Chapter 3046:The Immortal Cultivator Returns to the City

Demon Palace

Ye Xuan went back after learning about it here.

After going back, let the Tieshan demon go out to inquire.

The Tieshan Demon still really went out to inquire.

After this investigation, I really understand more about this matter.

It was a ninth-order demon.

Killed by a human master.

I heard that it is quite a fierce existence.

The demon side is naturally very angry, but no matter how angry it is.

No shot.

The only thing they can do now.

That is to grab this position first.

So basically everyone didn't think about revenge.

After becoming the lord of this position, he is naturally qualified to take revenge.

So everyone's mentality is very indifferent.

"My lord, I think it is necessary to fight for this place. It would be a pity not to fight."

The Tieshan Demon can also see the superiority of this location.

Not to mention the matter involving this sacred mountain.

Nothing else matters.

But the words of this sacred mountain are different.

This mountain is still worth paying attention to.

It's an interesting universe.

It's hard to say anything else.

The Iron Mountain Demon was sent out to collect data again.

This time, the data he collected appeared to be very complete.

All the information about some ninth-order monsters has been received.

After Ye Xuan looked at it, he could see that there were indeed some very important existences in it.

There is still a high chance of a fight.

"This time you don't have to think about it, just follow me and do things, and call the Datian demon to come in."

The Daejeon demon is also an eighth-order demon.

belong to the old.

However, it has been stuck in this state for a long time.

He was shivering a little when he was called in.

Don't know what's going on.

You must know that no one has been here with him in the recent period of time, and he knows the power of this one.

So call yourself over now.

He himself couldn't figure out what was going on.

"I don't know about the ninth-order lord monster. I think you are the strongest among them, so I asked you to prepare to fight for this place, do you have any confidence?"

Ye Xuan asked.

The other party was slightly taken aback.

Immediately, he patted his chest and assured.

"As long as I can become a ninth-order demon, I still have great confidence in competing for this position."

Really very excited.

I didn't expect that I would have the opportunity to compete for the position of the ninth-order lord.

Ordinary people really don't qualify.

Now, he feels that the opportunity is in front of him.

If you don't fight for such a good opportunity, when will you wait?

Ye Xuan was quite satisfied.

I threw out some pills.

"You can eat here, I'll help you watch."

The Datian demon didn't think much about it, so he took this medicine pill.

He ate the medicine pill on hand directly.

However, the effect is still very strong.

With his help, it immediately changed.

This method is still quite violent.

A loud rumbling sound.

Layers of power kept bursting out.

Ye Xuan suppressed the entry and exit.

It also makes it easier for the other party to absorb the past.

Wait until he has absorbed these things.

It took three full days.

Finally rushed to the realm of the ninth-order demon.

But rushing to this realm is nothing.

Have to continue to improve.

This is not enough.

Under the blessing of medicinal herbs.

It can be said that the Daejeon Demon has experienced what it means to fly.

The entire strength has been greatly improved.

It took three months to be promoted to the realm of the ninth-order peak level.

This kind of speed is incredible even if it is replaced by anyone.

Even the Daejeon Demon himself felt like he was dreaming.

But anyway.

He has become a ninth-order demon.

Such a state is not easy.

at the same time.

The news about the ninth-order demon being killed by a human master has also spread.

Everyone knows one thing.

That is the need to rearrange a ninth-order demon to pass over here.

And this time is an opportunity.

Those ninth-order demons started to take action one after another.

That's the non-stop momentum.

No matter what, this position will be taken down.

Ye Xuan also saw the information sent by the Tieshan demon.

These guys are really eager to try.

It's really not easy to get such a position.

He was still clear about the situation.

There are still many people vying for this position.

He was not surprised at all.

On the contrary, the Datian Demon was extremely excited.

"My lord, these guys are not my opponents even if they come. I can easily inflict heavy damage on them."

Not only has the background improved, but also the treasure given by Ye Xuan.

After having this treasure, it is completely different.

It can even be said to be quite powerful.

Not everyone can resist it.

"Let's go to this place, just in time to see this demon holy palace."

There is one place in the world of monsters that has to be mentioned, and that is the holy palace of monsters.

This place is the heart of all demons.

It is because of the existence of such a place.

Therefore, even if the human race has big thoughts, they dare not have any thoughts.

Because there are a lot of experts gathered here.

Ye Xuan naturally wanted to take a look after knowing such a place.

Now is the opportunity.

He has to go and see what kind of day this demon holy palace is like.

Ye Xuan didn't bring anyone with him this time.

Because only he himself knew, he didn't need to bring anyone because of his strength, so he also brought the Datian demon.

The Datian demon has brought two eighth-order demons.

It also acts as a front door.

Plus a Ye Xuan.

It doesn't look so conspicuous anymore.

Go all the way.

On the way, I also encountered some powerful ninth-order demons.

They are all powerful mounts and have gone to this place.

Ye Xuan was not in a hurry.

Come all the way.

Apart from monsters, there is basically nothing to see.

Of course, you can also see some human races.

They are all controlled by demons.

It's a servant next to him.


There are even some beautiful maids.

Ye Xuan naturally knew that he couldn't control these things when he saw this scene.

Also too lazy to care about anything.

It took half a month to finally arrive at the place of this demon holy palace.

This is a huge city.

At first glance, it seems to be tens of thousands of miles in size.

It can be compared with the general city, it is really incomparably large.

There is really no end in sight.

When Ye Xuan came, he could feel a super formation shrouded in this big city.

Even he himself can't feel how many masters there are.

One two three.

Or ten and eight.

Even dozens.

Ye Xuan himself is not easy to say.

He didn't care much either.

This is also a fairly normal thing.

"This place really lives up to its reputation. There will definitely be no shortage of masters here. They have come to the right place."

Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed slightly.

The Datian demon next to him also spoke in a low voice.

"There are many masters in this place. I heard that there are all the great masters of the demon clan here."

The Daejeon Demon is also full of emotion.

For a place like this, he was not qualified to come in the past.

Although he has reached the eighth-order level, he does not have such a high status after coming here.

Along the way, I don't know how many eighth-order demons and ninth-order demons I've seen.

Also a lot.

It can be said that this time is a grand event.

Everyone wants to grab a name here.

Mainly to win the position of the lord.

Then they are eligible to get a certain quota to go to this sacred mountain.

That's the most important thing.

They also entered the city.

I didn't check much when I entered the city.

Just looked at the origins and let them in.

Not to mention their strength has been felt.

You can see it at this point.

After entering this city.

You will feel that the size of this city is far beyond imagination.

If it is looming, you can feel some powerful breath.

These powerful breaths have surpassed the ninth-order level.

Level ten has been reached.

That is, reaching the realm of the great master.

And such strengths are not rare.

Although they used special means, he could still see it very clearly, and there were definitely no shortage of masters here.

And more than expected.

"It's interesting that there are more experts."

Ye Xuan did not continue to sense them.

If you know how to sense it again, it will be easy to startle the snake.

So he's going to keep a low profile.

This city is huge.

Divided into outer and inner layers.

The outer layers are all about average strength.

The inner layer is where the experts can go.

And the inner layer naturally belongs to people like them.

directly to the inner city.

The inner layer looks very prosperous.

And there are some young masters in brocade clothes everywhere.

You can even see a lot of human races here.

It seems that the Terran is still doing business here.

I really don't know if I don't see it, I was startled when I saw it.

There is still such an operation.

Ye Xuan seemed to be a little bit of a fly after all the way.

I have to admit that this place is really unique.

So I found a big inn and stayed there.

This inn is really famous.

At this door, I saw an eighth-order demon.

Don't even think about it.

There are definitely ninth-order monsters living here.

After staying.

The Datian demon went out to inquire about the situation.

This guy is still quite diligent.

It passed by in a flash.

He didn't stop from beginning to end, and soon he came back to inquire about the news.

"My lord, there are quite a few ninth-order monsters here this time. I heard that there are almost a hundred or so."

When the Daejeon Demon heard the news.

Even he himself was surprised.

It was so much more than he expected.

"A hundred ninth-order demons? That's quite a lot, but that's what makes it interesting."

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