Chapter 1032:Super System: Limitless Evolution from a Snake

This is not the end, but another beginning!

Faced with the attack of the Scarlet Longsword, God Yantian knew who it was without having to look at it. His complexion immediately condensed, and the Shadowless Sword in his hand turned towards the Scarlet Longsword.


With the sound of all the collision sounds, the blood-colored long sword exploded with mighty power, and wanted to withdraw from the rear.

"Brother Dao!"

Accompanied by a soft drink sounded, Long Yiwu took the lead at the moment, caught the blood-colored long sword, his face was cold and cold.

"Hey Brother Dao, I'm here too." Dao Tianyin followed closely, rubbing his fists and laughing.


In the next second, Long Sanxue, Yanyue and Long Erdie came one after another!

Seeing this, God Yantian looked at Yanyue and said, "Which camp are you running?"

Hearing this, Yanyue’s pretty face was stunned, and then he stuck out his tongue. Nie Sheng flew to Yan Tianshen with a pinched foot, with a persuasive appearance, and said: "Brother, forget it, why do you always target Brother Dao ?"

Upon seeing this, Yan Tianshen glanced at his younger sister who turned his elbow out, snorted, and said nothing.

Om long!

As the number of people gathered on both sides increased, the sky of the dream rain forest suddenly began to freeze, and the air was filled with tension.

Li Yaodao looked up at the sky, and looked at the first world in the world that was supposed to be a dreamy rainforest. He was suddenly torn apart by a majestic force.

The ranking round is over?

Everyone is confused!

When the world was completely torn apart in the dreamy rainforest, the real sky appeared in front of you, and the nuclear academy domain suddenly appeared under a certain golden sky domain, slowly spreading.

Om long!

Above the sky, with bursts of thunderous vibrations, the sky above the nuclear courtyard at this moment seemed to be shrouded in a golden halo.

Li Yaodao raised his head and looked at the sky, frowning as he watched the golden halo covering the entire nuclear academy, and couldn't help but be surprised: "What's the matter?"

The girls around shook their heads slightly, expressing their incomprehension.


Suddenly, there were several figures with absolutely majestic auras in the Nuclear Institute. Seven middle-aged men, including the director of the ground, raised their heads and looked at the sky, all frowning.

These seven figures, except that the Dean of the Earth is the Supreme Earth, the other six figures can faintly shake the space, twisting the surrounding ten directions.

The ability to reverse the space, without a doubt, the Saint Realm!

"What's the situation? That lord came early?" The Dean said in amazement.

"Why do adults come in advance? Could that battle be started early?" The first red-robed man shook his head slightly and continued: "It shouldn't be, there are still a hundred years before the next one. Is this forcing us to leave early?"


As the golden halo above the sky spread and enveloped, it seemed to be able to purify all living things in the world, all living things in the whole continent, no matter the ends of the world, can be seen.

However, at this moment, under the heaven and the earth, all the creatures, including all the senior students and the first floor in the nuclear academy, felt an unmatched force under pressure.

"Brother Dao..."

Long Yiwu knelt down on one knee holding a blood-colored long sword. She gritted her teeth stubbornly. She didn't seem to want this, but under the coercion of the golden light circle, her body didn't listen.

Even Long Erdie, Long Sanxue, etc., including Yantian God, were surprised and knelt down on one knee.

At this moment, except for Li Yaodao and Yantianshen who can still stand here steadily, everyone else can be said to be all the creatures on the mainland, no matter ordinary creatures or the peak power of the mainland, they are not under their control. Kneel on one knee.

At that time, Li Yaodao looked at the beautiful girls around him kneeling on one knee in amazement, and stretched out his hands subconsciously.

Immediately afterwards, a force that had never flowed from his body was released, and then let go.


When the same golden power, under Li Yaodao's stunned gaze, it spread out and fell on the girl beside him.

"I rely on, this is my strength?" Li Yaodao looked at his strength, which can affect the surroundings, so that they no longer kneel down on one knee, and their heart is very shocked.

This is really my power, kidding?

"Li Yaodao!"

"The third child!"

At the same time, above the golden light circle, two figures of scarlet gold robes appeared in the sky.

One of them, with a hint of majesty between his eyebrows, held a ** sickle on his shoulders, looked at the Li Yaodao below, and smiled and said, "Li Yaodao, are you familiar with it?"

"This dress is too unsuitable for me, elder brother, I changed it. I have just finished the meeting since the beginning of the day, so I don't like wearing this suit the most." The short-haired young man smiled, waved his hand, and then changed to a familiar suit. He looked at Li Yaodao with a big smile on his face.

"The third child, I can tell you the good news. Your scene has been cut and the finale is about to come. You want to fly to the first world of Origin immediately and say something to say?"

Li Yaodao: ...

Li Yaodao looked at the sky a little speechlessly, as if looking at the two fools, and couldn't help but said: "Are there something wrong with you two? Why don't you go take a look? What's wrong with the designation."

Here comes up and tell yourself what stuff? ?

Also, these two guys actually knew themselves, but Li Yaodao didn't know each other.

Hearing Li Yaodao's very arrogant words, the faces of the powerful saints in the nuclear academy immediately changed.

Hearing this, the smiles of the two young figures instantly solidified. The red-gold-robed man's facial muscles twitched slightly. He looked at the black- clothed youth and said, "Chu Tiannan, did you forget something?"

"Ao, yes, yes, you don't tell me, I forgot." I saw the black robe youth immediately probed his hands, and the space immediately became trembling violently.


The next moment, I saw a golden glint that looked like sublimation, suddenly appeared in the hands of the black robe youth.

"Go, find your master!"

Before Chu Tiannan called softly, lifted his hand, and immediately cast the mysterious golden Guangpu over.

call out!

I saw the golden Gwangpu, in full view, instantly entered Li Yaodao's body.

"I rely on it?" Li Yaodao didn't even understand what was going on. The next second, only the voice of the evolution system was heard, one after another.

"Ding! The host broke through to the Ascension Realm!"

"Ding! The host broke through to the Heavenly Transcendent Realm!"

"Ding! The host has broken through to the Supreme Realm!"

"Ding! The host broke through to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm..."

Feeling the majestic spiritual power in his body 1 suddenly rise, Li Yaodao's eyes gradually widened, and he found that his spiritual power level had been completely uncontrollable.

"System, what's going on?"

"Ding! This system doesn't know. Look at what the two God Sovereign Lords mean, this system is that the God Sovereign Lord will be on your body, so I don't know what is superfluous except for assistance."

Hearing the system's answer, Li Yaodao was completely confused, and he felt that he was just about to start, is it about to end? (Yes, you are forced to end 1! It's not that the author wanted this, but the boss refused.)

Feeling the aura of Li Yaodao's spiritual power, it has completely exceeded everyone's understanding. At this moment, whether it is the three sisters of the Long Family, or Tao Tianyin, or Yanyue, or the girl in white dress who is not far away, they are all It was surprised.

The four saints who were suddenly forced to leave the customs all looked surprised. Looking at the sky, the Li Yaodao who had turned into a tall and majestic, shocked: "Samsara...reincarnation?"

"No, that family is still breaking through!"

"Ding! The host broke through to the universe gods and began to evolve for the host for the last time, Eternal Ancestor Dragon King!"

As the voice of the evolution system fell, Li Yaodao felt that his body became extremely hot up and down, the next moment the human emperor's armor was torn apart, and golden light gushed out from it.


I saw the humanoid Li Yaodao, in the eyes of everyone, it turned out to be extremely tall, and the roar of dragons resounded through the world.

The whole body is a hundred meters large, and it has the potential to cover the sky, with red and gold scales embedded on the body, and 12 golden wings on the back to cover the sun!

The eternal ancestor Dragon Emperor, at this moment, actually completed...


With a burst of dragon howls spreading between heaven and earth, at this moment, the entire barren ancient continent heard the dragon howls from the eternal dragon king.

This is the only time a new cosmic ** has appeared from the whole continent!

The appearance of the new cosmic gods means that the passage to the first realm of the origin world is about to open!

The power of the golden gods fluctuates, like an unshakable majesty existence. At this moment, whether it is inside or outside the nuclear courtyard, including all the creatures in the heavens and the earth, all the lives of the desolate ancient continent are at this moment, and they feel the guidance in their hearts.

This guide is worship!

"I have seen Lord Tenjin!"

The four saints took the lead to kneel down on one knee. They didn't even reach the reincarnation state, looking up at the Li Yaodao who suddenly became a universe god, the envy in their hearts was even more self-evident.

In the Nuclear Academy, all the students, including the three sisters of the Long Family, etc., bowed down in worship.

Not only that, except for two figures, one gold and one black, that fell from the sky, the whole continent was worshipped.

Worship among the power of Li Yaodao!

The cosmic gods are true gods and unshakable existences in the deserted ancient continent!

Seeing Li Yaodao suddenly become a universe god, Yan Tianshen was even more shocked, and roared in his heart: "What's going on? It was fine just now, why did you break through to the heavens?"

"Ding! This system is not clear, let's see how the two gods are arranged. Don't worry, the host is the one selected by the system. You can't die!"

Li Yaodao looked at his form in astonishment, especially at the slightly small figure below, worshiping him for some reason, and immediately waved his dragon claws, the majesty dissipated, and everyone resumed their standing positions.

However, he didn't wait for him to speak, but suddenly he looked stunned.

I saw a lot of memories about the first world of the origin world, like a tide, outrageously coming!

"I originally came from the first world of the origin, I am the ** emperor of the first world of the origin, and the emperor of the east is adjudicated!"

"Because of the moment before the cataclysm of the origin, the ancestor Shenhuang teacher (Long Chen) used his own power to break the passage of reincarnation for us, in order to save our lives, forcibly let us enter the reincarnation."

"I didn't expect this past to be hundreds of thousands of years old..."

"Hehe, the last time I returned to all my memories, it was a bit ironic that I was the identity of the monster clan. Can I go back to Tiandu? I won't be taken away by the people of the Demon God Alliance 1. It would be too ironic. Up."

At this moment, Li Yaodao seemed to be trapped in the memory mode. At this moment, he remembered everything.

I remembered everything about myself.

"Don't worry, brother Jiang, you and I will not let you be taken away by the people of the Demon God Alliance 1st League, otherwise, why are our brothers coming here?"

"Of course to take you home, brother!"

Hearing this, Li Yaodao also looked startled, and turned to look at the two ** emperors above the sky. Tears flowed out of the corners of his eyes uncontrollably.

"Death Emperor Jiang Chen, Chaos God Emperor Chu Tiannan, hahaha, Brother Jiang, Brother Nan, I didn't expect it to be the two of you, how is Tiandu now?"

I saw Jiang Chen holding the sickle of the Death Emperor, and nodded with a smile, saying: "Don't worry, everything is fine in the sky, there are both East and West, no one dares to offend the human domain."

Li Yaodao nodded when he heard this, and smiled: "Our teacher, is the ancestor God Emperor okay?"

"The ancestor God Emperor (Long Chen) has been in retreat. For the sake of the one million years later, you also know that the ancestor God Emperor is living with the sky." Chu Tiannan sighed, slightly sad.

"Hey, the so-called "love" is really incomprehensible. Teacher, in order to be able to see the masters as soon as possible, it is considered enough."

"Okay, today is a good day, not to mention this, what we can do now is to help the teacher, assist Xidu, and jointly run the Origin Human Race Sanctuary!" Jiang Chen said suddenly.

"Hey, the group of local people in Xidu (the protagonists of some new books) have never looked down on our kind of superior emperor, and still assist them?" Chu Tiannan stared, unhappy.

"Especially the divine emperor of Kyushu, if it weren't for the teacher's face, this young master would also give him a beating!"

Li Yaodao smiled when he heard the words, and said, "Brother Nan, you can't say that. Everyone is in the same line, whether they are in the west or the east. They are all protagonists. Everyone is right. They just have different positions."

Jiang Chen looked at Li Yaodao and said with a smile: "Lao San, your role has been forcibly cut, do you have anything to say?"

The golden light emerged, and the Li Yaodao in the form of the Eternal Ancestor Dragon Emperor returned to human form. He shrugged and said: "There is nothing to say, it is not that the author does not want to change, the key..."

"Well, who's not letting it? Needless to say, we know it in our hearts." Chu Tiannan hurriedly interrupted.

Jiang Chen looked at Li Yaodao and said, "It's okay, your current role has been cut, but the ancestor God Emperor will still have your role, and you will still be the backbone."

"Of course, this uncle, I am adjudicating the ** emperor and in charge of the human sanctuary criminal law!" Li Yaodao said proudly, and then a little helplessly said: "It's a pity, I'm going to be over, I haven't fallen in love yet..."

Upon hearing the word love, Jiang Chen and Chu Tiannan looked at each other at the same time, and said in amazement: "Don't you claim that you don't cultivate to the peak of the gods and never fall in love?"

"That was before..." Li Yaodao cracked her lips, then his eyes lit up, then turned and flew down.

"Brother Jiang Nan, wait for me, find a place first, and I will find you in a while!"

Chu Tiannan and Jiang Chen looked at each other. The former just wanted to say something, and the latter signaled the former not to say more.

"The third child, we are waiting for you in the mountain of mourners in this world!"

"One more thing, the third child, don't kill Yantian, this is the teacher's intention, he has another purpose!"


call out!

Li Yaodao, who had become a cosmic god, suddenly felt that he could directly shuttle through the space between his movements, and he quickly came to everyone.

Looking at Li Yaodao who had completely changed his appearance, no matter his personal temperament or aura, even the several saint realm powerhouses who were forced to leave the barrier were a little trembling.

Just kidding, the Celestial God Realm is the ultimate place of the Desolate Ancient Continent, and the Desolate Ancient Continent has not reappeared in the universe for thousands of years. Now Li Yaodao is presented to everyone, you can imagine.

The current Li Yaodao is already the master of the deserted ancient continent!

Unless, in the current deserted ancient continent, there can still be an existence that can compete with Li Yaodao.

"Brother Dao..." Long Yiwu flew to the side of Li Yaodao whose temperament had completely changed, and couldn't help but whispered, "Are you...the Li Yaodao I know?"

Hearing this, Li Yaodao smiled softly, and immediately embraced Long Yiwu in the arms of the crowd, and immediately kissed the other side fiercely under the eyes of countless people.

"You...!" Long Yiwu was treated like this, and his pretty face blushed immediately, obviously shocked, but surprisingly he did not resist, letting the other party embrace him.

"Ouch me!"

At this moment, whether it was Dragon Erdie, Yanyue and Daotianyin, they couldn't help but exclaim.

This is under the public?

It's a bit too direct too, right?

And Long Sanxue, who has always been the most calm, was a bit uncomfortable at this moment, and then flew up to Li Yaodao's side, gently squeezed the corner of the opponent's clothes, and said: "I want to kiss too!"

Li Yaodao couldn't help but laugh, and then looked at Yantian God, whose face was a bit cloudy, but still remained calm, and said: "This is not suitable for talking, there are too many people, let's change the place!"

"Brother Yaodao, do you remember me?" At this moment, the girl in the white dress appeared again, her voice clear and beautiful.

Upon seeing this, Li Yaodao was a little confused. He really felt the breath of the other party. He had definitely seen him, but for a while, he really couldn't remember...

Seeing the girl in the white dress smiled, she didn't care, but stood pretty in front of Li Yaodao, carrying her little hand, and then tapped the other's forehead with her own hand.

Suddenly, something in the Demon God Mountain Range that should have been forgotten a long time ago came to my heart.

That night, a snake and a beast, the face-to-face fit between the foreheads, represents the life of the Holy Spirit Unicorn!

Li Yaodao stared at the girl in the white dress in a daze, only then did he remember, and said in a daze, "Are you... the Holy Spirit Unicorn?"

"Yes, Brother Demon Blade!" The girl in the white dress smiled cheerfully and said, "But my name is Bai Youyou now."

"Unexpectedly, if you haven't seen you in a few years, you will become so beautiful." Li Yaodao said with a dumb smile.

"I remember, when you were just born, time flies so fast."

Seeing Bai Youyou's only affection for him, Li Yaodao knew that the other party was as early as that night, and entrusted his life to himself.

And the Holy Spirit unicorn at that time, the moment he touched his forehead, it was given to his own life...

what is this?

How white is it for a wife?

Forget it, the more the better, anyway, I have to take care of the little master, the children will make the choice!

At that time, Li Yaodao waved his hand, and saw the surrounding space tremble instantly, and then, an inner world that completely enveloped everyone suddenly appeared.


As Li Yaodao left with a group of important people, on the square of the Nuclear Academy, the Dean of the Earth touched the cold sweat on his forehead, and couldn't help looking at the deans of the Saint Realm, smiling bitterly.

"No, deans, what kind of situation is this?"

I saw the first white-haired old man, also his facial muscles twitching frantically, suddenly waving his sleeves, and disappearing with other saints, leaving speechless words.

"Hmph, I really don't know the fate of Emperor Ou, what the origin world is, and the gods who come down casually cannot be violated..."


Above a green mountain, the space trembles violently, and then several figures slowly appear.

Li Yaodao looked at the doubtful pretty girls, then waved his hand, and Guangpu trails fell into the women's minds.

Before the girls could speak, they fainted to the ground, but at the moment they touched the ground, they were gently lifted by a very gentle force.

But it only didn't fall into Yantianshen's head.

"There are some things that I can't explain. You can take a look at my memory before you make a decision."

When the words fell, Li Yaodao still didn't talk to Yantian God, but waved his hand, and the space shook violently again.


Seeing that at this moment Hongmei, Yaxin, and Qingli also came here with a blind face, looking at the black Li Yaodao, Qingli and Hongmei took the lead in surprise and said, "Brother Dao, how did you do it?"

Yaxin was also a little bit misty. She looked at Li Yaodao whose temperament had changed dramatically, and couldn't help but be surprised: "Brother, what are you?"

"To put it bluntly, I am leaving this world and I am a bit selfish when I suddenly recruited you today, but I will respect your opinions. You don't have to say more. My feelings for you are also honest, and some."

As soon as Li Yaodao's voice fell, he immediately looked at Yaxin and smiled slightly: "Sister Yaxin, to be honest... Forget it, you look at my memory first before making a decision."

It was Sandao Guangpu falling on the heads of the three women again. They instantly lost consciousness, and then fell into memories.

God Yantian looked at Li Yaodao and sneered: "What? Now that I'm all accounted for? Are you going to kill me?"

Hearing this, Li Yaodao curled his lips and said, "The original script, you are mortal, but for some reason, the teacher told my two brothers, and then told me that you can't die. Then I combined, you are still Yanyue. My brother, don’t die, I’m afraid she hates me.”

Yan Tianshen looked startled, frowning and angrily said: "Do you take me as a fool? Still others say you can't kill me? Are you humiliating me?"

"Hahaha, calm down, Xiaoye, my scenes have been forcibly cut, do you think I should be angry? Xiaoye, I am about to transform the dragon, and now tell me that I have been forced to finish, I am not uncomfortable?" Li Yaodao sneered Tao.

Upon hearing this, God Yantian also fell silent slightly and snorted coldly: "Your role has been chopped, which also means that my role has been chopped, so what is left for me?"

"Of course it's useful. I understand what the teacher means. He wants me to help you ferry back, and then go to that Longgu Continent, and continue to be the villain." Li Yaodao shrugged.

Yantian:? ? ?

Yantian said angrily: "Why do you use me as a tool person? How can I say, I also came from the world of origin, so just humiliate me?"

"Don't worry, I will erase your other memories in advance, including those in this world, and your sister Yanyue. Although this is a bit cruel, I dare not listen to the teacher's order. People are the ancestor god. Emperor." Li Yaodao pouted.

"You!" God Yantian was furious, and just about to speak, he was forcibly waved his palm by Li Yaodao. The invisible power was directly trapped in God Yantian.

I saw Yantian, who was extremely angry just now, suddenly became confused, then shook his head, looked at Li Yaodao inexplicably, and said, "Where is this?"

"Who are you? Who are they?"

"Why am I here?"

Li Yaodao seemed a bit unwilling to look at it, and then waved his hand, and suddenly a strange space appeared behind Yantianshen.

Before the space was swallowed, Li Yaodao broke the solar eclipse demon sword, took out the power of the underworld inside, and then blasted it on Yantian.

"This is the power of the underworld. When you reach that world, there will be a system to help you, kill the target, and you can naturally return to the world of origin!"

"I..." God Yantian heard inexplicably, just about to say something, he was suddenly sucked in by the strange space behind him.

Obviously, he was forced into Samsara by Li Yaodao...

Li Yaodao looked at the girls in the memories, sighed in his heart, and smiled bitterly: "My little master, I really have a hard life. I just started and I was forced to end it. I don't know what the teacher meant..."

His teacher is the first * emperor of the human sanctuary in the world of origin, the founder of the heavens, and the ancestor * emperor!

"But it's strange to say, Long Ancient Continent, isn't it the teacher's domain, let Yantian forcibly obtain the system, to kill someone, who to kill?"

Li Yaodao thought secretly, suddenly his eyes widened, and he was a little terrified when he thought about it.

Something is wrong, does the teacher want to kill the person, is it...

Suddenly Li Yaodao didn't dare to think about it anymore, hoping that he was wrong, he shook his head suddenly, and then smiled bitterly: "It doesn't matter. Although the scene in the deserted ancient continent has been cut off, the little master I am in the new book Origin World 1 World , There is still a scene!"

Li Yaodao stretched out his hand and waved it again, completely erasing Yanyue's memory of Yantian God.

Although it was really cruel to do so, he had orders and had to execute it...

At the same time, the girls suddenly woke up, and Long Yiwu and Long Sanxue flew at the same time. Their pretty faces were full of promise. They nodded and said, "Brother Dao, we are willing to follow you!"

I saw Yanyue and Dao Tianyin and Qinglihong sister and other young girls quickly rushing in, Bai Youyou now looked at Li Yaodao with joy and nodded in agreement with her little hand behind her back.

In her eyes, wherever Li Yaodao went, she would go!

Li Yaodao looked at the appearance of the women, then nodded happily, smiled and said: "So, it seems that you have passed unanimously?"

But Yaxin hesitated. She bit her teeth and looked at Li Yaodao, her heart was struggling.

Li Yaodao smiled at Yaxin and said, "Sister Yaxin, if you are not reconciled, you can consider changing our relationship. To be honest, I am not too reconciled to let you, a beautiful woman, be my sister, hahaha."

Yaxin looked at Li Yaodao when she heard the words and said with her lips: "You have so many beauties around you! Are you missing me?"

"Hey, fools will make choices, I want them all!" After Li Yaodao smiled, he coughed and said seriously: "Sister Yaxin, I can give you time to consider."

"But, my relatives are still alive now, I..." Ya Xin said in a low voice, she was obviously a little moved.

Li Yaodao understood the words instantly, and shook his head with a smile: "I forgot to mention Sister Yaxin, I didn't leave immediately, I will continue to live in this world."

"Because the minimum requirements of the First World of Origin are the universe ** level, I have to help you all reach this level before you can go to the First World of Origin."

When the words fell, Li Yaodao looked at the girls and smiled: "I will also give everyone enough time, so don't worry about leaving suddenly. For your lifespan, I will connect with your life so that you can stay immortal until you become The universe god!"

As soon as she heard this, Sister Yaxin was relieved, and nodded happily, " really attractive, okay, then I will try to change the role. From now on, I won't be your sister!"

And the other daughters also smiled and nodded happily, this is the best result.

Just give them enough time to wait for their relatives around to enter the natural limit of old age in the future, that is, when they enter the world of origin.

This time, perhaps hundreds of years, thousands of years, but with the presence of Li Yaodao, they will stay young forever until the universe gods!

The only one who was a little embarrassed at the moment was Long Erdie. She looked at Li Yaodao with complicated eyes, and couldn't help smiling bitterly: "What am I..."

Li Yaodao looked at Long Erdie and said with a smile: "Well...We are indeed a little bit so, but your eldest sister and third sister are here, I can't give up on you, otherwise, I will It’s also boring, I plan to start pursuing you."

"I will help you!" Long Yiwu and Long Sanxue said in unison.

Long Erdie looked at the sky speechlessly, and muttered: "Which of you guys..."

Li Yaodao smiled and said, "Accept your fate, I will let you see me."

On the other hand, Long Erdie hummed softly, and said, "Let me like you? Then you can give it a try. Maybe you can succeed, but don't hope too much."

Li Yaodao waved his hand, then looked at the girls, and said with a smile: "Are you ready? In the next time, your mission is not small, don't be lazy!"

"Oh!" The girls nodded happily, full of energy!

This is not the end of everything, but the beginning of countless timeline gears of destiny!


In the first world of the origin world, the heavenly capital of the human race, in the palace of the gods!

On the splendid throne, a middle-aged man in a golden robe sat quietly, as if he was there, everything in this palace seemed to be in peace.

The middle-aged man above the throne, his face was as still as water, as if everything in the world could not touch him, between his brows, the vicissitudes and majesty of the years were revealed!

However, it is not difficult to find that the man's eyes do not look much at this moment, and more, they are a kind of old-fashioned depression.

In the palace of the king, suddenly two golden robe figures appeared at the same time.

One of them is naturally the first emperor of the Eastern Capital, Jiang Chen, the dead emperor!

And the other one was unharmed with Jiang Chen's breath, and his strength was not weak, he was clearly the No. 1 God Emperor in the Western Capital!

"Teacher!" Jiang Chen and the other man in the golden robe saluted at the same time.

Hearing this, the man in the golden robe above the throne slowly opened his eyes and looked at the two, his voice was old.

"Jiang Chen, how are things going?"

"Teacher back, it has been done. On the way back, the ruling emperor of the Eastern Capital is so-called one day in the Origin World and one year in the Barren Ancient World. It is estimated that in some time, the ruling emperor will return!"

The middle-aged man in the golden robe nodded slowly, then whispered: "Ling'er..."

"Dad!" Standing by the throne, the beautiful and beautiful girl who has not spoken, put her hands on the throne and nodded cheerfully: "Ling'er is here!"

"Teacher, you recruited me and the dead emperor at the same time, is there something to explain?" Another ** emperor who followed Jiang Chen asked with his hand.

As the strongest divine emperor in the city, the ancestor divine emperor slightly nodded and slowly buffered the girl next to him and said: "Ling'er, dad is going to be away for a period of time. During this time, you, as my heir, must look like an heir. Do you understand? ?"

Upon hearing this, Ling'er was slightly puzzled, and said, "Dad, where are you going? You haven't left Tiandu for 500,000 years."

"Hehe, naturally I do something, Ling'er doesn't have to worry about it, it's okay." The ancestor God Emperor rubbed Ling'er's head fondly and smiled: "I want to find a way to see you soon. Wives."

Lingerjiao's body shook as soon as she heard the three words maiden, her teeth clenched and she fell silent.

"From now on, Ling'er, as the heir of the ancestor God Emperor of Tiandu, your talent and strength are the strongest in Tiandu, but it takes time to grow."

"So, I call these two students here today, they are your mentors!"

"Ling'er, you have to remember that starting from today, behind you, you are shouldering the important task of Tiandu. If foreign affairs are not resolved, ask the first emperor of West Capital: Lei casts the gods, but if you do not resolve internal affairs, ask Dongdu Yidi One God Emperor: Death God, do you understand?"

Upon hearing this, Ling'er curled her lips slightly and nodded obediently.

"I understand Dad, don't worry, Ling'er will not shame you!"

"Hahaha, my baby girl is the best, Dad believes in you, you go out first, I have something to do, and you two teachers order."

"Okay, Linger retire!"

After Ling'er left, the ancestor God Emperor looked at the two Heavenly God Emperors and sighed lightly, saying: "If I leave this time, if I succeed, I will never come back. If I fail, I will still be the God of Heaven. Emperor."

The two were shocked when they heard that, Jiang Chen was surprised: "Teacher, do you want to..."

The ancestor God Emperor waved his hand, and the space behind him fluctuated violently, and a door of time and space that had been prepared suddenly appeared.

The ancestor God Emperor, who is known as the founder of Tiandu, sighed and muttered secretly as he watched the appearance of the gate of time and space.

"If I can, I would rather not qualify for emperorship... If the plan works, I can remedy all this..."

"I'm leaving, don't worry about it, let alone tell Linger the truth!"

"Follow the teacher's order and send the teacher off!" The two emperors bid farewell.


The gate of time and space was closed, and the man in the golden robe who entered the gate of time and space, watching all the distortions of time and space, suddenly his body and mind became somewhat relaxed.

If you can catch up, you can end all that, that life!

I must succeed!

End of the book!

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