Chapter 1587:Super Urban Master

Care about you

Gu Chi actually sold me a pass, and I was speechless: "When did you get so inked?"

Chi Chi didn't have a good air and said: "What is your impatient? Your impetuous heart now is not conducive to cultivation."


Qi Chi continued: "The wonderful thing about Killing Gate is that you can customize your opponent in the virtual universe. Customization, do you understand?"

I really don’t know: “I’ve only heard of custom-made clothes, shoes, and custom-made weapons. How can you customize your opponent?”

"Is it ignorant?" Gu Qi said proudly, "The so-called customized opponent is that you can select real people in the virtual universe there, synthesize your opponent, and even change the opponent's battle data to match the current one. Your strength matches."

"It's easy to understand. Don't you want to defeat Qiongqi, but your strength is not enough? You can customize him to familiarize yourself with his combat routines and delve into the ways to defeat him."

"Of course, you can also hone yourself in the fight and improve your own strength. Maybe by that time, you don't need to rely on opportunistic tricks to win him."

I didn't expect this killing gate to be so interesting. I said: "This way, wouldn't everyone be able to go, then know oneself and the enemy, and no one has any weaknesses, which is not conducive to the subsequent games."

Qi Chi smiled and said, "That's how it is interesting, why? Little Huangpi, are you afraid? Are you afraid of being discovered your weakness?"

I shook my head and said, "Fear? Why should I be afraid? This is fair, isn't it?"

Chir said evilly: "Fair? Pooh, it's not fair."

I am puzzled: "How to say?"

It explained: "The high price of the customized rival service of Slaughter Gate is not affordable for ordinary people. Even the children of everyone have very few opportunities to come here. Therefore, for ordinary people. , Even if there is such an opportunity, they won't be able to use it."

This is indeed!

This kind of exclusive customization was originally prepared for the wealthy. This is like on the planet. Some organizations are rich or expensive. Not to mention joining the small people and small households, I am afraid that there will be no opportunities for connection in this life.

As Mu Fan, I am a descendant of the royal family, but I am also exiled, but I have no money.

Knowing my troubles, Chi Chi said, "Go to the bank to open an account. After opening the account, I can transfer a portion of the money in your deity's account to your Mufan's card."

This is a good way.

So I quickly went to the bank to open an account, and after Chi Chi transferred the money into this bank card, I walked towards the killing gate.

Following Qi Chi's guidance, I quickly came to the Slaughter Gate. As soon as I entered the door, I saw a familiar shadow, it was Mou Xiangsi.

When I met Mou Xiangsi, my mood was very complicated.

I used her twice before, hurting her very deeply and turning her into a laughing stock. This time, the role I played once again had a constant relationship with her.

Originally, I planned to use Mu Fan’s identity to approach her, so I tried to re-enter the Galactic Empire royal family again, and figure out the relationship between the high-dimensional world and the Galactic Empire royal family, in order to contact Ye Hongyu again.

But now I have changed my mind.

I don’t want to use and hurt Mou Xiangsi anymore. Although I can’t tell her my true identity, at least I can tell her that I am Chen Huangpi’s friend and tell her that I will protect her instead of deceiving her and using her. .

As for entering the inner galactic empire, exploring the high-dimensional world and the galactic empire, I will start from elsewhere.

As I was thinking about it, I saw the front desk swiping the card for Mouxiangsi while persuading him: "Princess Mu, why do you think you are? You have customized this Chen Huangpi to be your opponent five times, and you have never won it once!"

"According to me, you might as well lower his combat effectiveness, or else I will feel sorry for your money."

When several guests next to him heard this, they all looked at Mu Xiangsi with violent eyes.

"The princess of the Galactic Empire is really rich and powerful. Every time I customize an image to fight, I spend enough money to buy a remote planet."

"I heard that Chen Huangpi was her first husband and deceived her. That's why she is so persistent."

"It's so pitiful, Ming Minggui is a princess of a country, and he was led by a man in his emotions."

"The Milky Way Empire is nothing more than a subordinate country in the Kingdom of Hongyu. The princesses raised are normal."

"With this money, buy some Xingyao men's favorites, isn't it better than here?"

Hearing these comments, Mouxiangsi's face was pale, and she angered: "I spend my money to enjoy my service, what does it matter to you?"

The front desk quickly laughed and said, "Hehe, what Miss Mu said is, then I will swipe the card."

I looked at Mouxiangsi, but I didn't expect her obsession to be so deep, she must hate me very much, so she tried to kill me in the virtual universe.

It seems that I really hurt her too deeply. For a while, I didn't know whether to change my mind or tell her that I was Chen Huangpi's friend.

I walked over, grabbed the card in the front desk, and said, "Miss Mu, it's better to give it to me if you have this money. I will be your sparring partner."

The front desk looked at me suspiciously.

Mu Xiangsi looked at me with a cold face and asked, "Mu Fan, who do you think you are? Why do you care about my affairs?"

I looked at her. At this moment, there was a blue color on her eyebrows, which was obviously a sign of disaster.

Although this is the universe, our hot summer black and yellow art is extremely mysterious, and it is also applicable to these universe human races.

I even wanted to give Mouxiangsi a divination right away, but I couldn't. I had to find a way to bring her by my side to make sure that I could help her turn the tide.

I fixedly looked at her, suddenly approached her, and whispered in her ear: "Whether it is a member of the Mu family or the brother of Chen Huangpi, I think I have a reason to take care of your affairs."

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