Chapter 3047:The Immortal Cultivator Returns to the City


The Daejeon Demon is still very good at inquiring about the situation.

These situations were soon found out.

Ye Xuan also knew more or less about the situation.

That is the competition will be very fierce.

However, he has absolute confidence in the Datian demon.

After all, the foundation is so strong.

It is not comparable to that of ordinary people.

"My lord, I also know that there is a very relaxing place here. I can go and relax. I heard that this place is very interesting."

Datian Demon said in a low voice.

Ye Xuan's eyes knew what it meant.

"I heard that this is the place where the big and small young masters are most willing to go. It can be said that if you don't have money, you really can't go there."

After Ye Xuan came to the world of monsters, he really hadn't played much.

I heard that there is such a place, but I am a little interested.

He had nothing to do himself.

It is possible to meet these masters.

He also took the Datian demon to go out.

The Daejeon Demon had inquired about the situation before.

The first time acted as a lead.

Soon he came to a place like a heavenly palace.

This place is truly incredible.

It looks very vast and very prosperous.

In and out are some experts.

In particular, some of the sons are really fierce, and even some people from the human race are also here.

You don't have to think about it to know that they should be some powerful young masters.

Otherwise, I would never have come here, so I just walked in.

When I got inside, I was stopped.

"Ordinary people here can't go in and have to apply for a membership card. As long as they show their membership card, they can go in."

As soon as I heard that.

Ye Xuan smiled.

This place is really good at operating, and it even needs a membership card.

"How many membership cards do you have?"

Daejeon asked.

"The membership card here is not very expensive, we only need 100,000 demon stones."

One hundred thousand is not much.

But not everyone can get it.

Because some demons need to practice.

So this thing is really not something that everyone can handle for them.

Ye Xuan threw out 100,000 demon stones directly.

The other party's eyes lit up for a while.

Today, I met a more generous person.

The more generous people are, the more generous they will be.

"Sir, we can also store this thing here. After all, we still have a lot of good things here, which is the so-called recharge."

The Daejeon Demon also whispered beside him.

Only they themselves know what the place is like.

"Then save me ten million in it."

Ye Xuan didn't think much about it.

Since it is here, it must be consumed well.

It also threw out 10 million demon stones.

Immediately shocked them.

I've never seen such a straightforward guy.

Just ten million.

Soon they were all packed up.

A purple card was sent.

There are 10,000,000 monster stones in this card.

At that time, it can be used to attach various fees with a single brush.

It's also quite a bargain.

Ye Xuan walked into this place.

The place is really luxuriously furnished.

Ye Xuan first went to taste the special food here.

Since you are here, you have to try the good things here.

Otherwise, it's really a pity.

The food here is really exquisite.

Ye Xuan can give them about nine points.

This is really rare.

Eat and drink well.

The Daejeon Demon led the way forward like a dog's leg again.

"I heard that this is the most interesting place at night. I heard that there will be various duels here, and even I can go there, so some people who cannot break through the realm are basically here to improve their strength."

Datian Demon has heard a lot of things.

At this time, I finally knew that I could stand up and talk about it.

Ye Xuan was also idle, so he came over when he had nothing to do.

This is a place equivalent to a gladiatorial arena.

It looked very bloody.

There was even a lot of smell in the air.

It is conceivable that there is a lot of fighting here.

With this purple card, Ye Xuan can enter some boxes.

Of course, this box also needs money.

If you don't have money, you really can't stand it.

After entering the box, it seemed a lot quieter.

This place is really good for consumption.

"Sir, it's about to start."

The Daejeon Demon is also quite aware of the situation.

He was talking right next to him.


Two demons appeared on the stage.

The strength of these two monsters is really strong.

They are all eighth-order strengths.

The two sides kept shooting.

There is also a place to bet outside.

Ye Xuan finally knew why these guys liked this stuff.

It's really exciting for a lot of people.

He could see it just by watching a few games.

The foundation of these guys is quite strong.

The strength is also fiercely messed up.

It also drives many people crazy.

The next one looks interesting.

A person like the host went up and said it.

Everyone came to the spirit immediately.

"Today's game is the Valkyrie on our side of the human race, and the monster on our side, isn't it exciting?"

When the words fell, everyone seemed extremely excited.

It also seemed very unexpected.

There is still such an operation.

Following them, they saw a Valkyrie being brought up.

The Valkyrie looked choppy.

And full of air.

Standing on the stage instantly made everyone look crazy.

This is definitely a master.

And it's a real top notch player.

A Valkyrie of the eighth-order realm.

That is, it is equivalent to a Valkyrie at the master level.

Such power is indeed rare.

This was also the first time Ye Xuan had seen such a human female master.

This female master of the human race seems to have been taken over.

And it's restricted, you'll know by looking at the situation.

Datian Demon said in a low voice, "Some of the chambers of commerce on their side will go to arrest those powerful female masters or female masters from time to time to participate in competitions to attract people, and these masters are basically finished. After that, I will die here, and there is basically no time to rest."

Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed slightly.

This kind of thing happened to me.

I decided to take a look at the situation of this female master first.

If this female master is worth buying by herself.

Then he doesn't mind doing it.

This female master is still quite powerful.

At least everyone felt the pressure.

And the pressure is not small.

But it's not bad that the opponent is this monster. After fighting dozens of moves, he was directly killed by this female master.

Made countless people mourned.

They all felt that this demon could win.

But now they feel a lot of pressure.

I didn't expect this female master to be so strong.

Can't win.

Now the second game begins.

The second game was definitely more ferocious than the first.

A monster appeared.

And it is still the peak of the eighth-order.

In such a confrontation, the advantages of this female master will disappear, and she will continue to be injured.

However, under such extreme circumstances, he even killed the opponent.

It surprised everyone again.

Ye Xuan saw this scene and recognized it.

The strength of this female master is indeed quite fair.

"Now is the time for everyone to play freely. As long as you pay a certain fee, you can play. Who wants to fight this female master, just play."

The host announced a new way.

All the monsters became extremely excited!

This is one of their favorite projects.

Now they can finally make a move.

Seriously clean up this female master.

So the atmosphere on the field reached its extreme.

The Daejeon Demon also spoke beside him.

"This is one of the games they are best at, and it is very intense. Every time the female master comes, they will be swarmed by them. No Valkyrie has ever been able to persist here, unless someone buys it, but wants to If you buy it, you have to defeat it like this first, and then you have the right to buy it.”

There was no one around Ye Xuan.

I feel that this Valkyrie is quite suitable to stay by my side and take care of myself.

After all, the human race is always better than these monsters.

Because these monsters are careless.

The burly one doesn't feel that way at all.

Of course he didn't like it that much.

And now there is such a chance.

He might feel like giving it a try.

After all, this is also an opportunity.

"You go down and beat it first, and then you make an offer to buy it for the same price."

The Datian demon was sent out directly.

He also seemed more excited to me.

Finally, it was his turn to strike hard.

I have been thinking about this day for a long time.

And now it's finally here.

Everyone wanted to go on stage and fight this guy.

But there is a bid, and the higher bidder gets it.

One by one, the price suddenly collapsed from hundreds of thousands to one million.

Really very high.

Even so, everyone is very enthusiastic.

I want to go up and fight this guy.

Only the female master in the ring looked very lonely.

Never thought that these monsters would make such crazy bids.

In their eyes, I am afraid that I have become a simple opponent.

In such a situation, I don't know what will happen in the end.

The only thing to do is to fight to the death.

It's that simple.

In a blink of an eye, it broke through to 1.2 million.

Everyone stopped in succession.

Because they know the price is too high.

If it weren't for the Valkyrie, few would have paid such a high price.

"I'll pay one and a half million."

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