Chapter 1586:Super Urban Master


When I learned that Dusha arranged for someone to follow me, and when I thought of Shen Rou's reminder of "acting" to me, I admired this woman more and more.

She reminded me that she had clearly arranged the back road for me. Du Sha just doubted me, and I could take advantage of this opportunity to make her think that I was Mu Fan and Chen Huangpi's friend Mu Fan.

So I pretended not to know someone was following, wandering around at random, and deliberately found a place to copy the map that Dusha gave me one by one.

At the same time, as the deity Chen Huangpi was in action at the same time, he pierced out a body of Chen Huangpi and hid it in the nutrition warehouse of an ordinary planet.

After arranging all this, I deliberately went to look for the ‘body’.

In this way, I brought the person who was tracking me to that planet, where I arranged in advance.

This is a remote bamboo forest. At this moment, the fake orange-skinned flesh is lying in the nutrition chamber.

After I entered, he was already lying there, so realistic that I really thought I had seen my body.

Chiw told me at this time that the person monitoring me was outside, and he could hear everything I said.

I asked Qiaoqi if I knew that person, and Qiaoqi said a name that surprised me, that was Qiongqi.

I didn't expect that Dusha would let her son follow me. It seems that her next plan is very important. She doesn't worry about anyone and can only let her son come.

In her opinion, her son's cultivation base is above me and will never be discovered by me.

If it weren't for the fat and thin old man, I did not find that Qiongqi was following me. I couldn't help but feel a little grateful, and once again realized the importance of cooperation.

It seems that in the future, I really have to learn to cooperate in groups. It is not a good way to go alone after all, because the universe is vast and complicated, and no matter how strong a person is, it is ultimately limited.

Even if I am immortal, even if my strength is truly invincible one day, but the people under me, unite against me, I still have no chance of winning.

What's more, if I want to protect the earth, I must find allies for the earth, not just become the lord of the earth.

That way, when the earth encounters a crisis, many other planets will stand up to protect it, which is much stronger than me alone.

Withdrawing my thoughts, I pretended to be sad and arranged clothes for'Chen Huangpi', and said: "Huangpi, my good brother, I have already won the trust of that woman Dusha according to your account before leaving."

"She actually thought I fell in love with her, and she revealed to me the inside story of the game, to help me get the first place. I know, she wants to find someone to replace you, so she won't need to be punished, she can keep herself Status."

"Huh, I won't make her happy. When I win the game, I will expose her crimes and let everyone know how good your Chen Huangpi is, and how stubborn her Dusha is. What a rare talent has been lost in the entire universe!"

"As for your dreams, I will try my best to realize them, and your friends and relatives, I will also protect them for you. Brother, you can go with peace of mind..."

"It's enough for Mu Fan to have a good brother like you in my life."

After speaking, I set a fire and lit the fake orange peel. When it turned into ashes, I buried it in the bamboo forest and made an unknown monument.

Chi Chi said funny: "Little Huang Pizi, your acting is so realistic. The guy outside probably fooled you completely. He has already left."

I put away my sad expression, and said: "This Qiongqi cultivation base has improved a lot, and I want to beat him without revealing my identity. I am afraid it will not be easy."

Chir said: "That's right, who made him have such an awesome dad?"

I think of Gamma. That guy is a big hidden danger. Although I have tampered with everyone’s memory, he won’t remember that he fought with me, but I’m afraid that he will turn to him for help after Dusha is driven to a dead end. .

But I'm not worried. As long as I get the first place in the competition and join the organization in Ye Yikou, I'm afraid Gamma can't help me.

The most important thing now is to improve strength.

Thinking of this, I no longer wasted time, got up and went back to the city, ready to find a place to practice.

I asked, "Is there a place suitable for my cultivation here?"

Chir said: "Of course there is. This is Hongyu Divine Kingdom. The place for people to practice here is much more powerful than the Galactic Empire, and of course it is much more cruel."

"That place is called the Slaughter Gate. The most basic usage is similar to the training ground of the Galactic Empire, but it has a very wonderful and unique purpose."

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