Chapter 1028:Super System: Limitless Evolution from a Snake

disappear suddenly

"You can directly take back the spiritual skills like this, there is no side effect..." Li Yaodao looked at the girl in the white dress and the aura was not weakened at all, couldn't help but quickly ask.

Because all the spiritual skills, if they were released normally, it would be okay, but once they were forcibly retracted, it would be said.

Normal and powerful spiritual skills are automatically retracted, and the spiritual backlash that the releaser bears is very powerful and terrifying.

Especially the higher the level of spiritual skills, the more terrifying and powerful the backlash will be.

Just now, Li Yaodao briefly visually inspected that the so-called good fortune gate released by the girl in the white dress was at least ground-level, or even a heaven-level spiritual skill.

With such a powerful spiritual skill, it was said that it would be withdrawn, and there was no backlash at all, which really made him a little puzzled.

As if seeing the doubts of the teenager around him, the girl in the white dress smiled lightly and said: "I'm fine. The Heavenly Gate of Good Fortune is a spiritual skill. When the target disappears, it will disappear with it, so it has no backlash for me."

"It seems that Good Fortune Tianmen is a directional spiritual skill, but it bursts out, it is area damage, and a medium point is needed to make the black hole of Good Fortune Tianmen explode."

Listening to the other party's explanation, Li Yaodao also grinned secretly, indicating that this spiritual skill is really abnormal enough.

If it is a directional spiritual skill, when the target disappears, the released spiritual skill can indeed disappear without taking it back.

But this is not the point. Li Yaodao clearly remembered that the girl in the white dress had said that although this Heavenly Destiny Gate was a directional spiritual skill, once it exploded, it would be area damage.

This kind of magic is really abnormal enough!

Seeing that Liu Huang was directly eliminated, Li Yaodao's gaze looked at Yan Tianshen and others who were outside the absolute heavenly position.

This God Yantian suddenly changed his mind, and wanted to get rid of himself in this, really a bit impatient.

Of course Li Yaodao knew why God Yantian was so anxious to get rid of himself. I am afraid that the other party also got a system mission. Only by killing himself can he finally enter the world of origin in the future.

Above the sky, Liu Huang was suddenly eliminated from the game, not only was the others surprised, but even Yantian Shen was frowning and solemn at this moment.

In the eyes of outsiders, Yantian God is so anxious to "eliminate" a demon clan youth, it is a bit inconsistent with the usual style.

However, as for the real reason why Yantian wanted to eliminate Li Yaodao, I am afraid that only the two people involved would understand.

"Brother Yaodao, you are safe, we will be qualified to see you in the ring."

At the same time, the girl in the white dress withdrew from her position of Absolute Heaven, then blinked playfully at Li Yaodao, and then suddenly disappeared under the latter's dumbfounded gaze.


When Li Yaodao saw the girl in the white dress suddenly disappear, his face was also slightly startled, he who didn't react at all, was immediately stunned.

Don't say he was stunned, even Yan Tianshen and others were a little stunned.

Originally with her, this group of people had no chance to use Li Yaodao here. Now that the girl in the white dress has left, Li Yaodao has no protection in an instant, and is naturally exposed to everyone.

The corners of Li Yaodao's mouth twitched slightly. Although he was not afraid of this situation, how could he face the peak of the remaining nine wandering spirits when he was at the peak of Tianxu, unable to expel blood?

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