Chapter 1:Super System: Limitless Evolution from a Snake

Crossing into a snake

"Hey, I didn't expect that Li Yaodao would also encounter such a thing as crossing."

"Playing a game can kill myself, I am also drunk..."

While Li Yaodao felt frustrated and depressed, he knew that he had already died once and passed through successfully.

He couldn't open his eyes, couldn't see the outside world, and he was in an unknown warm and narrow space, and his body was even more immobile.

"Ding! The system is binding, find the host, start binding..."

"System? Return to the system after passing through? What about such good things?"

"Hahaha, am I not dreaming?"

Li Yaodao heard the sound secretly and secretly delighted, this kind of golden finger that only exists in novels, did not expect that there is indeed in reality! In the end, it will fall on his own head!

This is a gold finger for nothing!

Especially now that you are helpless in a different world, and can get help from a system, it is simply a blessing!

"Ding! The system is successfully bound, the super evolution system is being generated, and the host is now in egg-fetus form, and the shell will get an evolution point."

"Ding! Since the host is not yet able to perform initial evolution, all conditions related to evolution can get an evolution point"

"Ding! After the host's initial evolution is completed, it can only gain evolution points and experience points by killing other beings."

A burst of intelligent electronic sounds appeared in Li Yaodao's mind, and a picture of the host attribute panel followed.

Host: Li Yaodao

Race: Yaozu

Current status: Snake egg fetus, without any abilities.

Class: None

Talent: None

Skills: None

Evolution points: 1

Experience value: 1/10


"I have a mother, this is really not a dream!"

"Wait... Are you serious?"

"Huh? I'm not a human anymore?"

"Am I crossing into a snake?"

"God, thank you so much!"

Seeing the information on the attribute panel presented in his mind, Li Yaodao was dumbfounded. His heart at this moment can be described as refreshing!

Why are others a genius, or a heir to a super sect, descendants of gods and demons, etc.... They all have a life experience that is loud and loud, but I have nothing to say, and now it is just a egg?

"Even if it becomes an egg, I can't just recognize it like that."

"No way!"

"Even if I rebirth and become a snake, I will stand on the pinnacle of this world!"

"Since heaven is unfair, I will let all races remember, remember that I am their nightmare."

"I can't help my fate, it's a devil or a fairy, I just say it!"


Just as Li Yaodao was shouting vigorously in his heart, he only heard the sound of a cracking eggshell. He knew that he was about to "born out of the shell".

He knew that he had to face the new world from a fresh start, and he was naturally excited.

"I have an evolutionary system in hand, so why can't I make a great cause?"

"I want to be the king, I want to be the master of this world!"

"I want the whole world to tremble because of my Li Yaodao!"

"Ding! The host is being reborn from its shell, and its evolution point is +1!"

"Ding! The host is opening his eyes, the evolution point is +1!"

Li Yaodao tried to open his eyes at this moment, and gradually, the suddenly bright world gradually entered his eyes, and he laughed.

"In the new world, my Li Yaodao is here, are you ready to welcome the arrival of a new god?"


However, before Li Yaodao's voice fell, I saw a purple silver dragon suddenly fell on his head, and the cathartic thunder directly exploded beside him, and the majestic air wave shook a newly born young snake.

Li Yaodao's body of only a few inches was shocked to a scorched earth. He looked around in a daze, watching the cathartic thunder that kept falling from the sky, and the scared little snake trembled.

"Ding! The host is shocked, and the evolution point is +1!"

"Ding! The host is slightly injured, and his evolution point is +1!"

"Ding! The host's evolution points have accumulated five points, and the initial evolution can be carried out. Will it evolve?"

Faced with the cold voice of the system, combined with the terrifying surroundings, Li Yaodao shouted, "Evolution!" without even thinking about it.

"Ding! Initial evolution for the host, please wait..."

In an instant, Li Yaodao felt his body start to heat up. Originally, it was just a few inches of fleshy snakes, and in just a few seconds, it grew like a hanger.

The shining and dark scales do not reflect light under the shining of the sun, and the thick and powerful long snake body, accompanied by the hard snake scale covering, gives Li Yaodao a kind of inexhaustible power.


Before Li Yaodao was excited, he saw a silver thunder shattering a hard rock not far away. He was shocked and stunned. Seeing the surrounding environment full of destruction thunder, he couldn't help but "spit out fragrance". .

"Grass, what's the situation? I was born again in the minefield of justice?"

"This is too ruthless, too cruel, right?"

"I'm just born! God, did you play with me on purpose?"

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