Chapter 694:The Fourth Natural Disaster: I Rely on Players To Dominate the Star Field

: Civil war begins

The Fourth Calamity: I Rely on Players to Dominate the Star Region Chapter 607: The Civil War Begins

At this time, the square was very lively.

"Huh? Lao Li, you were also eliminated?"

"Are you guys also eliminated?"

" did you lose?"

"Hey, the old man was defeated, I don't even know what happened!"

"Have all the elders and even the leaders of our branch headquarters been eliminated?"

"What the ** is going on with this player civilization? Don't theirs look like a spicy chicken? Why are there so many terrifying existences suddenly appearing in this competition?"

Almost all the senior leaders of the five major forces gathered here and confirmed each other. Only then did they find that all the contestants of the five major forces, including their leaders, were almost eliminated.

It can be said that a contestant does not exist on the battlefield.



Until now, these high-level executives sighed, they couldn't figure out life or death.

Player Civilization Which players look at a spicy chicken, unbelievable strength!

Why is it so strong all of a sudden?

Just not like a man from the universe?

It seems that they are all about the same age, and the bone age is about the same, how can there be such a big gap?

At this time, the people of the five major forces had question marks in their heads.

Players who are eliminated are also angry.

"As soon as I stepped on the horse, I met Di Shen, and I was immediately stunned. I vomited!" Some players trembled with anger.

"I hid in a pile of meteorites, and then I was suddenly choked to death by a sword! Oh!" Voldemort's player also vomited blood.

"Isn't our fusion invincible? Why did we die so miserably?" Some players also had an explosion of mentality.

But no matter what, everyone who was eliminated from the five major forces, as well as players who were eliminated, and players who did not participate in the competition at the beginning, could only squat in the square to watch the live broadcast.

In addition to the game, on Skyblue Star, such a big story has long attracted nearly one billion cloud players to watch the live broadcast on the forum!

"Hold the grass, Brother Chu and Zhulai are really good, but Brother Kidney Deficiency actually fought the two of them for 300 rounds?"

"How could this happen, the commoner ** I worship has lost? Did the power of light finally lose to the power of krypton gold?"

"Hahaha, look, it's so miserable. When I met Di Shen, I cried and said that he was a fart! Hey, I was still punched by Di Shen!"

"Di Shen is too strong, and several second and third test bosses have black faces, and they were all killed by Di Shen!"

"Forget Di Shen is invincible, he still likes to wander around, hahaha! Whoever encounters is unlucky!"

"Make a bet, bet, I'm definitely in the top ten betting on Di Shen!"

"Isn't it nonsense that you are riding a horse?"

The forum water friends are all excited to watch the live broadcast, and they are all excited.

At this moment, a live broadcast screen suddenly attracted everyone's attention!

Many people in the square are frying!

"Look there!"

"Look at screen 69! Hold the grass, God is about to fight!"

"Oh my God, where's the BGM? Let's play it!"

Many players were in an uproar and rushed over.


The people of the five major forces were also curious, so they looked.

"It's the two of them? Isn't this the two members of the player civilization?" The people from the five major forces were surprised.

In the live broadcast screen, two figures appeared.

On the left, the names are all clouds!

On the right, you want to kill madness!

"Hehehe, before the finals, let's decide the outcome! Let me kill you scumbag! So that you won't be killed by others!" Fu Yun laughed and said proudly.

"Ow? Is that so? I also want to beat you up honestly. Today, I'm going to beat you into a candied haws!" Crazy smiled disdainfully.

The next moment, the two sides broke out in a terrifying atmosphere!

"Boom!!!" 10,000 meters around the crazy, all the ground, rocks, and even trees, all turned into ice!

The temperature in the air plummeted to absolute zero in an instant.

On the madness, two forces erupted at the same time!

Frozen mood! Ice Shadow Law!

On the cloud side, there is no falsehood at all!

"Boom!!!" Accompanied by the slow rise of a huge fireball like a planet, the sea of ​​​​fire rose into the sky, and even the surrounding universe was burned red and distorted by the power of flames.

What is even more terrifying is that behind Fuyun, a holy flame dragon condensed by the power of holy flame slowly condenses, and a pair of dragon eyes are staring at the madness!

There is a sea of ​​fire on the left, and a piece of ice on the right!

Ice and fire confrontation, the picture is too shocking!

"Hold the grass, isn't this a classic scene? The Ice and Fire Island Showdown?"

"Mom, are the two basic friends, Brother Huo and Brother Bing, finally going to fight?"

"Quick! Quickly record it into a small video, and send it to Shakyin in a while with a wave of B!"

The players fry the pot on the spot, and they all picked up the meat skewers and the elemental slurry.

"Humph!" He raised his hand frantically and solemnly, and a 10,000-meter-long ice spear suddenly appeared!

"Come on!" The Floating Cloud campaign was high-spirited, and when he changed his body, he turned into the strongest form and went out, the flames were burning, and the radius was full of red! !

The flame of artistic conception, the flame of law, the holy flame, the three flames in one!

The two sides collided and confronted, and the terrifying shock wave of ice and fire broke out directly!

Drive away and raze all meteorite fragments within a radius of thousands of miles to the ground!


"Damn, what's going on?"

"I'm going to burp! Ah!"

Many players who were close enough were eliminated before they could react!

This area has turned into a world of fire and ice!

Those who are not strong enough can't even get close!

"Mom, it's too scary to fight with gods!"

"I give up the race, I give up the race on the horse, head office!"

"Is this the power of Brother Fire and Brother Ice? It's a hammer!"

Many Liuce Mengxin, who were hiding far away, saw this scene and cried instantly, so they chose to abstain.

You can't even bear the Yu Wei from the fight between the top bosses, and you still want to eat chicken?

Ahhh, still want to be in the top ten?

What about dreaming?

"Are these two B-order realms?"

"Are you sure these aren't two A-powers?"

"This power do I feel like I'm a fake B-level?"

The senior leaders and students of the five major forces were all stupid, watching the earth-shattering battle in the live broadcast, and looked down at themselves.

A member of the player's civilization, a casual blow is comparable to an A-power blow!

Comparing yourself, it's almost like a rubbing comparison!

This wave was eliminated, old man, be convinced!

You can't do it if you don't want to ride a horse!

"Look at the 66th screen!!!" At this moment, another player exclaimed, so everyone looked at it and was surprised again!

On the 22nd screen, a shocking scene is appearing

The millions of legions are surrounded by two figures!

At the beginning of the month, Liang Shanbo and the pig came hard!

"Hehehe, Brother Chu, Brother Pig, you can fight for it, but it's not a coincidence that I bought a lot of this stuff. Before the finals, we have to decide the winner!" The empty boy looked at the two with a playful look. Road figure!

"Yeah, this wave, you can't escape!"

"Brother Chu, Brother Pig, don't blame us for being mean! You guys are too strong!"

"Yes, it's called fifty-one for justice! No, it's two-for-five million!"

A total of fifty figures, including Young Master Kongkong, lined up in a row, and said loudly to the two of them at the beginning of the moon.

Five test krypton gold big day group!

It is full of top chaebols of Skyblue Star.

And between them and the two of them at the beginning of the month, there are countless mechanical Gundams in groups!

The awakened huge alien mecha Gundam, and the Mechanical Dragon Gundam! !

The number is as large as five million!

The breath has all reached the peak level of the B-order!

This scene completely shocked the people of the five major forces, and also shocked the players.

"Grass the grass, Brother Kidney Xu brought 49 local tyrants, and actually asked You Tianxue to make so many high-end mecha Gundams?"

"Mom, the weakest are the B-rank peaks, it's too scary, right?"

"It's useless to pull it out below B+, right? The four of them are not stupid!"

The players were in an uproar.

"Five million B-rank peaks?"

The students of the five major forces were dumbfounded, but the high-level leaders all took a breath.

"No matter how strong these two are, I'm afraid they will be finished!"

"Yeah, these millions of troops are still machines. I'm afraid they can be connected and assembled. No matter how strong these two are, they will be consumed alive!"

"From the moment they were surrounded, they had already lost!"

The senior leaders of the five major forces all nodded secretly.

To deal with this kind of battle, you must go out first and kill the controller before being surrounded by groups!

Otherwise, surrounded by endless summoned machines, there is only one result!

After exhausting all power, he was swallowed alive!

This is the horror of mechanics!

"Ow? Are you finally ready?"

However, the two of them at the beginning of the moon, who had been standing in the void, opened their eyes and said Yoyo!

"???" This sentence made Young Master Kong stunned for a moment.

The players watching the live battle and the people from the five major forces were also stunned.

What's the meaning?

Could it be that at the beginning of this month, the two of them didn't make a move, just waiting for the other party to surround themselves and make the strongest circle?

Can you be so arrogant?

"Grip the grass, as expected of my first brother Pig, the two of them are so arrogant!"

"Two people at the beginning of the month: It's too bullying to hit you directly, don't worry, you surround Lao Tzu first, and Lao Tzu waits for you to be surrounded before you shoot!"

"As expected of a top veteran player, too strong!"

The players were all frying, all excited.

"???" The people of the five major forces were full of question marks in their minds.

This is the strongest decisive battle of player civilization!

Why did the two of them seem to not care at all at the beginning of this month?

If the strength is really strong, it can completely end the battle quickly by surprise, so why give the opponent a chance?

"To deal with you with a sword, it's too bullying! I can do it with my bare hands!" At the beginning of the moon, he withdrew the lightsaber in his hand and stood with his back.

"???" The people of the five major forces were all dumbfounded.

Are you a swordsman, without a sword, with bare hands?

Or surrounded by millions of legions?

"Grass the grass, brother Chu, are you looking down on us?"

"Damn, Gan!"

"Anyway, I have reached such a big battle! Brother Chu, have you underestimated us?"

"Okay, you two don't regret it!"

The nose is almost crooked, maybe we can't win your full shot!

But you don't even need a sword to ride a horse, so you look down on people too much, right?

"Mechanical Legion! Kill him!"

A group of five local tyrants waved and ordered!


In an instant, the five million mechanical legions moved in unison, all killing the two at the beginning of the moon!

But right now!

At the beginning of the month, the two raised their hands!

"Sacrificial Blade Storm!!!" The two of them roared at the beginning of the month, and the terrifying sacrificial flow and sword intent burst out. Spinning up, in the universe, turned into a hurricane!


The hurricane spreads to kilometers, ten thousand meters, and even ten meters in an instant!

"Katsaka Katsaka!"

Wherever the Blade Storm passes, what mechanical beasts, what mechanical Gundams, what combined mechas, it will be stained at a touch!

"Boom!!!" The storm swept away, directly crushing the millions of mechanical legions into pieces!


Young Master Kong Kong and other local tyrants were engulfed in an instant before they had time to react!

"Fuck!" The empty son escaped first-class, directly using the ability of the void, turned around and escaped through the void!

When the other local tyrants glanced, they could only see the back of the four old green onions carrying the Void Young Master, breaking the air and leaving at a high speed, and his nose almost crooked in an instant.

"Dead Daoist friends don't die poor Daoists, brothers, I'm tired, and I will use the Holy Flame Mecha to avenge you!"

At the beginning of the siege month, the two of them were almost exhausted, and then Young Master Kong urges the Holy Flame Mecha to raid!

As a result, he was so directly stunned, and while running away, he shouted a few words.

"Brother kidney deficiency....You are riding a horse...Bastard!!!" A group of local tyrants vomited blood.

Empty son is so shameless!

"Hehe, I'm so witty! Run first, if there is a show, I will kill you back! If there is no show..."

"Cough cough... Brothers, I'm sorry, I want to hang out for a while!"

The empty son ran away without turning his head.

"Do you think you could run away?" At the beginning of the moon, he smiled, raised his hand and slashed into the void, locking on Mr. Kongkong, and the violent sword intent concentrated and slashed away, heading straight for Mr.Kongkong!

"Grass the grass!" Mr. Kongkong was still running through the void. When he turned his head and looked, his soul was gone!

"Boom boom boom!" At the beginning of the month, the blade broke through the sky, and it was about to hit the empty son!

"Damn! You forced me!" Young Master Kong gritted his teeth, just about to take out his trump card!

I saw a dazzling stream of light flashing, and a huge figure appeared in front of the empty son, directly blocking this terrifying sword strike!

" Mei Shen, I didn't expect it, you still underestimate my Void Secret Art! Want to kill me? Go for it! I'm the master of the Void Corps! Ahhh, What is this riding horse?"

As soon as Mo Xiaoshang appeared triumphantly, he escaped from Meizhi Jiulan's hands with a proud face, but when he turned his head, he saw the dazzling sword energy slashed at the beginning of the moon!

"Grass the grass!!!" Mo Xiaoshang vomited, Mad Laozi's three great secret techniques of shifting the void, just fled here, Nima came up with such a strong attack to face?

"Four-stage light armor!

! "

"Super power explosion!


"Void move....Fuck Nima!"

Before Mo Xiaoshang could show it, he was hit by the blade and exploded the newly formed energy light armor!

"Brother Xiaoshang, thank you for your selfless dedication, you have a good journey! I will really thank you!"

Young Master Kong was moved and said, he never expected that he was about to use his final trump card, and that Brother Mo Xiaoshang came out to block the gun?

Is this still possible?

Well, the boss blocked the gun for the younger brother!

It's very reasonable, it's very reasonable!

Then Young Master Kong Void took advantage of the situation and ran away without a trace.

"???" At the beginning of the month, the two of them were also stunned. Originally, Young Master Kong was dead, but he could suddenly teleport and pop up a Mo Xiaoshang to block the gun?

And this thing? ?

At this moment, behind the two of them at the beginning of the moon, five figures stood out in unison, attracting the attention of the two at the beginning of the moon.

"Huh?" Yue Chu and Zhu Lai turned around, and they were a little surprised!


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