Chapter 5020:Soul Emperor Martial God

Blood boy

On the one hand, Yiyi was cooking.

Xiao Yi gradually fell into contemplation.

He remembered the words of the silver lion emperor back then, the phrase ‘the ** of war is like a legend to me’.

Obviously, the silver lion emperor lied to him back then.

As the same old emperor, how could the senior silver liao emperor not know the existence of the ** of war.

However, I am afraid that Senior Yinlihuang was like that, and felt that he was not suitable for exposure to too many secrets at that time.

It's just that the one who chose not to talk about it; and the senior silver lion emperor, just lied directly.

Of course, the ** of war is the absolute end of everything. Therefore, it doesn't really matter whether the senior silver liao emperor tells the truth or not.

What Xiao Yi is thinking about now is the word ‘War God’.

By the strength of his cultivation level today, he can run into the void.

Regarding the cultivation base, Qi Ping Tiandi only waits to step into the ultimate.

In terms of strength, unless fighting in the heavens, otherwise, it can be described as invincible.

Therefore, perhaps for him now, only the word ‘War God’ is the only challenge and the final challenge. It is also his ultimate pursuit in the years since he entered the road of martial arts.

Taiyan Laotian Emperor is the ** of war.

The eight people who were the same as the Chaos Beginning, each emperor only reached the nineth emperor realm, the silver liao emperor reached the tenth emperor realm, and only the old emperor Taiyan truly achieved the position of the ** of war.

Come to think of it, the young Emperor Taiyan must be the most amazing and talented among the eight people. No... It should be said that his amazing talent is far away from the other seven.

What kind of existence is that?

So how amazing is it to be so stunning?

Recalling what the person said, long years ago, he only woke up twice; once, when the chaos first opened, he watched the birth of those innate creatures.

Once, it was the birth of the Valkyrie, came to him, touched his head, and awakened him.

What kind of situation is that?

What is the time of the encounter and companionship between the Valkyrie and that one?

Xiao Yi thought, with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth.

It was the one who accompanied the Valkyrie.

Accompanied by the first generation of the soul emperor was the senior silver lion emperor.

Perhaps these once invincible existences are all afraid of being alone.

Only the monster of Emperor Hades, who was born in a cold, dark place, and immortal after mastering the law of reincarnation, is not afraid of loneliness, or that his time of existence is too short, so he doesn't know what loneliness is.

Xiao Yi smiled because it was Yiyi, his wife, and the person he loved most, who was by his side at this moment.

It is he who accompanies her, and she accompanies him, cuddling each other regardless of priority, this is a partner.

He wanted to be with her for thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, billions of years... eternity.


Xiao Yi frowned, and his smile turned into deep Ning.

Really... can there be eternity?

The monster that was stronger than the first generation of the soul emperor, and stronger than that of the underworld emperor, all died.

Together with the Valkyrie... has become a thing of the past.

The ** of war is obviously eternal, why does it fall?

All this, I am afraid that he will become a ** of war, and he will be able to realize it when he reaches the end.

If you want to be eternal, you must become a Valkyrie...

"War God." Xiao Yi clenched his fists, "I will definitely become a war god."

Seeing Yiyi's busy back, Xiao Yi's eyes were firm.

"Huh?" Suddenly, Yiyi's busy figure paused.

Xiao Yi stopped thinking and asked, "What's the matter?"

"The son..." Yiyi slowly turned around and said uncertainly, "Another active beast was born."

"Oh?" Xiao Yi was surprised, "perceive and see."

"Yeah." Yiyi put down his hands and worked, closing his eyes to perceive.

After a long while, Yiyi opened his eyes, and his face was filled with joy, "Two more source beasts were born, the Emperor Junyuan beast and the Emperor Tingyuan beast."

"There are two more sources, which will be born soon."

"Oh?" Xiao Yi was also overjoyed, only to collect five copies of Origin Yiyi could attack the nine layers of the emperor realm.

There were already four copies before, but if you add two more copies now, it will be six copies, and Yiyi will have greater confidence in the impact.

"No more than one month at most." Yiyi smiled.

Xiao Yi said happily, "Or, let's stop and go back to the realm lord's mansion first?"

"When Madam breaks through, we won't be too late to come out again."

"Yeah." Yiyi nodded, "Listen to the son."

Yiyi's heart is full of joy and expectation, and like other warriors, she is also eager for strength.

It's just that the reason for her desire for strength lies in Xiao Yi. She wants to protect Xiao Yi and share it with Xiao Yi.

Blood inflammation world.

The Blood Flame Realm, to be precise, is a huge range of hundreds of desolate stars with a large defensive formation centered on the Blood Flame Realm.

At this moment, outside the scope, a touch of blood seemed to fill most of the star field.

In the ** color, there was a scream of swords that shook the sky.

"Puff." Xia Yiming spit out blood.

In front of him was a young man dressed in red, holding a scarlet sword in his hand.

"Xia Yiming will die if the sword comes out, just this ability?" The young man's eyes were full of disdain.

"Everyone knows the void, you are Xiao Yi's left shoulder and right arm. Today, I will break his arm first."

"This is the price he paid for being an enemy of the blood ancestor, and it's just the beginning."

When the words fell, the young man attacked.

On the sword, blood was permeated, and for a moment, the void suddenly reflected a sea of ​​blood, and a giant dragon in the sea of ​​blood moved with the blood.

Xia Yiming had no fear on his face, but he knew very well that this sword was enough to kill him.

Just at this time.


The same cold sword, accompanied by a huge demon shadow, stood in front of Xia Yiming.

The person here is Senior Luo.

Senior Luo stared at the young man with squinting eyes, "Extreme Supreme?"

The young man also squinted his eyes, "Blood inflammation world, Mrs. Luo?"

As soon as the words came out, the young man actually retreated in an instant, not in love with each other.

"Want to run?" Senior Luo's face was cold.

"Don't chase the poor." Suddenly, the head of the demon hunter flickered and stopped Senior Luo.

"Something is wrong."

Senior Luo frowned slightly.

The main hall master of the hunting demon looked at Xia Yiming, then at Senior Luo, "Go back to the realm master's mansion and talk about it."

at the same time.

Xiao Yi and Yiyi also returned to the Realm Lord's Mansion.

Kanzai and the two returned to the Lord's Mansion, and they met with Senior Luo three heads.

"Huh?" Xiao Yi frowned as he looked at Xia Yiming, who was completely hurt. "What's the matter?"

"Go back to the main hall first." The master of the hunting demon hall said.

Everyone returned to the hall.

The main hall masters felt the breath of Xiao Yi and Yiyi, and they flashed forward.

"Boy, have you come back from your travels?" The Chief Palace Master of Heavenly Secrets smiled, "That's right, we old guys are worrying about the blood flame world, so you can go and play with peace of mind."

"Good boy." The Master Hall Master Fengcha laughed, "Are you willing to come back?"

As soon as everyone looked around Xiao Yi, they saw Xia Yiming, who was on one side of her wounded.

"Old man Yao, help him heal his injuries first." The main hall of the demon hunter said.

The main hall master Yao Zun nodded, and took Xia Yiming in his hand.

Xiao Yi frowned and looked at everyone, "What happened during the years when I was not in the Realm Lord's Mansion?"


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