Chapter 5021:Soul Emperor Martial God

Revenge of the Blood Progenitor

The master of the wind brake replied, "It's not a big deal, and I don't hide it from you."

The main hall of the demon hunter said, "Accurately speaking, it is not the years when you were not in the blood inflammation world, but only the most recent half a year."

"Suddenly, there are some mysterious warriors deliberately targeting our blood inflammation world, but they dare not know it, but secretly attacked and killed them."

"For a long time, these assaults have occurred in the territory of all parties, and there are a lot of them."

"But to this day, suddenly there was an attack and killing in our blood inflammation world, and several blood inflammation guards died."

"This kid Yiming went to track, but was led out of the blood inflammation world."

Xiao Yi's face was cold, "Secretly targeting our blood inflammation world? Today, dare to kill people directly in my blood inflammation world?"

"Have you found out which power it is?"

The main hall of the wind brake shook his head, "The intelligence display is very strange."

"The attacks and killings that have occurred on various sites in the past six months have probably been eye-catching to find out who did it."

"The strange thing is that none of these attackers have a common source of power, that is to say, they come from different forces."

"Some intelligence shows that it is even stranger, as if their action was not premeditated, but just passing through a certain part of our blood inflammation world, and temporarily deliberately attacked and assassinated the law enforcement team in our territory."

The Master Palace Master Shura said in a deep voice, "The old man has seen Fengcha's information. It is indeed weird. It feels like our blood flame world is suddenly targeted by countless forces."

Xiao Yi frowned.

The head of the demon hunter said in a deep voice, "The old man has found one thing in common."

"Those who have been identified as attackers are all from different forces and have no connection with each other, but there is one thing in common. They are all ** martial artists."

Xiao Yi's face became cold, "All ** martial artists?"

"Why?" the Master Hall Master Fengcha asked, "boy, what did you think of?"

Xiao Yi nodded, "Unexpectedly, revenge really came."

"A year ago, I killed the blood wolf emperor in the blood wolf heavens. I want to come to you to have information."

The main hall of the wind brake nodded, "Of course."

"Unless you, the world master, do not show up, once you show up, your intelligence, no matter how serious it is, is the most confidential and highest-level information in the blood flame world intelligence network."

"Almost you killed people in the Blood Wolf Heavens, and an hour later, an accurate piece of information came to the old man's table by passing the sacred artifacts."

Xiao Yi told the whole story about the Blood Wolf all over the sky.

The eight old men frowned.

The main hall of the wind brake said, "Do you suspect that the blood ancestor is taking revenge this time?"

"Something's wrong." The main hall of Yandian shook his head, "How can a mere Void Emperor be qualified to let a Dao Ancestor avenge him?"

"Unless the two have another unknown relationship."

"Impossible." The head hunter shook his head, "I can tell you the truth. In addition to the information from Fengcha, the old lady has another secret information of the Lord of the Three Hundred Heavens."

"This blood wolf emperor, a self-contained disciple of the blood road, does have something to do with the mysterious blood ancestor of Taiyan Tianyu, but it is definitely not related."

"It's more like a relationship between a sect disciple and a sect, nothing more."

Xiao Yi frowned and said, "Our blood inflammation world was suddenly targeted by blood martial artists from all sides, and the time was exactly half a year after I killed the blood wolf emperor."

"Everything has to let me connect."

"If it's not for this reason, then I can't think of any reason for the time being."

Senior Luo said coldly, "One thing is certain, the attack on our blood inflammation world today has nothing to do with Tianyu."

"You can drive a Extreme Supreme to come, knowing that Xia Yiming is your follower and dare to kill. Only Tianyu has the patience and courage."

At this time, Xia Yiming temporarily stabilized his injury under the treatment of the Master Yaozun.

Xiao Yi looked at Xia Yiming and asked, "Yiming, do you know the killer?"

Xia Yiming shook his head, "I don't know, I have never met."

"But it is strange that I can't perceive the traces of his years."

"He looks like a young man, and in my subconscious perception, I can't tell whether he is really old or an old monster."

The main hall of the hunting demon said, "The old man has the information of the guy."

"If I am not mistaken, this guy is a man in the universe, and he is called the Blood Boy."

"Blood boy?" Xiao Yi frowned.

"Yeah." The head of the Demon Hunter nodded, "A very strange and mysterious strong man. In our past intelligence, there is the strong man's intelligence covering all the heavens and the seven heavens."

"Although it is impossible to conduct a detailed intelligence investigation on these Extreme Extremes, we know the names somehow."

"But this blood boy, like a sudden emergence, there is no such person in our past intelligence."

Xiao Yi nodded, "The same is true for me, all parties are the ultimate limit, I know more or less."

"But this is the first time I have heard the name of the blood boy."

The Master Palace Master Shura said in a deep voice, "In other words, these attacks and killings in our blood inflammation world are full of weirdness, strangeness, and uncertainty."

Xiao Yi remained silent, squinting his eyes and thinking for a while, "Thinking about it, among the seven heavens, the only one who will deal with me is the blood ancestor of the Taiyan heaven."

"In any case, I will go to Taiyan Tianyu. If he and I are really troubled, I will kill him directly; if not, I will beat it to save trouble."

"Alright." The head of the demon hunter nodded.

Xiao Yi returned to smile, "But it's not the time yet. I will meet these guys again in a few days."

Xiao Yi looked at Yiyi and said with a smile, "Everything is important to my wife's breakthrough."

"Yiyi girl is going to break through?" Everyone was overjoyed.

The Lord of the Heavenly Secret Hall was pleasantly surprised, "In this way, does our Blood Flame Realm have to give birth to the second Nine Emperor Realm?"

Yiyi pursed her lips, "There is no absolute certainty."

Xiao Yi smiled, "I believe in my wife's ability."

"Within a month, the origin will be completely born."

The master of the wind brake asked, "Then how to deal with the instigators of these attacks?"

Xiao Yi's eyes were cold, "I pull it out by myself, and give it a tooth for a tooth."

"Murder pays for life, fair."

"I don't care if they are related to that blood ancestor, or if they are from different forces."

"When they attack the territory of our blood inflammation world, when they assassinate the law enforcement team of our blood inflammation world, it is equivalent to declaring war on our blood inflammation world."

"Anyone who has been identified, no matter where they come from, the Blood Yan Guard will go directly to get people."

"If there is a force to cover, the entire force will be taken."

"Okay." The Master Fengcha nodded, "When they attacked our blood-flame realm, it also means that it is one thing to improperly treat our blood-flame realm, so we don't have to be polite."

The head of the demon hunter said coldly, "Although the evil spirits of the evil gods have disappeared, the evil repairs all over the void are far from being wiped out."

"These miscellaneous things are left untouched by evil cultivators, they are troubled by our blood inflammation world, and they deserve it if they die."


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