Chapter 1:Soul Emperor Martial God

Twin Martial Spirit

In the antique room, Xiao Yi suddenly woke up.

"Huh, I'm not dead?" This was his first thought.

In the next moment, he noticed that he was in an unfamiliar environment. Without any hesitation, he raised his hand and patted him, ready to jump.

This is the instinctive reaction of a good killer.

As soon as his hand fell, a severe pain struck him, making his arm soft.

How can I be so weak?


Xiao Yi, Chinese, martial arts genius.

A master of Xingyiquan who develops internal strength.

When those ignorant foreign guys mocked that Chinese martial arts are just embroidered with fists and legs, which can only be used for viewing purposes and have no practical meaning...

He shot out in anger, swept the world's major underground boxing arenas, and set a miraculous record of three hundred consecutive victories.

There is no shortage of opponents with gold belt champions, but no one can survive ten moves under his fist.

The three characters ‘Xingyi Quan’ have become a taboo and fear in the underground boxing world of the entire world.

He is still a killer, ranked first in the killer list, and is recognized as the uncrowned king in the killer world.

Since his debut, the mission success rate has reached an astounding 100%.

People who want to ask him to do something are rushing, even at all costs.

However, he has the professional ethics of a killer, but he also has a bottom line and responsibility as a Huaxia.

As long as it is an unfavorable task for China, we will not accept it.

He loves his motherland and is hostile to all forces and figures who try to disadvantage China.

Although he is abroad, he always cares about the motherland.

When a SSS-level mercenary group ignored his warning and accepted a secret mission hostile to China...

He shot out angrily and carried out a ** massacre on the team ranked first in the world mercenary group. In just one night, none of the team members were spared.

Since then, China has become a forbidden place for mercenaries. No matter how infamous and fierce mercenaries are, they dare not go to China to run wild.

When the self-esteem agents and secret spies of country M intend to sneak into China to steal secrets...

He did not hesitate to carry out a brutal assassination of these agents.

After the death of several agents who have become legendary figures in the secret service industry of Country M, Qi Qi died...

Those agents of Country M who thought highly of himself finally realized his power and cruelty.

Since then, China has become a terrifying place for foreign agents. No matter how well-trained and outstanding foreign agents are, they dare not step into China.

Of course, he has forged countless enemies.

There are so many people who want to kill him.

On the world's underworld bounty list, his reward for chasing and killing is terribly high, ranking first on the list.

However, when top killers and legends took on this hunting mission, after the world evaporated one after another, no one dared to mention this mission.

Killing Xiao Yi has become a taboo in the underworld reward list.

The reward is empty, but no one dares to take it.

A few days ago, he received a message through a special channel.

A team of foreign mercenaries, disguised as archaeologists, sneaked into China and unearthed a valuable cultural relic in a certain ruin.

And, it has been secretly shipped abroad.

In this regard, Xiao Yi naturally would not sit back and watch.

How can the great treasure of China be exiled abroad.

He immediately caught up with the mercenary team, killed them, and retrieved the artifacts.

Just when he was about to leave happily.

Hundreds of people with guns surrounded him.

He recognized these people at a glance. Some were elite agents of Country M, some were mercenaries with unfamiliar names, and some were top killers...

Xiao Yi instantly understood that this was a conspiracy.

A conspiracy against yourself.

The mercenary team was just a cover, just to get him out.

Many forces joined forces just to kill him.

No matter how smart he was, he was still caught in the conspiracy of this multi-party joint arrangement.

However, Xiao Yi was not afraid.

He was confident, fighting hard to get out of the siege at the cost of serious injuries, and it wouldn't be too late to find this group of people in the future.

Just when he smashed a ** road, ready to escape.

The blood from the wound dripped into the cultural relics of the Huai Zhonghua Summer.

Sudden change.

As if struck by lightning, his body was numb and his limbs were weak.

He could only unwillingly, watch the enemy walk towards him with a grinning grin.

No one knew that Xiao Yi had always had a powerful bomb on him.

This bomb is enough to blow a radius of 100 meters into ashes.

Even the simple task, Xiao Yi would carry this bomb.

To prevent accidents.

The moment he detonated the bomb, the enemy's grin turned into panic.

The violent explosion drowned him and all the enemies.

Xiao Yi's quotations, always have a hole card, so that even if he is dead, the enemy has no chance to laugh.



Xiao Yi couldn't help laughing out loud.

It's worth it, even if I die, it will be enough for all of you to be buried.

"Uh, it hurts." Xiao Yi's laughter stopped abruptly, and there was a sense of weakness in his body.

"No, I'm not dead." Xiao Yi was stunned, extremely puzzled.

Can feel physical weakness and prove that I am not dead!

In the next second, a strange memory flooded into my mind...

"My grass, I actually crossed!"

Even if Xiao Yi has long been bearish on life and death, he has experienced strong winds and waves.

At this moment, I couldn't help but explode.

This is not the earth anymore, but a different world named Yanlong Continent.

Something similar to the ancient times of the earth.

In this world, the strong are respected, and the warriors are rampant.

As long as you have enough strength, you can be above everything else.

And the reason why he didn't die was because he passed through and was attached to a family child who had just died.

Coincidentally, the child of this family is also called Xiao Yi.

This Xiao Yi is one of the three major families in Ziyun City, the Xiao family, the only son of the contemporary Patriarch.

However, he lost his mother when he was young, and his father mysteriously disappeared many years ago.

When he was young, he was raised by an elder in the family.

At the age of sixteen, he has only the minimal strength of the first layer of the Mortal Realm, far inferior to his peers. Wearing the title of ‘Young Patriarch’ is a shame to the whole family and is bullied all day long.

In the eyes of everyone, he is a total waste.

"The same name is Xiao Yi, why are you so miserable!" Xiao Yi curled his lips.

As for why he died, Xiao Yi learned from memory...

A few days ago, his fiancee Murong Jiaoer invited him to the back mountain.

Stupid, he thought he was accompanied by a beauty and asked him to have a tryst.

When he went to the appointment, he found that besides Murong Jiaoer, his cousin Xiao Ruohan was waiting for him on the back mountain.

And Xiao Ruohan had long wanted to get rid of him.

Murong Jiaoer and Xiao Ruohan kissed together in his unbelievable eyes mixed with fear and anger.

He didn't know until his death that his cousin Xiao Ruohan had an affair with his fiancé.

Xiao Ruohan is a well-known genius in the Xiao family, a seven-tier warrior in the mortal realm, and the son of the five elders.

As you can imagine, Xiao Ruohan shattered his heart with a palm and pushed him down the cliff.

When he was rescued from under the cliff, he was dying, unable to speak or open his eyes.

Under that severe injury, physical and psychological torture, he only lasted three days before he died in bed.

It was also at this time that Xiao Yi passed through and attached himself to him who was already dead.

"What a vicious woman, a vicious cousin." Xiao Yi frowned, his eyes full of coldness.

"It was also because of a conspiracy. I let all those ** be buried with me, but you died so uselessly." Xiao Yi sighed.

"Fine, since I have taken over your body, I can be reborn. I will avenge this grudge for you."

Xiao Yi doesn't like to owe favor to others, even if the favor is just a coincidence, even if the person is dead.

After thinking about it, Xiao Yi once again sorted out the strange memories in his mind.

The martial artist in this world has a special talent to awaken the martial soul.

The earlier the awakening is, the stronger the talent and the better the martial spirit.

There are many types of Wuhun.

Weapon spirits: knives, guns, swords, halberds, arrows, axes,,,,; animal spirits: lions, tigers, apes, snakes, ... and even powerful monsters spirits; plant spirits: flowers, grasses, Trees, woods, woods, and even rare and special effects.

Of course, there are other kinds of strange martial arts beyond imagination.

In short, as long as it is something that this world possesses, it can become a martial artist's spirit.

And Wuhun, from low to high, is divided into seven levels of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

The higher the level, the stronger the Wuhun naturally.

Like Chi-rank Wuhun, most of them are ordinary things, such as ordinary knives, domestic animals such as pigs, dogs, cattle, and sheep, wild flowers and weeds on the roadside, and so on.

High-ranking martial arts, such as Xiao Ruohan, a well-known genius from the Xiao family, is the Huang-ranking fire cloud python. Once an attack is launched, the fire cloud python is manipulated, and the flames are skyrocketing, and the enemy can be swallowed and burned instantly.

It can be said that Wuhun is the most important thing in this world.

It determines the future of the warrior, the speed of cultivation, the means of attack, and the strength of combat.

In short, the more powerful the martial soul is awakened, the stronger the talent of this martial artist, and the easier it is to become a strong one in the future.

"Martial artist, martial soul." Xiao Yi grinned, "Interesting, although he is dead, it may be wonderful to be able to come into this world in the future."

However, the next second, the smile on the corner of his mouth instantly freezes, even dumbfounded.

Because, he slightly sensed the martial soul in his body.

Wuhun exists beside the dantian in the martial artist's body.

And now beside his dantian, there was a ball-like, silly thing, emitting a faint red light.

Chi-rank martial arts soul, control fire beast.

"Nima, are you kidding me?" Xiao Yi almost cursed.

Fire Control Beast, the name seems to be very good.

But in fact, this is the lowest level monster in the wilderness.

Strictly speaking, it is a shame and trash among monsters, because it is very likely that it can't even beat ordinary beasts.

Staying silly all day, feeding on weak animals such as rabbits.

Even a ferocious wolf and tiger can swallow it in one bite.

Even an ordinary adult who has no cultivation level can kick it flying.

"My grass, brother, you actually awakened this thing. No wonder you were always scolded in waste." Xiao Yi was speechless.

Fire control beast, known as the most trash martial soul. Even in the lowest- level Chi-rank martial arts, that is the bottom of the existence, worse than domestic animal martial arts spirits such as pigs, dogs, cattle and sheep.

At least those domestic animal spirits can also provide the warrior with a certain increase in strength.

As for the fire control beast, the only thing bestowed on the martial artist is the ability to control fire.

Xiao Yi tried it on the spot and manipulated the martial soul in his body, and a small group of flames suddenly popped out of his palm.

However, this small group of flames, in Xiao Yi's previous life, was inferior to a lighter, not to mention being used to attack, it would be a hindrance to use to set fire.

Other martial artists, at the age of 16, have at least the three levels of cultivation in the mortal realm, but he only has the weakest mortal realm one.

Other martial artists, like the children in the Xiao family, are generally orange-ranked martial arts, they are those with poorer aptitude, and they are also the more useful martial arts in the red stage.

He awakened the most useless fire control beast.

No wonder he has the title of ‘Young Patriarch’, but he is bullied by his family’s children and looked down upon by everyone.

Wuhun almost determines the life of the martial artist.

"Forget it, rely on the mountains and landslides, and everyone will fall." Xiao Yi wiped away the unhappiness in his heart, his eyes were full of pride, "With my unique body shape and yiquan skills, even if I don't rely on martial arts, I can still break through this world. A piece of sky that belongs to me."

Xiao Yi retracted the ‘poor’ flame in his palm, too lazy to look at the martial soul in his body.

At this moment, he suffocated suddenly.

"Huh?" Xiao Yi frowned, then his face changed drastically.

Because besides the Dantian in the body, besides the weak fire-controlling beast spirit; there is actually another mass.

That thing, in the shape of a ‘sword’, exuded a dazzling purple light, and it was still deep purple.

"This...this...this is the Bingluan sword. How did it become my martial soul, and it's still a purple martial soul." Xiao Yi was pleasantly surprised.

The Bingluan sword was not something of this world, but the chief culprit that caused Xiao Yi to die on the earth.

Yes, the Chinese cultural relic that Xiao Yi wanted to take back was this Bingluan sword.

"How could this happen?" Even though Xiao Yi had seen people before, he couldn't understand it.

A few days ago, when Xiao Yi received the news and before he shot it, he checked the artifact.

However, with his ability as the uncrowned king of the killer world, he couldn't even find out the slightest news about Bingluan Sword.

All I know is that the origin of this sword is extremely mysterious, there is no historical record, but some myths and legends are left behind.

It is said that this is a treasure that countless immortals and gods fought desperately for in ancient times.

At that time, Xiao Yi still sneered at these myths and legends; but now, he has changed his mind.

"It seems that your origins are indeed extraordinary. Moreover, if I can safely travel into this world and regain my new life, your contribution is definitely indispensable." Xiao Yi guessed, but in fact, he was very sure in his heart.

"Twin Martial Souls, one of them is the most powerful purple Martial Soul, tsk." Xiao Yi's originally depressed mood turned into a glimmer of expectation.

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