Chapter 1029:Super System: Limitless Evolution from a Snake

This time sooner or later

Facing the shelter of the girl in the white dress, Li Yaodao felt a little embarrassed about his position at the moment.

Let him face nine geniuses at the same time?

Moreover, these nine are not rookies. Everyone has a record of killing ordinary Heaven-passing Realm powerhouses. Such an existence can't be handled simply.

"If you put it in one, or even face Yantian God alone, I have a way to deal with it, but now there are nine guys with the same strength, which is very difficult."

Li Yaodao's gaze scanned the front, and at this moment, his brain was running rapidly.

Seeing the girl in the white dress disappeared completely, Yan Tianshen was a little surprised, but he didn't expect it to be true. When he recovered, he said to a few people around him: "You don't have to go, I will come by myself."

"Otherwise, people in the province say that we are facing a peak of heaven in the surrender area, and we still need nine peaks of spirituality, which is too shameful."

In the face of Yantian God's words, even Guo Lingtian didn't want to oppose it, and the others were even more so.

After all, I have been in the nuclear academy for a long time, and everyone knows it well, but anyone who is willing to listen to the words of Yantian will undoubtedly want to move closer to it, a little like standing in line.

After all, God Yantian is a genius student here, but if he leaves the nuclear academy, that is the existence of the eminent demon clan chiefs like Dao Tianyin and Long Yiwu!

The gold content of the five words of the young demon clan chief alone is enough to make many geniuses in the nuclear academy who are capable and talented but have no background willing to approach them.

Facing God Yantian's words, Li Yaodao didn't feel surprised at all in his heart, and his face was calm as water, without the slightest waves.

Although he didn't have much contact with Yantian God, Li Yaodao knew that the other party shouldn't belong to that kind of insidious villain, and would not do that kind of contemptible things.

No, God Yantian chose to treat himself alone, which also made Li Yaodao show some respect for this guy.

I saw the magic wings trembling slightly behind Yantian God, and he flew forward with his feet in the void, and stopped at a position more than 20 meters in front of Li Yaodao, his voice calm.

"Now we are one to one, no one will say bad things, after all, between you and me, sooner or later, you say that?"

Li Yaodao naturally understood what the other party was referring to once sooner or later, and what it meant, and then smiled and nodded, saying: "Yes, it seems that I do have a lot of disadvantages now. I may lose this time, but you I’m afraid I’m a little too confident to complete the task."

"Task? What task?"

I saw the other geniuses flying in midair behind Yantian God, including Guo Lingtian, and they didn't understand what the mission Li Yaodao was referring to was.

Hearing that, God Yantian narrowed his eyes, searched and glanced at Li Yaodao, and smiled lightly: "It seems that you also have this task. In that case, there is no need to deliberately act between us."

Li Yaodao nodded slightly, and suddenly remembered a certain question, could not help asking: "Yes, but I'm curious, when did you come from the earth?"

"Earth?" Yantian God shook his head when he heard the words, and smiled lightly: "I didn't come from the earth. I have reincarnated twice. It doesn't matter where I am."

Listening to the chat between the two, the eight geniuses standing at the back immediately faced each other. They listened to such an incredible conversation between Li Yaodao and Yantian God, and they were really a little bit awkward than above the tree and ignorant to me, and below the tree. you and me...

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