe for the rest of your life!" Jiang Shengnan said.

Looking at her, Yin Ruoxi couldn't help being amused.

Yes, when did I become so indecisive.

Looking at the jade pendant on his neck, he wondered if he had hurt Sister Kui'er.

The safest way is to find someone you like, and then cook rice with raw rice. I don't believe that the royal family in Dayu would still want me?

However, it is really not easy to find someone who looks right.

In Daqin for so many years, following various banquets and garden tours, heirs of princes and generals have seen countless.

But none of them are her food.

How should I put it, it's like a group of pigs raised in a safe house, weak and bullying.

There is a lack of something masculine.

So she chose the place where she fled, and went directly to Langya County, which is the closest to the border.

I heard that there are many cities in this county, and many iron-blooded men often come in and out.

I don't know if it's true or not.

"Katsuo, I heard you're back?"

Just as Yin Ruoxi was meditating, an old voice came from outside.

Yin Ruoxi suddenly became nervous, and Jiang Shengnan booed her.

"Don't worry, it's Grandpa Wei. He is very nice and has a strong ability to accept. Let's take it step by step, let him know first, and talk about it later!" Jiang Shengnan comforted, and then walked over to open the door.

"Wei...why are you all here?"

"Stop pretending, that fellow Zhou You has already told us, where is he?"

Soon, everyone filed in.

Yin Ruoxi was so nervous that she hurriedly stood up, ready to run away at any time.

Everyone looked at Yin Ruoxi, looked at each other in blank dismay, and let out a long sigh.

"Listen to my explanation first..." Jiang Shengnan quickly stood in front of Yin Ruoxi.

Old Wei smiled wryly and said, "Wait for a while to explain, Zhou You has already gone to find Master Xiao, we will discuss it after he comes, after all Langye County belongs to him, in case the higher-ups find it..."

After Jiang Shengnan heard this, he cursed for a while.

"This dead dog... kill the stew sooner or later!"

After a while, Xiao Qinghe ran over in panic, followed by Zhou You who was full of excitement.

A well-behaved person sits at home, and disaster comes from heaven.

As soon as Zhou You entered the door, she saw the Seventeenth Princess Yin Ruoxi, her legs softened, and she almost sat on Zhou You's body.

Then he patted his thigh, wanting to cry but without tears: "What's the matter—"


Daqin, Kyoto!

Qing Yuan Bing Chi and other five people came to the

A garden that had long been deserted.

It looked like it was quite big before, at least there were dozens of houses.

The location is almost at the edge of Kyoto.

Not far away, there are huge teleportation arrays roaring and running.

Zhong Li looked to the side.

It was a wooden man with a rune on his forehead.

At the same time, he was also the person who walked out of the carriage at that time.

This is a living puppet.

The manipulator is the former Tianxiong Xing Mie of the Shadow Army, and at the same time, he also has a name—Xian Jing of the Immortal Survivor Clan!

Zhong Li and the others arranged it for so long, just to lure the other party out.

But this Yanjing was superior in skill after all, and was arrested voluntarily.

But in another way.

"Where is this place? Can you tell me now?" Zhongli said to the wooden puppet.

The capital is really too big, since that day when he got off the carriage, the wooden man just said to follow him.

So during this period of time, I have been changing to the teleportation array, and it didn't stop until today.

"Let's go in and talk." Yan Jing's voice came out of the wood's mouth, and then just walked in.

Zhen Gu clenched his hands tightly, poohed on the ground, and shouted at the wooden man.

"Traitor, do you like to play tricks? We just want to know the truth. Hurry up and take off your disgusting disguise. Before in the shadow army, you liked to be silent and unattended, but now seeing you like this, I am enough It's gone!" Zhen Gu scolded angrily.

The others didn't move at the moment, and they followed the arrangement of the wooden puppet all the way, and their tolerance has reached the limit.

"Where is your body? Come out and speak!" Qingyuan said.

At this moment, the wooden man walking in front ignored the clamor of several people at all, and continued walking.

Pushing open the dilapidated gate, walking through the weed-grown corridor, ignoring the falling dust...

There were ice crystals under Bing Chi's feet. If it wasn't their only clue, they would have wished to explode the puppet right now.

"Go ahead and have a look!" Zhongli's hands tightened and then loosened.

No way, they are seekers of knowledge and can only be passive.

And if the other party really wanted to do something, they would have done so many years ago.

When I was in that mine before, I was in the mid-stage of the Hidden Heaven- reaching Realm, but after so many years now, I might have reached the Great Consummation, or even the Half-Ancestor Realm.

The few of them were in this desolate place, so it was a breeze to silence them.

Not long after, as the last door was opened, countless candles caught everyone's eyes.

On the candlestick stand, there are spiritual tablets one by one.

Every name on the spirit card caused the eyes of the five people who had just entered to turn red.

"Spiritual Position of Yiyan of Tianji Star!"

"The spirit seat of Tianfu star Li Youcai!"

"Spirit of Shao Xiaoli, Earth Beast Star!"


The wooden man still didn't say a word, but just silently lit and burned incense.

"Aren't you coming?" After finishing all this, he bowed and bowed again.

Turning his head, he looked at the few people who were outside the door and spoke.

Zhong Li glanced at him, stepped forward to light incense, Qing Yuan Bing Chi and Zhen Gu Ye Lu Ling followed suit.

"So, you know we're alive."

After paying homage, Qing Yuan glanced at the token above, including the young marshal is also but there are no five of them.

The wooden man shook his head, and pointed to several tokens that had been trampled off behind the door.

"It was just removed a few days ago." Wooden man said.

Qingyuan: "..."

"Can you talk, or else this matter will never end." Bing Chi stepped forward and grabbed the wooden man's neck and threatened.

But before the wooden man could speak, footsteps came from the side of the house.

Everyone looked down immediately.

Then, a figure slowly walked out.

When they saw this person's appearance, Zhongli and the other five all took a step back, their eyes filled with disbelief.

"You, you... aren't you dead?"

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