Son-in-law Dan Zun

Son-in-law Dan Zun

Luo Wuchen

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AuthorLuo Wuchen
Num. of chapters1814 chapters
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【Exquisite Fantasy】A generation of Dandi was accidentally reborn and became a wasteful son-in-law that others don’t want.

Just when he could not accept this humble identity, the sedan chair at the door came again.

What? remarry? Second marriage?

Whose son-in-law am I? I won’t do it!

At the moment when he saw the bride, Luo Wushu resolutely married into a wealthy family, and since then embarked on the road of no return to doting on his wife.

The hoe came, and the corner of the wall stood tall.

Not to mention alchemy, in order to pet his wife, music, music, painting and calligraphy, omnipotence, martial arts formations, omnipotent.

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