Chapter 1:The Female Partner Refuses To Be Cannon Fodder

Jiang Chan and his people

This is an orphanage on the outskirts of the city, very remote and desolate, with no one inhabited around it. It was during the summer vacation, Lin Jianzhi was screaming heartbreakingly, making the local people upset for no reason.

But the hot air and the noisy cicadas didn't seem to affect the thin figure in the orphanage at all. She is only a few meters tall, with a black face and thin face, but her eyes are calm and different from those of her peers.

At this moment, she is staring at the admission notice in her hand. This is the admission notice of City No. 1 High School. Jiang Chan has just finished the senior high school entrance examination and can be admitted to the City No. 1 High School.

Looking at the bright admission notice, Jiang Chan's eyes were calm. The dean on the opposite side looked unbearable: "Jiang Chan, there is no way in the courtyard. It is already very difficult to raise your children. No one in the orphanage has donated money and materials for many years..."

"President, I understand." Jiang Chan stopped the dean's words, "I am very grateful for you to allow me to finish junior high school. I will figure out my own solution for the follow-up studies."

Although it is said that it is nine years of compulsory education, in addition to tuition and textbook fees, the rest of the food expenses, which does not require money? Therefore, Jiang Chan can understand the difficulties of the dean.

Besides, even if she really got the Grand Luck entrance exam, she never thought about asking the courtyard to pay for her education. The courtyard was very difficult to operate, and she couldn't make it worse.

Jiang Chan pressed his lips tightly and picked up the notice: "I'm going back to the room first, don't worry too much about it. I will take care of the tuition fee by myself. I will take advantage of this summer vacation to go out to work."

The dean hesitated to say something, and when he saw Jiang Chan's insistent face, he sighed helplessly: "You kid just admit to death, okay, you go to the room first. If you can think of a way, I won't Will stop you."

Jiang Chan nodded: "I know, Dean, children like us can only rely on themselves. You can shelter me for so many years. I really appreciate you."

Dean waved his hand and watched Jiang Chan disappear into the yard. She sighed, and the puff fan in her hand shook without a second. It was obvious that she was also very entangled in making Jiang Chan give up studying.

The camera turns to the dean. The dean is in her sixties. She came to this orphanage when she was young and dedicated her youth to this orphanage.

Every child in the yard sees her as if she can send them to school, so she tries her best to satisfy them. Although she doesn't read much, she knows the truth that knowledge changes destiny.

Jiang Chan is a girl she likes very much. I am also very hardworking and motivated.

This kid goes out to do odd jobs while she is studying. Otherwise, according to her level of intelligence, she would have been admitted to the City No. 1 High School with a full scholarship. How could she be ranked in the tail of the crane?

The dean wiped her eyes. She really has no choice. The orphanage needs to be operated. The tuition fees of key high schools are already very high, and the courtyard is really unaffordable.

Now I can only hope that Jiang Chan can really collect enough high school tuition in the courtyard, otherwise she will have nothing to do. The dean is already wondering whether to call and contact the previous funders.

To say that the child Jiang Chan is also suffering. Like the children in the orphanage, they basically have these kinds of physical defects, but Jiang Chan is not, very healthy, and I don’t know what kind of person it is to put orphans. At the gate of the courtyard.

Dean still remembered that when he just picked up Jiang Chan, he was a small group of clothes. The clothes all over his body were well dressed, and there was a cicada-shaped pendant hanging around his neck, which looked good.

Since you look at a good family situation, how can you put such a child in an orphanage? The dean didn't dare to think about the causes and consequences of this. He just told Jiang Chan to take good care of this pendant. Maybe it will be of great use in the future.

Jiang Chan, who returned to the room, was not as calm as he was in front of the dean. Jiang Chan carefully put the admission notice in the small cabinet and locked it with the lock, just because he was worried about naughty children. Will unintentionally turn to it.

As the eldest child in the yard, although Jiang Chan didn't think anyone would dare to search her room, he took care of it.

She was lying on her back on a small bed less than one meter away, and the iron bed made a creaking noise, which was unreasonably annoying in this hot afternoon. Jiang Chan stared at the ceiling, thinking about how to earn high school tuition in these limited two months.

In fact, according to her grades, it should not be possible to test only such a small score, but she is usually busy working, and the time spent on studying will inevitably be much less. Nowadays, she can't blame others for taking such a score~www.mtlnovel .com~ Jiang Chan puts the back of her hand on her eyes, wondering where should she go to work tomorrow? She is only fourteen years old now. If the dean had falsely reported her age, she would not have been able to study at all.

So the age on Jiang Chan’s ID is 16 years old. This age is a bit embarrassing. She is still not an adult. The average working people really dare not hire her for fear of another crime of hiring child labor.

After a long time, there was a vague voice in the room: "Oh, it's hard to die a hero with a penny!"

She touched the cicada-shaped pendant on her chest and calmed her mind. Why not go to Uncle Mo’s restaurant tomorrow? Although Uncle Mo's restaurant can't make much money, it's better than the one that didn't come.

settled this idea, Jiang Chan took out the pen and paper, and began to plan step by step...

The next day, when the genius was overwhelming, Jiang Chan got up early, and after cleaning up, she put on her latest outfit, which was donated by kind people last year.

is just new clothes. After a long period of washing, it will inevitably fade and deform. Nowadays, they can only be said to be clean. Jiang Chan pursed his lips, hoping to find another job in other places besides Uncle Mo's restaurant today.

The breakfast at the orphanage is very simple, rice porridge, cucumbers grown in the yard, mixed with a little salt. Jiang Chan drank the porridge without looking up, the dean sighed silently while watching Jiang Chan's dressing.

A little boy of about six years old walked to Jiang Chan's leg: "Sister, where are you going today?"

This child is a congenital harelip, obviously it is just a minor operation, but the funding in the hospital is really tight, and there is no ability to do it. The dean can only hope that there will be good-hearted support in the future, so that An An can do it. Good surgery.

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