Chapter 5019:Soul Emperor Martial God


Qing Lin was taken aback for a moment, and then smiled bitterly, "Junior Brother Xiao Yi, the same question, didn't I answer you back then?"

"Furthermore, your Blood Flame Realm is now in full swing, with power and strength overcoming the heavens. What can a great emperor in my area help you?"

Just like the answer in the blood inflammation world, Qing Lin still rejected Xiao Yi.

Back then, Xiao Yi didn't force it.

But this time, Xiao Yi changed his mind.

Xiao Yi chuckled, "What can help me depends on your ability."

"I have been traveling for a few years. Before I came out, I heard from the Head of the Demon Hunter that I wanted to improve the combat power of the Blood Flame Realm and the division of this power."

"The task system, reward and punishment system... and so on are perfected to make the whole force more cohesive and exert stronger power."

"In the division of combat power, the existence of a'combatant' is arranged."

"Warlord, you don't have to stay in the blood flame world, and you don't have to go back to me and other troublesome things."

"Warlord, just go to various sites and deal with external matters, and only return to Taisho."

Qing Lin frowned and said, "So Junior Brother Xiao Yi, do you want me to be this'combat general'?"

"Yes." Xiao Yi nodded, "I have made countless enemies in the Blood Flame Realm. Needless to say, the evil cultivation is huge, distributed in the heavens and ten thousand realms, which is very troublesome."

"Now, add another blood ancestor."

"Listen to the words of the Blood Wolf Emperor before his death, I will definitely be in trouble afterwards."

"This trouble, you should always solve it yourself."

Qing Lin hesitated, "I am happy to help Junior Brother Xiao Yi solve your troubles, but..."

Xiao Yi interrupted with a chuckle, "I know you are free by nature, and the position of war commander is inherently free."

"Furthermore, you always followed the deputy dean before, and the deputy dean is one of the ten main hall masters of the Yaozun Hall, and is subordinate to the main hall master of the Yaozun Hall."

"Now you are directly under the command of the Master Hall Master Yaozun, and you can get used to it soon if you want to come."

"And the most important thing is..." Xiao Yi's expression straightened, "I really lack helpers in the blood inflammation world."

"Especially a helper I can absolutely trust."

With that said, Xiao Yi patted Qinglin on the shoulder, patted heavily.

When Qing Lin heard this, Panasonic immediately raised his brows, and said in a deep voice, "Yes, if it is Junior Brother Xiao Yi you really need my help, then Qing Lin has nothing to say, and now I will set off to report to the Master Yaozun."

"Blood Flame World Warlord, I'm the one."

"Good." Xiao Yi nodded, "Thank you."

"Eh." Qing Lin waved his hand again and again, "You and I, why be polite."

"I'll leave for your blood inflammation world right away."

Xiao Yi smiled, "No hurry, I'll give you something first."

Qinglin frowned, "Zhongbao? I don't need..."

Xiao Yi shook his head, "No."

When the words fell, the fingertips condensed, and a ray of light penetrated into Qing Lin's mind.

"This is...?" Qing Lin's face was shocked.

Xiao Yi smiled, "Offensive and defensive Dao."

"That is a martial art that is extremely suitable for you to practice, and it is also a means."

Offensive and defensive Dao distinguishes offense and defense, and its power increases tenfold and a hundredfold.

As for Qinglin, he is the martial spirit of the Green Flood Beast, so you don’t have to worry about cultivation; only in terms of martial arts and methods, he himself breaks through the realm with Yunyuan Sword and Deacon’s martial arts holy pill, so he possesses the strongest worldly power. Defensive kendo and the world's strongest attack kendo characteristics.

These two, combined with offensive and defensive roads, can definitely burst out even more amazing effects.

But the specifics depended on Qinglin's own ability and luck.

"Junior Brother Xiao Yi." Qing Lin felt the martial arts in his mind, and became more horrified, "Although I haven't practiced yet, I already feel the power of this martial arts."

Xiao Yi smiled, "That's natural."

"The offensive and defensive beasts are the same kind of creatures as the Giant Elephant King, and their levels are similar."

"In a nutshell, the offensive and defensive path is not only ranked in front of the door, the first among the ten heavenly paths, but also one of the mysteries of the void."

The offensive and defensive Dao, although not comparable to the various ultimate laws, is enough for Qinglin to practice and fight.

One day, if Qinglin can reach the limit, Xiao Yi will find another way for him.

And I am afraid Xiao Yi himself would never have imagined that, given time, the name of the ten battle generals in the blood inflammation world will be a powerful shock to the void, and Qinglin, the leader of the ten battle generals, will glow with the most dazzling light belonging to him.

If the blood flame guard is the strongest shield of the blood flame world, then the ten combat generals will be the strongest spear of the blood flame world, and will become one of the most important forces in the blood flame world to sweep the universe, the Megatron Void .

"Then I'm leaving." Qing Lin let out a cry.

"Yeah." Xiao Yi nodded.

Qinglin flew away from the sky.

By the time Qinglin was completely gone, Xiao Yi's face that was chuckles instantly stiffened, and replaced it with coldness.

"The son?" Yiyi was puzzled.

Xiao Yi squinted, "Something is wrong."

"How?" Yiyi asked.

Xiao Yi said solemnly, "The vastness of the void is indescribable. We are traveling abroad. What do you think is the chance that we will meet Qinglin?"

"In addition, it is precisely when Qinglin is in danger, and I can help, how likely is this?"

Xiao Yi couldn't help thinking secretly, is all this a wonderful arrangement of fate or...someone else calculates it.

Yiyi suddenly said, "That's why the son deceived Qinglin to go to the blood inflammation world."

Xiao Yi nodded, "Regardless of whether he is in the blood inflammation realm or not, as long as we bear the reputation of our blood inflammation realm, no one in the world will dare to touch him."

"Unless it's those old monsters."

"But he is definitely not worthy of those old monsters. If he does, it proves that these old monsters will only be aimed at me."

"Then don't blame me Xiao Yi."

Looking at the void, Xiao Yi's strength can be described as fearless now.

Xiao Yisong lowered his brows, chuckled lightly again, and looked at Yiyi, "Madam, let's go, don't affect our travel mood."

one year later.

In a certain star world.

Sitting cross-legged, Xiao Yi showed signs of a faint breakthrough on his body.

Traveling seems meaningless, but it is precisely the better acceptance and pursuit of martial arts under a clear mind.

For a long while.

After all, the breakthrough breath on Xiao Yi's body could not reach the peak, and slowly dissipated.

"Failed?" Yiyi said with regret.

Xiao Yi smiled, "It's nothing, after all, it's just a breakthrough in the magic way."

Bajue, when it reached the limit, it was already at its end.

In the past, Xiao Yi couldn't think of how Bajue could step into the beginning.

However, during the years of travel, especially since his true cultivation level has entered the Ninth Level of the Emperor Realm, the bottleneck of Bajue has faintly loosened.

If Ba Jue's cultivation can also step into the Ninth Level of the Emperor Realm, Xiao Yi believes that this will be a great help for him.

"Although I failed this time, I have a hunch that the next breakthrough will be a matter of course and success in one fell swoop." Xiao Yi smiled confidently.


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