Num. of chapters90 chapters


After transmigrating into a world overtaken by the protagonists of various novels, writer Ji Mo, once accepting reality, quickly entered the role of ambushing protagonists, cannon fodder, and villains alike. But just when he had sharpened his knife against a protagonist once more, something unexpected occurred with the target.

That Ye Mingjun over there, what do you mean by a harem protagonist from a rotten-ended novel like you has been bound to a Romance Capture System? Everyone’s scrambling for world dominance but all you want to do is fall in love?

Wait a minute, this guy’s capture target is him? A fine protagonist bending just like that, where’s your pride as a male-oriented novel? What impropriety is this!

Ye Mingjun: I’m very curious about human affection, come flirt with me.

Ji Mo: Scram, do you think you can do whatever you please just because you’re some big shot?

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