Chapter 5017:Soul Emperor Martial God

Blood ancestor, Taiyan Tianyu?

"Rongtian Treasure Box?" Mo You looked at the treasure in the hands of the blood wolf emperor, his face suddenly changed.

This is one of the famous treasures of the heavens, the Treasure Box of the Heavens, which belongs to the blood wolf heavens, with unmatched power and abnormality.

"Hahahaha, hahahaha." The blood wolf emperor's icy laugh came from the world.

At the same time, the blood wolf emperor's figure has disappeared in place.

Between heaven and earth, a huge Blood Fiend Sirius condensed out.

"Forget Worry Sword, Qinglin Little Thief, your imperial realm power is the main thing in this domain." The Blood Wolf Heavenly Emperor sneered, and between the heaven and the earth, the huge blood wolf swallowed with its mouth wide open.

"Not good." Mo You's face changed drastically, with a sword in one hand, and without being swallowed by this blood wolf, instead, his figure retreated and went to the jail car in an instant.


A sword fell, and the shackles were broken.

"Junior Brother Qinglin, go." Mo You hugged Qinglin, his figure flickering, and he was going to the sky, trying to leave this world.

But at the same time, countless blood wolves swarmed around the world.

"Want to escape?" The Emperor Blood Wolf grinned.

Mo You gritted his teeth.

Such a situation is like a huge Blood Fiend Sirius, leading countless blood wolf tribesmen, surrounding this world, leaving him and Mo You with no way to go to the sky and no way to go to the earth.

Qing Lin dropped his hands weakly, but raised his head weakly, "Brother Mo You, go quickly, with your strength, it is not difficult for one person to break through the encirclement, this blood wolf emperor can't help you."

"No." Mo You gritted his teeth, "I can't abandon Junior Brother Qinglin and you will escape to life alone."

While speaking like this, Mo You's tone was with a hint of hesitation, even if it was only a slight hint.

But Qinglin still heard it really.

"Go." Qing Lin resisted the weakness, struggling to push Mo You's body with both hands.

The huge Blood Fiend Sirius has led countless blood wolves to gradually approach.

Mo You hugged Qinglin and stepped back unconsciously.


When he retreated, he seemed to hit something and made a soft noise.

Mo You turned his head, and instantly realized that there was a figure standing behind him at some point.

But after being shocked, ecstasy followed, because he recognized who the figure was in an instant.

"Junior Brother Xiao Yi." Mo You was overjoyed.

"Junior Brother Xiao Yi?" Qing Lin turned his head weakly and looked at it, as if looking at his injuries and grinning.

Xiao Yi smiled and looked at Qing Lin, "It's so embarrassing, it deserves it."

Qing Lin curled his lips.

"Huh?" In the world, a flash of shock flashed in the eyes of the huge Blood Fiend Sirius.

Because, with his strength, he didn't realize when Xiao Yi appeared.

"Your Excellency?" The Emperor Blood Wolf squinted his eyes, his eyes full of danger and killing intent.

"Your Excellency has figured it out clearly, the consequences of intervening in the matter of my blood wolf heavens..."

If it were not for the strength of Xiao Yi, a mysterious person, the blood wolf emperor would have led his tribe to swarm him, and use sharp claws and fangs to completely shred the three.

"Consequence?" Xiao Yi interrupted coldly, staring directly at the Blood Wolf Emperor.

"So, do you know the consequences of threatening me Xiao Yi?"

"Xiao Yi?" The blood wolf emperor frowned first, then suddenly thought of something, his face changed drastically.

"Master Xiao Yi? Master of Ten Thousand Realms, Master of Blood Flame Realm, Xiao Yi?"

"Fool." Qing Lin immediately looked at the Emperor Blood Wolf triumphantly, "My Junior Brother Xiao Yi doesn't even look at Taixu Palace. The people of the seven heavens will not be merciless to kill. Do you dare to threaten him? "

The blood wolf emperor could clearly capture Qing Lin's unbridled ease at this moment, which was unscrupulous under absolute confidence.

Is this ‘mysterious man’ really the legendary Xiao Yi Realm Master? The true master of the heavens and the realm?


In Xiao Yi's hands, a flame condensed out.

Between the heaven and the earth, a group of blood-colored flames was astonishing.

"Blood Prison Demon Flame?" The Blood Wolf Emperor's face turned pale, "Really...really the Realm Master Xiao Yi..."

The huge Blood Fiend Sirius didn't dare to stand high in the sky, and instantly descended to the ground, knelt down on one knee, "See Realm Master Xiao Yi."

A lord of the heavens, kneeling to the lord of a small world? And look terrified?

The blood wolf emperor said in a panic, "Before going down, I didn't know that these two little brothers actually had a great relationship with the realm master Xiao Yi, so they offended, and I ask the realm master Xiao Yi to forgive them."

Qing Lin gritted his teeth and said coldly, "Junior Brother Xiao Yi, don't let him go. This grandson secretly mutilated creatures. Although it is not an evil cultivator, it is no different from an evil cultivator."

"Oh?" Xiao Yi squinted his eyes.

The blood wolf emperor repeatedly said, "Little Qinglin...little brother, Hugh is going to plant the lord of the domain. There is no proof, what about the evidence?"

Xiao Yi sneered, "His words are evidence."


The blood inflammation in Xiao Yi's hand burned more vigorously.

The whole world, the temperature suddenly soared, and the heat was inexplicable.

That kind of scorching heat is not pure heat, but it penetrates the living beings, steaming and scorching the whole body, as if it can burn all the blood inflammation to the terrible.

"World Master Xiao Yi." The blood wolf emperor's face changed drastically, and he could already feel Xiao Yi's rich killing intent.

"I am under the command of the Wind Demon Emperor, the mainstream of the Ten Thousand Demon Heavens. If you kill me, you will be avenged by the Liufeng Demon Emperor."

"Xiao Yi Realm Master can think clearly."

"Lioufeng Demon Emperor?" Qing Lin sneered disdainfully, "Ten Thousand Demon Heavens, the Three Hundred Heavens ranks third, and the mainstream Wind Demon Emperor in the inner domain walks almost sideways in the entire endless void. His reputation is very big."

"It is rumored that there is even a side of heaven standing behind him, so no one dares to provoke him."

"But based on this, I want to shock my Junior Brother Xiao Yi? A joke."

Xiao Yi smiled, "It's still you Qinglin villain who knows me Xiao Yi little thief."

"Lioufeng Demon Emperor?" Xiao Yi looked at the Blood Wolf Emperor with cold eyes, "I want to see, I killed you, he dare to come to me for revenge."

"Will the Ten Thousand Desolate Horizons standing behind him come to trouble me?"

The blood wolf emperor gritted his teeth, seeming to think, but he felt Xiao Yi's astonishing killing intent, and quickly said, "I am the blood ancestor, the face of the blood ancestor, the realm master Xiao Yi should always sell it."

"Blood Ancestor?" Xiao Yi squinted.

"There is a play." The Blood Wolf emperor secretly said, and then said coldly, "Blood Ancestor, the uncrowned king of the Taiyan universe, even the Emperor of Heaven still wants to sell a bit of face."

"With an order from the blood ancestor, you can adjust more than half of the battle power of the heavens, and all the blood path powerhouses in the entire Infinite Void."

"The revenge of the Ten Thousand Desolate World, the revenge of the blood ancestors, by then, I am afraid it will not be a problem that you cannot afford, but your entire blood inflammation world will cause disaster."

"Oh ha." Xiao Yi laughed back, "not to mention whether Tianyu and a Taoist ancestor will make a shot for you, a lord of the heavens."

"Even if they do, I want to see if they overwhelmed my blood inflammation realm, or my blood inflammation realm wiped out the Void Blood Dao powerhouse."


Blood inflammation in Xiao Yi's hands broke out instantly.

The blood wolf emperor's face changed drastically, "World Lord Xiao Yi is forgiving..."


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