Chapter 1442:The Happy Life of the Reborn Dad

Tong Tong, this silly and bold boy (four thousand one hundred...

The three siblings, Qingyu, Chenchen, and Jingling, were placed on the stroller, ignoring their thoughts of getting out of the stroller and walking by themselves.

"Jing Ling, sit in the car and be honest. I'll get you out when you get to the top." Xia Zekai said to him.

Among the three siblings, he was the most dishonest, and kept twisting around, annoying his brother and sister, and wished he could bite him.

Of course, whether you can beat it is another matter.

Wang Yi was originally leading the way, but as he walked, he lost his direction. For the first time, Guo Ali, he didn't know which way to go.

Xia Zekai looked at the pillar next to him with the parking space in Area B written. He said to Wang Yi, "Xiao Wang, next time, go straight to the west and park at the parking space in Area C, which is near the elevator."

As he spoke, he pushed the trolley and walked in front of Wang Yi, and in an instant he was leading the way, staring at the others for a moment, so much so that they forgot to follow.

Xia Zekai pushed the three siblings and walked for a while, and when he heard that there was no movement around him, he turned his head back and looked at him, they were all standing there looking at him, and shouted: "Come on, what are you doing standing there stupidly? ?"

His wife Luo Xiyun came to his senses, trotted a few steps to keep up, and asked him, "Zekai, have you been here? How come you are so familiar with this place?"

But she always felt that something was wrong, and she couldn't remember it for a while.

Xia Zekai smiled 'hehe' and said, "Yes, I also know that we take the elevator up to Decathlon, and to the south is KFC. If I remember correctly, there are H&M and Uniqlo on the first floor!"

"On the second floor, there are La Chapelle and Weaiweiai, but there are few genuine brands."

"How did you know?" Luo Xiyun was even more curious.

Xia Zekai rolled her eyes at her with a look of 'daughter-in-law, you are so stupid', and continued: "Since the opening of Yintai City, how many advertisements have been made on the Internet and on TV, you can search with your mobile phone, and there are 'Intime' on the Internet. City food, drink and entertainment strategy', it's really rare and strange!"

"Crack!" Luo Xiyun raised his hand and slapped him on the back: "As far as you can, I have to take a look. If you are wrong, be careful and I will settle the account with you later."

Wang Yi, who was two positions behind, glanced at his boss suspiciously. He was always by Xia Zekai's side to protect his personal safety. Because of this, he knew how busy the boss was during this time. In this state, does the boss really have time to watch 'Intime City Food, Drink and Play Guide'?

But after going up, I found that the momentum of the elevator is really Decathlon. Looking south, it is KFC, and facing the elevator entrance is KFC's workbench specializing in selling ice cream.

Luo Xiyun kept nagging: "It's really evil."

When she saw a route sign not far in front of her, she ran over to take a look, and found that there were two stores, H&M and Uniqlo, as her husband said on the first floor.

She admired her husband very much in her heart, but she was not convinced: "Zekai, I think you remembered it right, what else do you say?"

Hearing what his wife said, Xia Zekai smiled and pretended to frown in thought. After more than ten seconds, he opened his eyes and said, "I remember that there are Tutu and Nike stores on the first floor. forget it."

Luo Xiyun glanced at it and asked her husband to be right again.

The girl and Tongtong watched their parents play dumb riddles. They both became impatient and shouted: "Dad, mom, hurry up, don't waste time."

"Mom, where did you say there is an indoor zoo?" Tong Tong yelled.

Luo Xiyun didn't respond, but looked at her husband and said, "Zekai, do you know which floor is there?"

"I really don't know." Xia Zekai said.

In his memory, he did not remember that there was an indoor zoo in Yintai City, but there were many places for children to play on the second and third floors. He remembered the Ant Kingdom, the Miaomiaole Children's Castle, and an ice skating rink. What's your name?

The memory is too long, and he only remembers a few limited places.

Seeing that her husband couldn't answer, Luo Xiyun was happy: "Zekai, it seems that you don't know, so I'll say you're not omnipotent."

After talking, she took the initiative to say: "There is an indoor zoo called Glinkaka on the third floor, but there are only some cute little animals in it, and there are no ferocious large animals such as tigers and lions."

"Uh!" Xia Zekai was stunned. He didn't have the impression of this, but he remembered that there was an indoor zoo in Wanda Plaza later. It seems to be called Green Kaka, right?

"Dad, Mom, why don't you leave? I'm going to the zoo." After the girl and Tongtong came here, they both became anxious when they saw that Dad and Mom didn't move.

Xia Zekai said quickly, "Okay, okay, let's go now."

"Dad, the elevator is here." Tongtong said, pointing to the straight ladder on the right.

But there are people standing at the entrance of the straight ladder. There are families who are pushing their children with baby carriages, couples, parents holding their children, elderly people with white hair, fashionable and trendy clothes. Girlfriends, and handsome guys with killer hairstyles.

Someone like Xia Zekai is not very conspicuous.

But there were quite a few people who knew Xia Zekai in the crowd. Many people pointed at him, but Xia Zekai waved at them generously to say hello. At this time, it often attracted a burst of cheers and greetings. voice, but no one leaned in to talk to him up close.

Most of the people were suppressed by Xia Zekai's "aura" and "inexplicable aura", and everyone wanted to get close to Xia Zekai, but they didn't have the courage.

Wang Yi, Wu Jialei, Geng Yuqin and the others gathered around Xia Zekai's family.

No way, there are too many people in this place, what if there is something wrong?

"Zekai, let's take the elevator directly, don't wait here for the elevator." Luo Xiyun said.

Xia Zekai happily agreed.

When we got here, there was no need for Xia Zekai to lead the way. Wang Yi followed the road signs and knew how to get there, but the elevator here is different from the crawler-type elevator just now. The three came over and took the three Qingyu siblings out of the stroller.

Xia Zekai and his family went up the elevator.

Xia Zekai looked at the familiar and somewhat unfamiliar name of the shop in front of him, and was filled with emotion.

When he saw a small shop called 2 square meters, which mainly focused on study desks and chairs, Xia Zekai remembered the study desks and chairs he bought here for his two daughters in his previous life.

At that time, his income was not low, but not too high.

The price of study desks and chairs within 2 square meters is really not low for his income in his previous life. A set of study desks and chairs is 6,000 yuan, which is still low-end...

The girl and Tongtong have removed 12,000 of the two sets.

But the price for them now, let alone 12,000, is 120,000 study desks and chairs, and Xia Zekai bought them without blinking an eye.

But with the passage of time, he can no longer find the feeling he used to feel.

When they got to the third floor, there were toy sellers and various student education and training places. There were more places to eat. There was no need to ask for directions. ."

"Wow, the koala, and the little raccoon, so cute!"

When the girl and Tongtong heard this, they couldn't wait any longer. The sisters took their father and mother's hands and dragged them westward: "Dad, mother, run quickly, or you won't be able to get in."

Luo Xiyun wondered what logic this was.

But there are quite a lot of people here. When we got to the front and back, when the door was full of people, Xia Zekai had a headache, and he said, "Daughter-in-law, take them in and see, let Xiao Geng follow you, I Take the three of them with rain and rain to other places."

"Can you do it?" Luo Xiyun doubted whether her husband could coax Qingyu and the three siblings.

Just thinking about saying a few words to warn her, she heard her husband Xia Zekai say: "Well, look at the three of them, I'll take the girl and Tongtong in."

"Bah, there's no sincerity at all, you can't fight any more, I'll give it to you..." Luo Xiyun finally got a chance to be lazy, how could she let it go, she shouted a few words, then waved her hand, bringing The girl and Tongtong ran towards Glinkaka: "Girl, Tongtong, let's go, buy a ticket."

"Hey, it's still a dead duck with a hard mouth, and the stinky problem has not changed." Xia Zekai scolded with a smile and asked Jiang Ningning and the three of them to put Qingyu, Chenchen and Jingling in the trolley and sat down, then he pushed the trolley to the place where the toys were sold. go.

There is also a 'Crossing the Bridge Edge Rice Noodles' and a 'Xijiade Dumplings', both of which are still the layout in my memory, and have not changed at all. Xia Zekai has a feeling that his dream has been realized.

On the other side, Luo Xiyun took the girl and Tongtong in line. After buying the tickets, they went in with the crowd, and Geng Yuqin followed behind.

As soon as you enter this indoor zoo, you will see a forest of lights built with various colored light strips.

There are several non-venomous snakes of different varieties in transparent glass boxes on both sides. There are golden pythons, cauliflower snakes, small green snakes, and a snake with completely white skin. I don't know what species it is.

Not far away, a staff member was dragging a small golden python with both hands for customers to play with. A child dared to touch it, but he reached out and saw the golden python's head stretched out. The child screamed in fright.

"It's okay, this python has no teeth. You can rest assured that it won't bite." The zoo staff tried their best to sell it.

Unlike other zoos, other zoos have to spend money to take pictures with animals or feed them, but this Glinkaka indoor zoo is a one-ticket viewing, and there are no other charges.

She introduced: "This python is very docile."

It was obvious that what she said was true.

But the problem is that most people are inherently resistant to this cold mollusk, and there are very few children who really dare to play with the golden python.

But today, a stupid and daring tiger came in.

"Auntie, play with me!" Tong Tong suddenly ran to the staff and shouted.

Only then did Luo Xiyun react. She was inattentive just now, and Tong Tong, the arrogant child, ran away.

To be honest, she was also afraid of snakes. Seeing that the golden-skinned golden python was carefully held up and handed to Tongtong by the staff, she was frightened and hurriedly shouted: "Tongtong, don't be joking. "

"Mom, it's okay, don't you think it's pretty?" Tong Tong said with a big smile.

Luo Xiyun scolded inwardly: "You are beautiful, I really want it to eat you in one bite."

"Bah, bah, mom, what's your vision? It's really beautiful." Tong Tong has already stretched out her hands, and she has also learned the movements of the staff, spreading her hands to support the belly of the golden python, and then in the staff's With help, he hung one of the snakes around Tongtong's neck.

She caressed the golden python's head with one hand and its tail with the other, and turned around twice, enjoying several waves of admiration from other children and adults. She was very happy.

"Look Mom, I'm amazing!" She also shouted.

Seeing her sister, she walked towards her again: "Sister, you can try it too, it's fun, it's cold, and it's so comfortable."

At this moment, even the staff were dumbfounded, how could this little girl not be afraid at She seemed quite happy.

Dude, is this an elf born to play snakes?

But the girl was as afraid of this thing as her mother, Luo Xiyun. Luo Xiyun stared at Tongtong: "Tongtong, you're not obedient, right? You give it back to Auntie."

"Hey, mom, aren't you afraid, it's really okay." Tongtong tried to persuade, but unfortunately it was useless.

Seeing her mother holding her sister's hand to leave, Tong Tong became anxious, and quickly returned the golden python to the staff and thanked the staff, so she caught up.

But other adults and children looked at her back, and all pointed and praised her.

"What a great little girl, look how great she is!"

"Son, that young lady is amazing, you can try it too soon."

"My God, that little girl is a dragon. She can subdue these snakes as soon as she is born, and she is too courageous!"


Tongtong ran a few steps before catching up with her mother and sister. They were looking at parrots at the moment. There were all kinds of parrots, and they looked very beautiful.

But Tongtong didn't like these small and exquisite things, she took a few glances and dragged her mother's hand forward.

The girl didn't like these birds too much, so she ran over.

At this time, Luo Xiyun finally seized the opportunity, she repeated over and over again: "Tongtong, if you mess around like this again in the future, I won't take you out."

Tongtong didn't listen. She looked at her mother and asked seriously, "Mom, were you afraid of snakes just now?"

"I'm talking to you, did you hear it?" Luo Xiyun got angry.

But Tongtong still asked: "Mom, are you really scared, ah, that little snake is really cute!"

"Crack!" Luo Xi slapped her ** angrily.

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