Chapter 415:The Richest Man In the World: Starting From Receiving 7 Billion Red Envelopes

Chapter 413:

"The world's richest man: from receiving 7 billion red envelopes (

Looking at Lin Fan's embarrassment, Lu Ling grumbled her eyes, and said aggrieved: "I am still delivering the mail in the first time."

After a while, she couldn't help but sneered, and said, "You lied to you, I didn't email you."

After a pause, Lu Ling said again: "By the way, what books are you looking for in the library this time?"

Lin Fan lightly coughed and said: ""Nerve System Research", "From Neuron to Brain", "Neuron Composition", "Nerve Conduction", "Animation Production", "3D Games and Computer Graphics Mathematical Methods" and "Game Programming Mode"."

"Nervous system and animation, game programming? What do you want to study?" Lu Ling asked with some doubts, "Is this studying... somatosensory games?"

She also has some understanding of these.

Lin Fan said: "That's true."

Lu Ling immediately became interested, her eyes turned into a meniscus shape, and she happily said, "That's great! I hope you can invent it soon!"

Obviously, she is very interested in games.

Lin Fan said, "Don't worry, it won't be long."

The two said as they walked forward.

Through the language bookshelf, mathematics bookshelf...

I came to the medical neurology category and found "Neural System Research", "From Neuron to Brain", "Neuron Composition" and "Nerve Conduction".

Then, the two went to the animation and game programming bookshelf and found "Animation Production", "Mathematical Methods in 3D Games and Computer Graphics" and "Game Programming Mode".

Then, they each took a few thick books and sat down in their old positions.

Lin Fan didn't hesitate too much, he just opened a book and flipped through it quickly.


In just two minutes, hundreds of pages of "Study of Nervous System" were turned over.

This scene……

It was all seen in the eyes of Liu Qianqian who walked into the library. She opened her mouth, ready to say something, but closed her mouth in a hurry, with a thoughtful look on her face.


After more than 20 minutes, the last "Game Programming Mode" was also read by Lin Fan.

Just as Lin Fan put down the book, a clear voice rang in his mind.

【Ding! Congratulations for completing the task. Watch a biological experiment (11), and a computer experiment (11). Read "Neural System Research", "From Neuron to Brain", "Neuron Composition", "Nerve Conduction", "Animation Production", "Mathematical Methods in 3D Games and Computer Graphics", "Game Programming" Mode" (77). Obtain a biological and computer level promotion, a head-mounted game helmet, and the reason for the production and working principle. 】

【Ding! The promotion is successful! Congratulations, you have gained academician-level computer experience! 】

【Ding! The promotion is successful! Congratulations, you have gained academician-level biological experience! 】







Suddenly, a huge amount of codes and countless complex biological knowledge, like a sea tide, rushed into Lin Fan's mind.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Fan had more of the manufacturing principle of gaming helmets in his mind.

[Game Helmet: Is it extracted? 】

The mission is complete!

The game helmet can be used soon!

Even Lin Fan couldn't help but get excited.

He stood up directly and said: "I have something wrong, so I'll leave first."

After speaking, he strode outside.

Because, he can't wait to retrieve the game helmet for fun.

Lu Ling opened her mouth, just about to say something.

However, seeing Lin Fan's eager appearance, he had no choice but to swallow the words into his stomach.

She glanced at the draft paper on the table and murmured: "Anyway, there is a question that will not be answered this time, so accumulate it, and ask him next time."


Lin Fan did not choose to go to the office, but drove Cullinan directly back to Panlong Villa.

[Game Helmet: Is it extracted? 】


The next moment, a helmet made of metal appeared in front of him.

This... is the game helmet!

Lin Fan looked at the helmet with an extremely curious look.

Then, directly on the head.

The game helmet is made of metal on the outside, but on the inside it is very soft and comfortable, and has excellent sound insulation properties.

Lin Fan put the carbon-based chip into a spare cell phone.

Then, a series of upgrades to the mobile phone program on the computer.

After about half an hour, everything was ready.

Lin Fan murmured: "The equipment is there, now we need to design a game."

Thought of here...

Lin Fan couldn't help feeling a headache.

Even though, he has academician-level computer experience.

Even though, he mastered the production and working principles of gaming helmets.

However, it is extremely troublesome to design a game by himself.

Without a few days, or even dozens of days of hard work, I am afraid that it will not be completed at all.

Lin Fan sighed and said, "Forget it, let's apply for a patent and publish a paper first."

Even though, Lin Fan has endless wealth.

However, it is not sloppy at all to apply for a patent for something invented.

Otherwise, wait until the circulation goes to the market, and the patents that have been registered by others.

That would be extremely troublesome.

As for publishing papers.

It is almost a habit of Lin Fan.


"I'm here, Master!" The super smart watch on the wrist made a crisp sound.

"Help me register a patent for the game helmet, and then write a paper on the game helmet." Lin Fandao.

Xiaobai said: "Okay, Master."

Then, the super smart watch burst out a red light.

About ten minutes later, patent documents from countries around the world appeared on the display of the super smart watch.

Xiaobai said: "Master, the patent for the game helmet has been registered."

"In addition, the paper on the game helmet has also been sent to your mailbox."

As soon as Xiao Bai's voice fell, Lin Fan's phone shook slightly.

An email popped out.

It is the "Principles and Prospects of Game Helmets" just edited by Xiaobai.

Lin Fan probably glanced at it and said, "Xiaobai, good job! The first author writes my name, and the second author writes Qiu Junxiong, Liu Wei, Wu Tian and Zheng Qian."

"Then, send the paper to..."Nature" editorial department, the old rules will be reviewed in the fastest way."

"Okay, Master!" Xiaobai said.

In an instant, Lin Fan, Qiu Junxiong, Liu Wei, Wu Tian and Zheng Qian appeared in the paper "Principles and Prospects of Game Helmets" out of thin air.

Then, it was sent directly to the editorial department of Nature.

At this moment, Lin Fan suddenly thought of something and asked hurriedly: "Little Bai, can you develop a game suitable for gaming helmets?"

Xiaobai said: "Yes."

"Great!" Lin Fan said happily.

After all, he is very interested in gaming helmets.

However, because of the need to design games, I feel a headache.

This feeling is like having Baoshan, but there is an extremely long and rugged mountain road ahead.

And Xiaobai was able to help design, it was like installing a ropeway on a long, rugged mountain road!

Xiaobai asked: "What kind of game does the master want?"

"Adventure!" Lin Fan said without hesitation.

"Okay, Master." Xiaobai said.

About ten minutes later.

Xiaobai said: "Master, the game is already installed on your backup phone, and the name is World."

"Okay!" Lin Fan said happily.

Once the game is installed, you can enter the game world immediately!

Lin Fan hurriedly picked up the spare cell phone, and sure enough, there was already an unfamiliar icon that said "World" on it.

Then, Lin Fanping lay on the bed and connected the game helmet to the spare phone.

At this time, a clear reminder sounded in Lin Fan's ear.

"Do you want to start the game helmet?"

"Start!" Lin Fan said.


Lin Fan only felt a slight tightness at the back of his neck.

The next moment, Lin Fan's eyes were dark.

A crisp sound rang in his ears again.

"Welcome to the game helmet."

Immediately afterwards, a row of floating characters appeared in front of Lin Fan.

"Whether to enter the world game?"

Lin Fan didn't hesitate at all, and said directly: "Yes!"


next moment……

A green grassland appeared in front of Lin Fan.

When a gust of wind blows, he can feel the cool breeze and the shaking touch of the grass.

When Lin Fan raised his head, he could also see the sparrows flying in the sky and the sun hanging in the sky exuding a warm breath.

all of these……

It's all so real.

Even Lin Fan had a very strange feeling.

It seems that I am not in the game at all, but have entered a real world.

Lin Fan moved forward slowly towards the distance.

Before long, a sea of ​​flowers appeared in front of him.

Red, blue, purple... very beautiful.

In the air, there is still a strong fragrance.


At this time, a long snake covered in patterns suddenly sprang out of the sea of ​​flowers, spitting out snake threads, and quickly crawled towards Lin Fan.

Seeing this, Lin Fan hurriedly backed away.

However, the more retreat, the harder the Long Snake presses.

next moment……

The snake accelerated suddenly, opened its sharp teeth, and bit towards Lin Fan's calf.

Lin Fan quickly dodged.

If it was outside, Lin Fan, who had taken the potion for several times, had already become a superhuman being.

With his speed and strength, he can solve the long snake very easily.

But, now in the game world.

His power and speed are just the same as ordinary people.

It is really difficult to avoid the snake.


Even, by carelessness, Lin Fan was directly bitten by the snake on his calf.

A pain like a needle ** came to my heart.

Immediately afterwards, there was a tingling feeling all over the body.

After a while, the world in front of him suddenly shattered.

"Death, the game is over." A crisp voice appeared in Lin Fan's mind.

So, just entered the game and died in a blink of an eye?

Lin Fan couldn't help showing a touch of embarrassment.

"Do you want to re-enter the game world?"


In the next moment, Lin Fan reappeared on the endless grassland.

This time, he did not move forward immediately.

Instead, he found a suitable wooden stick and two stones.

Then, he continued to walk towards the location of the flowers.


Sure enough, the long snake appeared again.

Lin Fan grinned and said, "Good job!"

Then, he directly raised the long stick and slapped it against the snake.

When the long snake was dying, he still didn't forget to smash it with a stone, completely killing it.

At this time, the long snake was smashed into fleshy head, and a faint flash of light flashed through it.

"Lingfeng Pill, a mysterious psychic power in the spirit snake. After taking it, it can increase the speed by 10 points!" A reminder sounded in Lin Fan's mind.

See here...

Lin Fan only showed a sense of sorrow.

No wonder this snake moves so fast, it turns out that there is such a thing in the body.

Killing monsters and looting treasures?

This game seems quite interesting.

Thinking of this, Lin Fan slowly lowered his head and picked up the Lingfeng Pill.

Never mind that the Lingfeng Pill is in the Long Snake.

However, there was no trace of blood or fishy smell on the surface at all, and there was a faint light flashing on the surface.

Lin Fan didn't hesitate too much, and put it directly into his mouth.


The Lingfeng Pill melted in the mouth, and there was a slight cold feeling in the whole body.

Then, Lin Fan walked quickly, the speed of the whole person was obviously much faster.

This can't help making Lin Fan's game more interesting.

He continued to move forward and came to a dense forest.

Among them, a tree bears several crystal clear fruits.

Lin Fan picked a fruit out of curiosity and put it in his mouth.


With one bite, the juice is plentiful, sweet and delicious.

Lin Fan couldn't help but exclaimed: " There is still a sense of taste in the game world."

When a piece of fruit was finished, a clear reminder sounded in his mind.

"Taking an energy fruit will increase your strength by 10 points."

Sure enough, Lin Fan felt an extra strength in his body.

He looked at the few fruits left over his head, his eyes lit up completely.

Without any hesitation, he picked another fruit and put it in his mouth.

Sweet and crisp!

good to eat!

At the same time, his power grew again!

When Lin Fan picked another fruit and just halfway through it, an ape suddenly jumped from the tree.

It grinned and roared constantly.

When he saw the half of the fruit left in Lin Fan's hand, he seemed to be completely angry, and he lifted it and patted Lin Fan's head.

Fortunately, Lin Fan has taken Lingfeng Pills and his speed has increased a lot.

Finally succeeded in avoiding the ape's attack.

However, the apes did not stop there.

It continues to attack.

After evading several times, Lin Fan took out the stone he had prepared before and found the opportunity to take a picture of the monkey's head.


Lin Fan, who had eaten two energy fruits, was equally powerful.

A stone was slapped down, and the ape was directly struck back by two steps.

Lin Fan understood that the apes were not invincible, so he patted his head again.


Fast, accurate and ruthless!

The beating twice in a row directly scared off the apes.

But Lin Fan continued to eat the energy fruit, and played happily in the world game.


Lin Fan is happy, but some people are quite the opposite.

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