Chapter 1345:The Rest, Only Noise

The old fire master

Louis' careful thinking can be seen from the starting matchup of Jingshuge.

The fans wanted to watch J vs. Benjamin, but Louis refused to watch, and Liu Yuqing was asked to face Jordan on the defensive end.

Wilson was ostensibly facing off against Chapman, but his real job was to double-team Olajuwon when he got the ball.

Riley is well aware of where their strengths lie.

Nei Ao Wai Qiao is their confidence.

If the Lakers want to win the series, they can't let both of them play well. If Louis is still in the Knicks, maybe he will pay more attention to the overall strength of the team, because the Knicks' lineup potential is unlimited, as long as they can be played out, they will not be afraid of any opponent.

The Lakers can't.

At least not now.

They can't afford the impact of the full-scale outbreak of Jordan and Dameng.

As soon as the game started, the Lakers won the jump ball.

Liu Yuqing quickly launched an attack from the outside, took advantage of Garnett's screen, and missed the ball directly.

The Blazers failed to counterattack. Jordan Luo hit Liu Yuqing in the ground, used his footsteps to sway the latter's defense, and turned to face the basket to score.

Subsequently, Baros made a mistake in an outside pass, and Fisher pushed a fast break and assisted Jordan to hit a three-pointer.

5 to 0

"Michael scored 5 points in a row!"

& narrator Bob Costas said.

Bill Lambiel, who has almost become a full-time commentator on the Lakers game, said: "When the Lakers beat the Trail Blazers in the regular season, many people said they were finished. In fact, many people overestimated the importance of the regular season. It has become a team focused on the playoffs. For them, winning or losing in the regular season is no longer important. Only the playoffs are the focus, and only winning the championship can rewrite the reality of perennial championships.”

"As the most worthy of the championship among all the players without a championship in history, Michael Jordan is ready!" Lambiel joked, "If he doesn't win the championship again, I'm afraid even God will cry for it."

Costas added: "In terms of the current situation in the league, this year is indeed Portland's best chance to win the championship since 13 years. "

The Knicks and the Heat either died of internal fighting, or collapsed and internal friction. The Celtics are very strong, but for the Blazers, they are obviously not a terrible opponent like Neger.

The Lakers have unlimited potential, but the potential takes time to realize.

Winning that trophy before they can turn their potential into immediate combat power is already the long-cherished wish of Jordan, Riley, Olajuwon and all the championship-hungry Portlanders.

Louis blew a whistle to signal the players to be patient and not to get impatient.

Wilson then ran from the outside to the free throw line to catch the ball, leaned against Chapman, turned over and shot.

2 to 5

If there is no score in this round, Louis is likely to call a timeout to adjust.

Wilson's attack stabilized the Lakers.

Jordan basically no longer suppresses his personal ability now, because the Blazers are no longer that star-studded team.

He doesn't need to change his style of play for anyone, which is why Louis asked Liu Yuqing to match him.

The Blazers have two super giants with both offense and defense, and the Lakers have only one, so they have to avoid super giant duels at the beginning.

If Wilson is suppressed by Jordan, it will have a great impact on the morale of the Lakers.

So let Liu Yuqing try Jordan's depth first, anyway, no one thinks he can do anything to Jordan.

It is easy for Jordan to break Liu Yuqing's perimeter defense, but now he is not only the number one offensive player of the Blazers, but also the creator of the entire offensive system. He needs to use his personal ability to create opportunities for others.

This is basically how Jordan played in the early days of the Trail Blazers.

Jordan at that time was very similar to Harden at the end of the Rockets, with one ball in his hands and the world in his hands.

That's what Louis guarded against.

From a strategic point of view, no matter how Jordan's personal offense wants to play, Louis can do whatever he wants.

As long as you don't let him connect in series.

So the more Jordan wanted to find teammates, the higher his turnover rate, because Louie had told the players to keep an eye on his passing route in advance.

In this round, Jordan broke Liu Yuqing's defense, attracted Wilson's help defense, and passed the ball to Chapman on the outside.

The whole process seems to be okay, but it actually underestimated the Lakers' rotation defense.

Garnett let go of Clifford Robinson in an instant, blocked the opening made by Wilson, and intercepted Jordan's pass.

If it weren't for Chapman's timely tactical foul, the Lakers' counterattack would have started.

"Thank you so much, Michael."

Barkley laughed loudly at Jordan's blunder.

Jordan just glanced at him, snorted softly, and went back to defense.

Garnett immediately threw the ball to Barkley, asked him to serve, and yelled at Liu Yuqing nervously: "Jiang Duo, don't let Michael underestimate him. In my opinion, he can't prevent your shots at all. Let him remember." Hold your name, bro!"

Hearing what Garnett said that Jordan couldn't prevent Liu Yuqing's shot, Kobe couldn't help but stood up and said, "Kg, why are you putting pressure on him? That's Michael, do you think Jiang Duo is me?"

"Dude, dude trust you all!"

Having been teammates with Garnett for almost two seasons, Liu Yuqing has long learned to block out the noise made by the opponent.

He knew that Louie's arrangement was tactically using him as cannon fodder to block Jordan's gunshot hole.

He is willing to be cannon fodder, but it doesn't mean he is a cannon fodder without ideas.

He doesn't want to be underestimated, even if it's Jordan.

The legendary historical shock wave that is uncrowned but also king.

Liu Yuqing ran forward, and when she passed by Wilson, she said, "Benj, I feel good."

Wilson immediately understood what he meant, "Okay, next round, we will fight around you!"

Wilson then told Barros the idea.

Baros had no objection.

Louis also waited and watched.

Liu Yuqing's popularity in the team is not very good. Apart from Garnett and Ostertag, I am afraid that no player can be regarded as his friend, but he has the trust of everyone because he is stable, smart, reliable and calm. .

His game temperament is very similar to the famous Spurs George Gervin.

Whether it is running and shooting, it gives people a sense of stability.

In this round, Liu Yuqing landed in the bottom corner first, Garnett picked and rolled, and Baros broke through and was blocked by Olajuwon. At the same time, Liu Yuqing in the bottom corner had already taken Wilson's off-ball screen and ran to a position two meters beyond the three-point line on the left.

The man is in position and the ball is passed.

Liu Yuqing received the ball nine meters from the basket, which is why the Blazers' defense was negligent

They felt that Liu Yuqing would not shoot there, so it was okay for the defensive rotation to be slower.

Seriously, that position is a bit far from the basket, isn't it? The Lakers have 10 seconds of shot clock left, enough to reorganize a wave of offense.

Liu Yuqing raised the ball, surprisingly straightened her body and took off to shoot.

The basketball spins at high speed and flies straight to the net.


Jordan became wary of Liu Yuqing.

Garnett excitedly ran to Liu Yuqing's side and shouted: "What did I say? I can't stand you! He's old! He's an old man, don't be afraid of him at all!"

Liu Yuqing reprimanded coldly: "Say less!"

"What's so fierce, my buddy supports you, you're not really afraid of that old man, are you?"

Nonsense, it's not you who will face him head-on later!

Liu Yuqing hopes Louis can limit Garnett's speaking frequency.

Is communication bad? Of course communication is good, but this guy's communication is basically ineffective communication without nutrition.

Rather than letting him ** off his opponents, it's better to shut him up.

At this time, Liu Yuqing made Lambir in the commentary have some bad associations.

However, Garnett's coquettish remarks quickly caused trouble for Liu Yuqing.

Since the current Jordan has no championship, when discussing the status of the world, it is usually his turn to judge those who have the strength and toughness of the championship. However, among active players, except for the Knicks, few dare to talk trash to Jordan.

Because there is no champion and personal ability can beat everyone are two different things.

Jordan is a person who will get revenge, and he was already wary of Liu Yuqing. After Garnett said those few words, he made up his mind to teach his opponent a lesson.

Maybe it was because the air was too strong in his chest, Jordan's back punch had already pushed Liu Yuqing away, but the force of his shot was too hard, and he missed the hit.

Barkley immediately took off the rebound and passed it to Barros in the middle. The Lakers instantly switched to a three-line fast break with four players participating.

Barros's rapid advance attracted the defense of the Blazers. He paused and passed the ball behind to Liu Yuqing who followed up.

It's still the same position, outside the three-point line on the right, but this time it's the standard three-point distance next to the three-point line.

Jordan's help defense has come in front of him, and Liu Yuqing's rhythm is not chaotic, and he shoots three-pointers quickly and accurately.


"Hit two three-pointers in a row, Jiang Duo feels hot!"

So Garnett came over with the hardest guy on him, and this time he said in front of Jordan: "Brother, you should chase him like this! Teach him hard! You see, he can't guard you , nothing to be afraid of, he can't do anything to you, beat him! I absolutely believe you can do it!"

Liu Yuqing was so embarrassed on the spot that she wanted to punch Garnett to pieces.

The atmosphere and the scene are all up to that point. If he responds, Jordan will be completely ignited. If he doesn't respond, he will appear too indifferent.

"Calm down."

He finally choked out the words.

But Garnett has a strong sense of substitution, and Liu Yuqing doesn't feel it at all. He is already on top, and continues to say those three or two lines without stopping.

With a gloomy face, Jordan silently put the names of these two people on the list of "people who must have a hard kick in the ass".

Then, Wilson came over, and Liu Yuqing had expected him to educate Garnett, but unexpectedly, the leading brother would be the old Gonghuo King when he opened his mouth.

"Not bad, Mickey's defense is useless in front of you, it seems that I don't need to make a move at all, the younger generation is awesome!"

Louis watched Liu Yuqing clenched his fists while returning to defense, but he still didn't know what happened on the field.

He just said to Byrd beside him: "Look, Jiang is so powerful, Michael has nothing to do with him!"

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