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Jiang Ze inherited all the authority of the cosmic wonder “Apocalypse”.

Using Apocalypse as the server, summon Skyblue Star’s friends to become Light Warriors.

Therefore, there is an evil force in the universe.

Think Tank Command: The other side is a group of brainless natives, and this wave of space war is stable.

Sand sculpture player: The real friendship is that you have been mentally retarded for many years, and I will never leave you.

Tower defense player: The sea of ​​​​worms is here again, guard Jiang Ze’s battle speed is set up, missile launchers, lithography arrays, mortars, mine throwing speed are set, and a wild monster is missed, count me as a loser! !

Star Civilization: What? Is there a race that can compete head-on with the Zerg?

What? Even the demon civilization was shattered by them?

What? We became their sub-race?

You say it again!!!

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