Chapter 3050:The Immortal Cultivator Returns to the City

If you don't cooperate, it will target you

An Xiaoxi finally slept peacefully.

This feeling is a bit like a dream.

I never thought I could have such a dream.

It's really incredible.

Wait until the first ray of the sun falls on you.

He still felt like he was having a big dream.

Breathe fresh air.

The scene from last night until now.

Unforgettable for a long time.

The strength of this man is too strong.

far beyond imagination.

Just raise your hand and destroy all these master-level powerhouses.

And he is also a master of the human race.

This is the most shocking.

The more so.

The more she knew that she would have to stay beside this mysterious young man for a while.

Don't stay by his side.

Maybe when my little life is gone.

"You're awake, don't go make breakfast for me, cook what you are good at, don't let me down."

Youyou's voice drifted into An Xiaoxi's ears.

An Xiaoxi originally planned to pretend to be asleep again.

But now I can't sleep at all.

Immediately got up.

There is a kitchen next to the yard.

Just made this breakfast.


He never imagined that a grand master of his own would cook breakfast for others.

no way.

People still have to be obedient under the eaves.

Also seriously made this breakfast.

When Ye Xuan woke up, he could smell it.

An Xiaoxi has already made breakfast and put it on the table.

The scent is still pretty good.

At the same time, he also stood on the side.

Ye Xuan, who was quiet and honest, heard it.

not bad.

"I didn't expect you to be a master at this level."

Ye Xuan also ate it seriously.

You can feel the deliciousness of this thing when you take a sip.

Eat well.

The Tieshan demon also came back from outside.

He had heard the movement last night.

I didn't care much.

The boss is here, these guys are absolutely killing themselves.

Where not to go here and come here.

"My lord, I have already found out. This is the information. It took me a lot of time."

The Iron Mountain Demon brought up a copy of the information.

Ye Xuan first looked at the information.

Pretty much what An Xiaoxi said.

There is indeed a treasure trove left by such a strong man.

But it's hard to say where exactly.

It's like a mystery anyway.

It is said that enough keys must be collected to enter the place.

The last thing many people want to do right now is find the key.

As long as they can find the key, they can enter it.

No wonder that guy cares so much about An Xiaoxi.

Just know that An Xiaoxi got the key.

Now the only one who knows the news should be that Luo Zhang.

Luo Zhang didn't say anything.

The only person who knows this secret is Luo Zhang.

enjoy this secret.

It is estimated that everyone thought that Luo Zhang had taken a fancy to the woman An Xiaoxi.

A bit jealous.

I definitely don't want to go anywhere else, it really is a brilliant idea."

"Let's just treat this as if nothing happened. If there is no accident, that Luo Zhang will have to come to visit."

Ye Xuan went to rest when he was full.

The Iron Mountain Demon is active here.

As for An Xiaoxi.

Also not idle.

He was actually pulled by Ye Xuan and knocked on the back.

An Xiaoxi did the same, this guy likes torturing himself too much.

It's not enough to leave things to the maids to do.

Now it seems that he really treats himself as a maid.

But no way.


As expected, the Tieshan demon saw that Luo Zhang coming over again.

"Sir, your guess is really right, this one really came to talk."

"It's better if you're here. I'm here to talk to you about something."

The Tieshan demon directly passed the sound transmission.

He himself knew what to do now.

After the sound transmission passed, he faced this Luo Zhang.

Luo Zhang's words are different.

"You're not that strong yet, let the people behind you talk to me."

Luo Zhang was still thinking about it last night.

But I heard that this iron mountain demon never returned.

He knew that it was very likely that there was a real master inside.

A stronger master than Luo Zhang.

The strength of such a person is indeed quite terrifying.

So be aware of it.

If you want to talk, you have to talk to that one.

As for whether An Xiaoxi has released this secret.

He is also not very clear.

So he has to come over and get crazy.

If this An Xiaoxi can be taken away, that would be great.

If you can't take it away, you can only open it up and talk about it, and it's quite beneficial to talk openly.

"Let him in!"

Heard the sound too.

"Then come with you."

The Tieshan Demon went straight forward.

And Luo Zhang also followed the courtyard that came in.

Quite simple.

In the room he saw this An Xiaoxi.

It's knocking people on the back.

The other party looked comfortable.

This is a black robe guy.

Can't see the face.

I can feel that this guy is very difficult to deal with.

Grandmaster-level masters broke into this place and were immediately wiped out.

This strength is definitely the worst and worst and also the strength of the peak level of the Grandmaster.

There is even a high possibility that half a foot has reached that state, a great master.

This is the most terrifying.

Of course he knew what to say.

"I actually want this woman, this woman, as long as you are willing to give it to me, you can make a price, no matter how much, I will come out here."

Luo Zhang still kept silent.

Only he knows this secret.

He believed that this woman was trying to save her life.

Absolutely no extra words will be said.

He was still confident.

Ye Xuan half-squinted his eyes.

This Luo Zhang's thoughts could not be revealed.

It's nothing more than wanting to continue to deceive myself.

However, he was too lazy to play anything, so he made a fool of himself.

"I know what you're thinking, isn't it that the other party has a key on his body, and this key is already in my hand now."

Ye Xuan also had an extra key on hand.

As soon as the key came out, Luo Zhang's face turned black.

This situation is really far from what he thought.

Did not expect a night time.

The worst thing that the key would fall into each other's hands finally came.

You said it was better in An Xiaoxi's hands.

But with this one at hand, that's really bad.

This time, I won't be able to get it back for a while.

Luo Zhang really wanted to follow him with a big slap.

If I had known last night, I would have arranged for more people to come here.

Just arrange for more people to come over.

Then it is very likely that he will ** the key away.

Is not the loss of five masters.

What if there were ten?

"It turns out that you have already got the key. It seems that I still underestimate you."

Luo Zhang's eyes kept moving.

This time there was a complete problem.

"Actually, I told you to give up. After this key is in my hand, basically no one can take this key from his hand."

Ye Xuan took the thing back with a wave of his hand.

Luo Zhang could only watch helplessly as this thing was taken back again, which was a very bad thing.

"Since it's in your hands, I don't know if this key can be sold to us. I'm willing to pay a high price here, or it's cooperation. I think there should be no problem with cooperation."

Luo Zhang's mentality has indeed changed quite quickly.

Since this person is not easy to deal with.

Then there can only be another way, such as cooperation and the like.

"Yeah, you're very quick to respond. I don't know what kind of cooperation method you want. As for selling it, it's basically impossible. It's pretty good to keep this thing in my hands. I'll wait for these keys to come out. It's almost done, and if anyone can come up with something I'm satisfied with, then I can sell this key."

Ye Xuan said lightly.

Luo Zhang was a little scolded in his heart, this guy really doesn't know what to do.

Actually want to play such a method, this method is a bit scary to play.

"Each key can have a few places at that time. I can spend money to buy a few places. I think this should be fine."

Luo Zhang could only retreat.

Collaboration should be hard to come by.

But another way seems to be possible.

"I don't have this idea for the time being, but if I'm interested in your idea, I will naturally inform you again."

Luo Zhang did not completely hear the word "rejection".

There was still a sigh of relief in my heart.

As long as it can be sold, it is good, if it is not sold, it is really helpless.

Luo Zhang also left like this.

His eyes turned cold after he left the courtyard.

"What do you do now, son? This guy actually got the key. This is definitely not a good thing."

These people really think that they should be able to get it by virtue of them.

In this blink of an eye, such an accident happened.

The thing was taken straight away.

It's really frustrating.

Luo Zhang snorted coldly.

"He is indeed very powerful, but I told him so, and I don't even give you any face. If that's the case, then let the news out and let everyone know who is in charge of this thing. Come on, I think everyone should be very interested."

Luo Zhang's eyes also became extraordinarily vicious.

Ye Xuan, who was still in the room, smiled.

"This Luo Zhang is really bad. If he guesses correctly, this guy will probably ask his subordinates to spread the news. At that time, there will be more than one person targeting me."

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