Chapter 2006:The Sovereign’s Ascension


The first thousand eight hundred and sixty-three chapters

After three days of fierce competition for the loser group, the local group finally selected the last 100 players to participate in the finals.

The final will set the top ten and the top spot, this will be the cruelest and most exciting matchup.

As long as you can be in the top ten, you can get a lot of rewards, and Nirvana alone is so many that people are jealous.

For cultivators in the Nirvana Realm, Nirvana Pill is an excellent resource for cultivation, and they can only be exchanged for their contribution in daily life.

In addition, there are a lot of contribution rewards, you can change whatever you want.

Most importantly, there is still a chance to enter the Sky Wheel Pagoda practice.

In the square of the Altar of Heaven, many disciples have already gathered, including disciples from the inner sect, and disciples who have been eliminated.

Although the top ten has not yet been decided, based on the performance of the previous round, the top ten hot players have already appeared.

The first place is naturally Wang Muyan. She is the Tianyin Saintess, the youngest, but she has already entered the Tianlun Tower in advance to practice.

And the talent is rooted, far more powerful than other sacred disciples, and no longer belongs to the same level.

The second and third shots are Zhang Yue and Ye Feifan, both of whom are proud of the sky, and both have masters in the holy realm as their teachers.

I was a saint several years ago, and the difference between a saint and a disciple of the sage is still quite big.

Ranked fourth is Lin Tongbei, an old sacred biography, with a seasoned experience and profound cultivation base. There is not much to say.


Ranked seventh is Wang Ziyue. In three days, he won 30 consecutive games in the loser group and reached the finals.

As for Lin Yun, he was also ranked in the top ten by those with a heart.

Regardless of whether others are so happy, Lin Yun relied on the six-stroke fireflies sword to completely gain a foothold in this battle.

Lin Yun heard Chen Feng talking next to him. He didn't take it too seriously, but found that there were a hundred people left.

The first ten people are basically arranged in this order, which is equivalent to the official default.

"This is really deceiving, Zhang Yue and Ye Feifan are only in the top three, and your defeated master, brother, actually ranked seventh!"

Chen Feng was not convinced, not only him, but also Zi Leifeng's disciples.

Many people came to Zi Lei Feng today, all of them were for Lin Yun, and he is now the man of the Zi Lei Feng.

At this moment, Luo Cheng walked over with the people from Youlan Courtyard.

He glanced at Chen Feng and sneered: "Brother Wang was only careless. He didn't expect that Ye Qingtian had mastered the Firefly Divine Sword. If he had known it for a long time, would he be hurt by him? I really thought that Purple Thunder Peak could crush me. The end of Youlan Courtyard?"

"That's right, Ye Qingtian's victory on the day was not honorable, and Brother Wang was obviously merciful."

"Let's wait and see, the top ten is only temporarily arranged in order, and we will really fight later. It will be weird to be in the top ten!"

The disciples of the Youlan Academy started to speak, they and Lin Yun had a deep grudge, Wang Ziyue was also his own, naturally unhappy with Chen Feng and others.

This kind of argument continued until Chi Yun Bansheng was on the scene, and then temporarily stopped.

Lin Yun took a look. The finals of the other Tian, ​​Xuan and Huang teams have not yet started.

The number of people in each group is different, and the time is staggered.

Relatively speaking, the Tian group and the yellow group have the largest number of people, so the time is naturally slower.

The Xuan group has fewer people than the local group, and the final was finished yesterday.

Chi Yun half-saint stood in the air and said lightly: "I believe you all have seen the order of the list. The top ten is based on my waiting, your performance and cultivation."

"Today's rules of competition are very simple. One hundred is divided into ten groups, and the top ten people are all staggered. Then each group is the first, which is the top ten of the entire group..."

Lin Yun understood, but the rules were simple and easy to understand.

The half-holy elders put what they thought of the top ten into ten different groups, lest they encounter and eliminate them in advance.

Huh huh!

The tokens flew towards Lin Yun and the others from Chi Yun's half-sage sleeve robe.

Lin Yun reached out and took it. He was divided into ten groups, the serial number was zero.

This serial number is equivalent to making him a challenger, and he has to accept repeated challenges from several others.

One advantage of the challenge is that you can fail once.

Others are eliminated if they lose and no longer have any qualifications to compete in the top ten.

When everyone was checking the token, a blue figure flew up from the sky, and the sword in everyone's hand suddenly trembled.

"Don't be afraid."

Even Lin Yun couldn't help but shake the flower buried in his hand, Lin Yun reached out and held it down.

The other people also looked embarrassed, struggling to stabilize their swords.

Lin Yun looked up and saw the blue figure flying across the sky, and soon fell on the altar of heaven, seated with the elders of the Holy Land.

The holy elders on the altar hurriedly got up and bowed their hands to salute, and Saint Tu You was no exception.

Only the Great Sage Long Yun didn't get up, he just slightly nodded, and said hello.

"Uncle Tianxuan, why are you interested in coming to this year-end ranking battle? Could it be that some good seedlings have been found." Tu You Shengzun laughed.

The Heavenly Jade Sword Saint was dressed in a blue robes with red lips and white teeth. He looked as if he was only in his twenties, as if he was always youthful and his face was not old.

She faintly said: "You guys don't need to be polite. This time, I heard that there are many kendo wizards. I'll come and take a look."

"The ground team is still a bit worse, and it can't be compared with the Youlan Saintess. Shishu should wait for the sky team finals to start again." Tu You Shengzun said.

He was a little pleased with the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint, and his words were quite respectful, without the slightest arrogance of the Lord.

However, it seemed to the other elders of the Holy Land that there was nothing wrong with it.

Not to mention Tianxuan's seniority, just the name of her three sword saints in the Eastern Desolation is enough to make everyone present ashamed.

If it's about cultivation base and strength, I don't know how much better than them.

Perhaps only Yaoguang and Fuyou can be compared with her, the other two sword saints of the Eastern Wilderness, and Kunlun will not be born above.

That's ruthless.

"The ground team also has wizards."

The Heavenly Jade Sword Saint said something, his eyes fell on Lin Yun and the others, his eyes swept one by one.

Below the altar of heaven, the ground group ring is also a sensation.

"Grandmaster Tianxuan, actually appeared in the ranking battle, this is really amazing, does Grandmaster have a fancy to one of us?"

Heavenly Jade has a very high level, and is also the three great sword saints in the Eastern Desolation. In the eyes of many young disciples, he is like a patriarch.

Similar to the Sword Sage of Yaoguang in Jianzong, it is also called the ancestor by many people.

"It is said that Patriarch Tianxuan, recently in the Heavenly Dao Sect, secretly recruited kendo wizards and prepared to teach him personally!"

"True and false, if it is taken by the ancestor Tianxuan, it is really a step up to the sky."

"Behave well later!"

Everyone in the four sides of the ring and the finalists looked quite excited.

Zhang Yue, Ye Feifan and others had temporarily forgotten the existence of Lin Yun and looked at the altar of heaven in the distance.

The sacred glory was filled there, and the appearance of the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint could not be seen clearly.

But as long as you know that the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint is there, your mood will inevitably rise, doing some fantasy with each other.

"If I were taken by the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint, that fellow Ye Qingtian would not be able to pass on me with the Great Sage!"

Ye Feifan thought secretly, and the Heavenly Jade Sword Sage was the three greatest Sword Sage in the Eastern Desolation, and theoretically had a better reputation than Great Sage Long Yun.

Zhang Yue also had the same dream. The Lord was already on the ceiling in Tiandao Sect. In the past, he walked sideways in Tiandao Sect.

Even now, as long as he doesn't meet Lin Yun.

But it was Lin Yun, his eyes pierced in the flesh, and he turned out to be the Biography of the Great Sage.

"You must perform well this time, as Master said, it seems to be related to the Famous Sword Conference."

Zhang Yue knows more than others, so he is very active.

Lin Yun glanced at the Heavenly Dao Altar for a moment, and under the calm appearance, the string in his heart was tense.

After all, he had tried his opponent with sword intent at first.

She and Master Yaoguang should be considered close friends, but it's hard to say what the relationship is right now.

In case the two really have a relationship, and then she is abandoned by the master... Lin Yun shook his head, it is better not to have this possibility.

"Uncle Master, that is Ye Feifan, the new leader of my Ye family, and the talent is okay!"

"Uncle Master, my apprentice Zhang Yue, is currently ranked in the top three in this group. He has the Eucharist, and his kendo attainments are decent."

"However, among the ground teams, Wang Muyan is currently recognized as the strongest."

"Apart from her, the most optimistic one is Lin Tongbei. The junior below, only saying that he is the ancestor of the older generation, there is nothing to be afraid of, at most only the top ten, but this person is very good at hiding. "


The elders of the holy realm on the altar, with a smile on their faces, recommended their descendants or disciples to the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint.

Everyone, more or less, got some news, so they seemed extremely diligent.

Only the Great Sage Long Yun was silent and did not say a word.

In a short while.

Several zero players, including Wang Ziyue from Youlan Academy, were introduced to the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint.

"Why doesn't Great Sage Long Yun speak?" The Heavenly Jade Sword Sage looked over and said, "Ye Qingtian, is one of the ten zero players, right."

Great Sage Long Yun was shocked, and quickly said: "The Sword Saint of the Sky Jade is joking, and Qingtian will have better luck this night. He has a low cultivation base and a weak foundation. He relies on refining half of the holy source. By luck, he got here. , I’m sure I won’t be able to make the top ten later, and my kendo talent is average."


Heavenly Jade Sword Saint said: "I heard that he has six strokes of the Firefly God Sword, and some people say that he will become a Sword Saint."

"It's not easy to be a Sword Saint, it's better to have more experience, besides, the character of others is inferior, and the temperament has not changed after returning to the sect." Great Sage Long Yun continued with a cold face.

"This kind of disposition may not be able to become a sword master. In the future, I might have to follow the old man to practice the Dragon Elephant Sacred Prison Art, and hone my disposition so as not to make the original mistakes."

He was very low-key, not only low-key, but even took the initiative to expose Ye Qingtian's scandal.

Everyone was very surprised, somehow.

Seeing this, Heavenly Jade Sword Master didn't continue to question.

Seeing that the fight was about to begin, Great Sage Long Yun was calm on the surface, but he was a little flustered in his heart, just hoping that this guy wouldn't be too dazzling later.

Fortunately, it's good to get the top ten, it's best not to make the top ten, anyway he can give those rewards.

I was afraid that Tianxuan would look at Lin Yun and then tell him to take it away.

If he really took it away, he didn't actually have too many reasons to refuse, after all, both of them were practicing kendo.

How long has this been before, this kid has become a sweet potato, and the Great Sage Long Yun was slightly speechless.


On the tenth ring, Lin Yun climbed up, waiting for his opponent to take the stage.

As the No. 0 player, he must be the first to come on stage, and he has to fight for several games in a row until he loses.

Or defeat the remaining nine people, and directly enter the top ten.

"Upper Jiufeng, Qi Yu!"

On the ring, a handsome blue-clothed young man with abundance of gods took the stage to arch his hands.

Qi Yu was also a famous swordsman, and his cultivation reached the three- dimensional Nirvana, and he was about fifty years old.

He has become famous very early, and there are other leaders in the Tiandao Sect, but he will become famous when he walks out of the Tiandao Sect.

"Purple Thunder Peak, Ye Qingtian." Lin Yun casually returned a gift.

Qi Yudao: "I'm definitely not as good as you in terms of kendo talent, but right now you play against me, the odds of winning are indeed very slim. If you push forward five hundred years, and go five hundred years later, you are destined to be the most outstanding of Tiandao Sect in the past thousand years. There are few people who can compare with you. I can beat you and I should be remembered."

He had a high evaluation of Lin Yun and didn't expect to catch up with the opponent, but he was confident about defeating Lin Yun now.

One is the difference in cultivation level, and the other is his Qi Yu's roots

Bone and talent are definitely the evildoers among the evildoers.

"I don't know if you are complimenting me or demeaning me, so stop talking nonsense and just do it."

Lin Yun smiled.

Qi Yu didn't intend to talk nonsense with him either, he directly released the star picture scroll, and a fierce flame giant appeared.

It was an ancient fierce spirit, with huge chains wrapped around his left and right arms, and a terrifying unicorn on his head.

This is Qi Yu's astrological aspect. He has been cultivating astrological aspects for the past ten years, and his astrological power is far superior to his peers.

Ordinary Nine Yuan Nirvana has astrology, and it may not be better than him.

When the stars were sacrificed, the bottom immediately caused a sensation. By the time the finals, everyone was not hiding.

Lin Yun didn't move, and didn't intend to sacrifice astrology.


Qi Yu frowned slightly, and doubts flashed in his eyes.

In this final battle, no one dared to hide, after all, victory or defeat is a matter of one or two moves.

In Linyun District, the cultivation base of the Death Profound Realm, not offering astrology is an act of seeking death.

"It's not necessary to deal with you yet." Lin Yun said lightly.

Qi Yu laughed and smiled very happily: "You are a character, you can only say that it is Ye Qingtian. I like it very much. Before, there was only a 70% chance of winning, but now it is 10%, hahaha!"

"Fire and Stars!"

Qi Yu drew a holy sword, displayed the ghost-level top-grade martial arts, and the star behind him immediately released a violent roar.

With the blessing of the stars, his sword power became more terrifying, forming an extremely terrifying sword force.


The brilliant sword light shrouded, nine flame vortexes, tearing the air and twisting towards Lin Yun fiercely.


Lin Yun pulled out the flower funeral sword, Long Yuan poured it into the sword, and the sword split a flame vortex.

The vortex gap is smooth and flawless, as smooth as jade.

When a whirlpool was cut, the artistic conception of the sword was incomplete, Lin Yun's wrist flicked, and a few sword lights burst out.

The remaining vortex was smashed into pieces, and the battlefield was full of flames.


All in a moment, Lin Yun's figure disappeared at the same time and directly slammed in front of the opponent.

Qiang Qiang!

The two holy swords constantly collided, and the two of them used their swords to attack each other, and they didn't mean to shrink.

Both felt that they could laugh at the end, one had confidence in their kendo attainments, and the other had confidence in their cultivation base and astrology.

In the blink of an eye, seventy-two strokes passed.

The two of them almost shattered the ring, Lin Yun still strolled leisurely, his demeanor was relaxed.

But Qi Yu was scarred, and there were cracks in the flame astrology, not as fierce as he was at first.

The two stood holding swords, and each stepped back.


Seventy-two wounds burst out of Qi Yu's body. Sword light overflowed from the wounds and blood spattered.

His face became extremely pale, and he knelt on one knee holding a sword.

"Seventy-two swords...I didn't really stop it with a single sword. No one can compare your kendo skills for more than five hundred years."

Qi Yu looked at Lin Yun unwillingly, but still gave up, put away the astrology picture scroll and walked silently.

He looked lost and no longer had the spirit of being on stage.

This is defeated?

The people below were stunned.

It was not too shocking that Lin Yun was able to defeat Qi Yu, but Lin Yun didn't even sacrifice the stars.

The most important thing is Qi Yu's words. It seems that the beating is extremely lively, but in fact, Qi Yu was beaten throughout the whole process.

Seventy-two swords, none of them really stopped.

This gap is a bit outrageous, how strong this kendo attainment is to be so defying.

"In three days, I have made a lot of progress." Wang Muyan narrowed her eyes, feeling that Lin Yun was not quite right.

This strength has improved so fast, only three days have passed.

Ye Feifan and Zhang Yue looked at each other, their faces showed ugly colors, and they didn't understand each other.

"This Ye Qingtian sword intent seems to have improved a lot, and it feels completely complete. In the sky sword intent, it is already a state of no leakage, and it actually gives this saint the feeling of lifting heavy weight..."

On the altar of heaven, the elder of the Holy Land sighed softly.

"There is a master demeanor."

"Young Master?"

"It's hard to say, this state of mind is nothing like a 20-year-old Maotou boy, who knows the severity, knows how to advance and retreat, and is flawless.

The elders of the holy realm were shocked, but Great Sage Long Yun had an ugly face, he probably guessed something.

This kid must have gone to Feiyun Mountain again, maybe he has already seen that person.

"Great Sage Long Yun, is this what you said about the kendo attainments?"

Heavenly Jade Sword Sage looked at Great Sage Long Yun with a smile.


Great Sage Long Yun was under a lot of pressure, and he barely squeezed out a and said: "This is really nothing, mainly because Qi Yu is too wasteful, and Nirvana in the Three Yuans can't even beat the Death Profound Realm. It's not that he is wasteful. what?"

The corners of the other elders' mouths twitched. Fortunately, Qi Yu is not a saint. Otherwise, his master would be alive to death when he heard this.

"Then continue to read and see how far this unremarkable Biography of the Great Sage can go."

The Heavenly Jade Juggernaut did not argue with him, and was indifferent.

Other holy elders tasted some different meanings, and Saint Venerable Tu You's expression changed.

Did the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint come here specially for Ye Qingtian?

Great Sage Long Yun tried to pretend to be calm, and his heart was chaotic. The Sword Sage Tianxuan almost didn't hide it.

I have to think of something.

His gaze fell on Lin Yun and saw Lin Yun's rather arrogant appearance, his heart airs, doesn't he know how to keep a low profile?

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