Chapter 1:The Immortal Cultivator Returns to the City

Back to the East China Sea

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In the East China Sea, in the midsummer night, there is a lot of stars.

At twelve in the morning.

In a dim alley in the old city, a rapid footstep came, and a Miao Ling woman hurried in, her expression looked very panic, and she looked back from time to time.

"Miss, don't run, just have fun with the buddies!"

The miraculous woman watched while running, not paying attention to the figure emerging from the dark in the front, bumping into one, the man's flirty voice and a smell of wine came from her ear.

"Ah! Don't come over!"

Bing Qingya backed away, his face very frightened.

A few people in the back chased up one behind the other, forming an angle to cut off all the paths of Bing Qingya.

The anxious Bing Qingya felt very unlucky tonight. She had been out with some friends for her birthday. Who was expected to be stared at by a few drunk men when she returned, and ran into a strange alley in panic.

"This chick is so beautiful!"

"Gourmet, you see these big long legs, just these big long legs, I can play for a year without getting tired!"

"Brother, you go first, let's drink soup!"


Several drunken young people behaved frivolously, and profanity continued to be spoken out of their mouths.

Bing Qingya has always been cleansing herself. After hearing this kind of speech, the whole person's face became very pale, and she cried, "Don't come here, I ~~~ I will call the police!"

"Hey, call the police!"

When Bing Qingya panicked and took out her mobile phone to report the alarm, a burly man on the left stepped off the phone in Bing Qingya's hand and smirked, "This will not work!"

Bing Qingya's moment of despair rose.

In this alley with no trace, even if she broke her throat, someone might not come to save herself. Could it be that these people really want to be ~~~~

Bing Qingya dare not think about it.

"Miss, don't struggle anymore. There are very few people here at night!" The burly man came up with a smile. "It's still obedient and obedient, I will play with you, and I will let you go!"

The burly man reached out and touched Bing Qingya's face.


It was at this time that a dull landing sound came from the alley, as if something fell, and everyone's soles seemed to be shaking.

"Brother, it seems that something has fallen, not far from the street lights!"

"Yeah, I heard it too!"

A sharp-eyed younger brother pointed to the dim light not far away.

The hand of the burly man reached halfway and turned to look not far away, revealing a trace of doubt, how could something fall in the middle of the night.

"Don't hurt, I'll die!"

Before everyone responded, a figure climbed up and down under the dim street light.

A trace of shock appeared on Bing Qingya's delicate face, and at the same time a thought flashed through his head, and one hit the burly man, ran out while everyone was unprepared.


The direction of Bing Qingya's running is exactly that stranger's position.

Ye Xuan vomited through the space channel, and there was no reaction. A scent of fragrance came, and a wonderful young woman hid behind her. "Sir, help me, they want to treat me rudely!"

Bing Qingya's flustered heart seemed to settle down at this moment, even she felt strange.

Listening to a long-lost familiar voice, Ye Xuan smiled, exposing white teeth, "It's nice to be back!"

"Boy, if you have fun, get out immediately. Lao Tzu's fists are not long- eyed!" The burly man brought him up. "In the middle of the night, I pretend to be a god, how far can I roll!"

In the eyes of the burly man, this guy of unknown origin, with a height of more than one meter in seven, the whole person is very thin, and his clothes are ragged, such a person, he can deal with a dozen alone, naturally he did not treat each other. Put it in your eyes.

"Do you want this seat to roll away?" Ye Xuanhanmang flashed.

Ye Xuan, known as the 'Xuan Emperor' in the world of cultivation of immortals, was promoted from a mortal to the realm of immortal emperor in only three thousand years, and he finally stepped into the supreme realm and became the evil existence of the world of cultivation of immortals Respectfully known as the Eighth Profound Emperor, Megatron repairs the immortal world.

Since becoming the Eighth Immortal Emperor, Ye Xuan has been looking for a way to return to Earth. At that time, Ye Xuan's chance coincidence came down to the world of Immortal Cultivation. The goal of hard work is to return to the earth and return to the place where he grew up. In the past three thousand years, faith has never wavered.

Now, he is finally back!

The only thing I didn't expect was that when the eighth Emperor Xuandi came back and met Xiaoxiao, he dared to say goodbye to himself.

Ye Xuan was not angry and pretentious. The burly man subconsciously hit a chill, not daring to face each other as if he had fallen into the endless abyss, and he was chilling all over.

"This kid is weird!"

The burly man has always been arrogant, how to be reconciled by a young boy.

"act recklessly!"

The burly man saw the machine punching the opponent's face, and the punch came out of a certain way, decently.


Bing Qingya screamed and dared not look at it.

Ye Xuan seemed very calm. Although through the passage of space, all the treasures were smashed, and even the immortal qi in the body was almost consumed, the body of the immortal emperor became crumbled and in a state of collapse, but it was not The ants can be arrogant in front of the fairy emperor.

With a light white jade hand, the fist of the burly man was grabbed by the other party. The other party couldn't help but stunned, and then came a great pain, "Ah, I'll die, let me go!"

The burly man practiced a little kung fu, one hand could n’t play, and his legs could move. He took the opportunity to kick Ye Xuan with a click and another violent pain came, and his left leg fell down softly, "Boy , What kind of tricks did you use to kill Lao Tzu, you few second-hand goods, don't come up to engage him! "

The little brothers came to life and rushed towards Ye Xuanpu.

These people's movements were full of flaws in Ye Xuan's eyes. The slow ones could be pushed hard. The burly man's body was out of control and hit the walls of the alley.

Like a gust of wind, Ye Xuan stepped on strange steps and flashed among them. These people fell one by one.


The thunderous sound exploded in their ears.

"Boy, you're waiting for Laozi!" The burly man got up in fright, threw a word, and was run by several young brothers, and disappeared into the alley in a blink of an eye.

Ye Xuan looked at their backs and smiled bitterly.

"I can't think of wearing it back from the Xiuxian World. The price will be so great. The strength of the body is almost scrapped. The body of the immortal emperor is about to collapse. Every few ants are so difficult to deal with. A joke! "

Ye Xuan did not have much surprise at this price.

Strength is gone, you can practice hard!

"thank you, sir!"

Bing Qingya was in shock again.

The thin young man in front of him had such a powerful skill that he ran away these people in two or three times. I couldn't believe it.

"It's a trivial matter, it's not enough!" Ye Xuan turned around. "What's more, the road is uneven, and the knife is drawn to help, this is what any man should do!"

"What a handsome guy!" Bing Qingya had seen a lot of handsome little fresh meat, but when Ye Xuan turned around, he was completely stunned. There was a unique temperament in the other party. Even if it was herself, there was a trace of heart Ripples, "How can there be such a handsome guy in this world!"

"Cough ~~~" Ye Xuangan coughed, "Can I ask a question, this year is that year!"


Bing Qingya was shocked.

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