Chapter 1030:Super System: Limitless Evolution from a Snake

The horrible power of Yantian

Listening to Li Yaodao and Yantianshen chatting across the server, the rest of the people, including Guo Lingtian, looked surprised, glanced at each other, and shook their heads slightly.

Don't understand...

Li Yaodao held the clouds in the sky, looked at the ** Yantian in the distance, and smiled lightly: "Today, it is indeed an opportunity for you. It depends on whether you are fast or the head of the earth is fast."

"But I personally feel that you may be a lot worse than the Dean."

"Hehe, I won't bother Brother Dao, if I want to, naturally there is a way." Yan Tian Shen held a shadowless sword, his voice was indifferent, and the whole body began to be filled with powerful spiritual waves, slowly spreading.

Feeling the wave marks of spiritual power diffusion mixed with the unique devilish energy, and the wave marks that are stronger than the peak level of the ordinary spiritual travel, Guo Lingtian and others knew that Yantian was about to do it, and did not choose to help, but was on the sidelines Watching.

Because they know too much about Yantianshen's character, he is a guy who will never allow anyone to disrupt the situation once he makes a move, and everything requires one-to-one absolute fairness.

I remember that there was a poor guy who wanted to flatter the Yantian God. In a certain battle, he "accidentally" helped Yantian God who was fighting one- on-one.

As a result, the poor guy was not killed by the enemy, but was killed by Yantian God.

As the young patriarch of the Demon Temple, although he is usually approachable and has a good-speaking appearance, he will be transformed into a person when it comes to his personal principled things, and he will become a blood killer!

As the geniuses in the nuclear academy's ranking list, it is a secret pity to look at Li Yaodao in the distance.

A good demon boy, you said that you have a good talent, and you have nothing to do to provoke the great demon, Yantian.

If Li Yaodao knew the inner thoughts of those who watched the show, he would definitely be unable to help but spit out fragrance. He didn't want to do this, but his strength did not allow it!

Li Yaodao's gaze also became dignified as he felt the mighty devilish energy permeated by God Yantian. A few seconds before the battle, his brain was moving rapidly.

Now the blood raging talent in the body has entered a period of weakness, and if it is forced to open, it will be life-threatening, so there are only two ways left.

One is to directly cast Huangyan Tianwu, and the other...

Thinking of another way, Li Yaodao's gaze flickered slightly, looking at an object stored in the storage space of the Evolution System, his eyes narrowed slightly.

It seems that maybe it is going to be used!

God Yantian didn't give Li Yaodao any chance, he swung his sword and looted him directly, wherever he went, it was cracked by the invisible blade of the shadowless sword, as if to tear the space.

Seeing the situation, Li Yaodao's face changed slightly, and even before he could use the thing in the system space, he immediately lifted the sky cluster clouds, shining with blue blade light, and turned away.


Accompanied by the fierce slash of an invisible blade, the powerful and violent spiritual impact, as the demon aura of the forest permeates, shocking the sky, the purple rays of light emerge from the whole body of the Yantian god, and the strength of the treasure is directly used to control Li Yaodao shook away directly.

Feeling the burst of spiritual power from the invisible sword qi, it was even a sword slash that surpassed the level of the ascension realm. Li Yaodao, who retreated uncontrollably, felt the invading magic qi in his body, and the blood was surging and chaotic. , Her face changed drastically.

Unexpectedly, Yantian God's combat power has completely exceeded his prediction, and it is so terrifying!

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