Chapter 2007:The Sovereign’s Ascension

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Great Sage Long Yun had the intention to keep Lin Yun low-key, but his strength really didn't allow it.

Not to mention that he had obtained the Galaxy Sword Intent, and he practiced in the Sansheng Secret Realm for another two months.

Even if it was placed before, Lin Yun's confrontation with others was basically crushing.

When the kendo attainments are enough to guard against the sky, the so-called difference in cultivation level will not be as scary as imagined.

There was also Wang Ziyue, which reluctantly caused Lin Yun a headache.

Three days later, Lin Yun is no longer what he used to be. How to keep a low profile?

Even if you are determined not to release the stars, it is still difficult to really meet your opponent, unless you meet other No. 0 players, you can get a little serious.

As a result, Lin Yun easily won three games in a row, and still did not use astrology.

The elders of the Holy Land on the altar of Heaven's Path, each uttered words of admiration.

"This Ye Qingtian is really a genius. If he goes to the Heavenly Group, he may suffer too much due to his poor cultivation level. But in the Ground Group, it seems too outstanding and it is really difficult to put him in place."

"His kendo attainments are so high, the Firefly Divine Sword may not only master six swords."

"In the Death Profound Realm, he can achieve such an achievement. An exception should be made to let him go to the Sky Wheel Pagoda to practice and break through Nirvana as soon as possible."

The time flow rate of the Tianlun Tower is different from that of the outside world. After one year of cultivation, the outside world may not have passed until a month.

In addition, the Sky Wheel Pagoda has many benefits, and it is a holy place for cultivation.

It was filled with majestic nirvana, the uppermost layers, and even the holy aura everywhere, and even the innate holy aura above.

There is also a collection of Tiandaozong's huge secret treasures, exercises, and sacred pills, many of which are unimaginable outsiders.

"Master Tianxuan, what do you think of Qingtian this night?" A holy elder asked, looking at the Sword Saint Tianxuan.

Great Sage Long Yun's slightly closed eyes, slowly opened, and glared at this person.

That person didn't know, and looked at Tianxuan in general to please.

Heavenly Jade Sword Saint said: "The word "Wizard" is worthy of the name. If you can reach the realm of Nirvana, you will be reborn, and in time, you will be holy!"

It was so high that Zhang Yue, Ye Feifan, and even Wang Ziyue of Youlan Academy didn't have such a comment before.

Just when the Great Sage Long Yun was slightly bored and was about to close his eyes, the words of the Heavenly Jade Sword Sage came over again.

"It is difficult to have a real definite number in this world. If, as the Great Sage Long Yun said, his temperament has not changed, his morality is not good, and he may die halfway. He has only two results, either he is unreliable, or he is as short as a meteor. "

"One year ago, he went away in embarrassment. One year later, there are dragons and phoenixes. He has to observe such a big ups and downs. In addition, his kendo talent has to be more refined."

Dasheng Long Yun opened his eyes wide, and he didn't like to hear these words.

The Heavenly Jade Sword Saint noticed Long Yun’s expression, showing white white teeth, and said with a smile: "Long Yunda

Sheng, think I’m wrong? "

"If you only look at the Heavenly Dao Sect, your comments are understandable, but if you look at the entire world, not to mention that the Shenlong Empire has been revived for three thousand years, and it has long been detached. But outside the empire, there are eight ancient domains, and there are endless masters."

"Besides the Eight Ancient Realms, the Hidden Sword Villa, Tianjue City, Ice and Snow Temple, Ten Thousand Sword Tower, Black Feather Palace, these forces that belong to the Sword League, I don't know how many kendo evildoers are there."

Sovereign Tu You pondered: "Tian Jue City is a holy place established by the Sword Emperor, and several of the Sword Emperor's disciples can be called world-famous evildoers. The inheritance of the Tibetan Sword Villa is not much better than that of my Heavenly Dao Sect. The Ice and Snow Temple The ice emperor is also a kendo wizard, and he has an accomplishment in the cold ice kendo that Yu Qingfeng can't match."

The Heavenly Jade Sword Saint continued: "The tops of the Heavenly Roads back then have grown up over the years. I heard that Gu Xiyan, the top of the First Heavenly Roads, reached the realm of Nirvana two years ago and was inherited by the ancient Lei Di. And Ye Linghao, the top of the second day road, has also reached the realm of Nirvana, and has gained the Tianju heritage in the day road..."

As soon as these words came out, the other elders of the holy realm were silent.

Heavenly Road Top!

At the time, the top of the Nine Great Sky Roads, now they are all outstanding, almost all of them are famous in Kunlun.

Not to mention the few mentioned by the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint, just the one who upset the troubles of the Eastern Desolation is exactly Lin Yun, the top of the Ninth Day Road.

"Apart from these, all the nine emperors back then had descendants. Looking at the Eastern Desolation, the Heavenly Flame Sect, the Shendao Pavilion, the Ten Thousand Thunder Sect, the Ming Sect, and the Divine Phoenix Mountain, have they ever produced evildoers?"

"Even if you say back to the Heavenly Dao Sect, Ye Qingtian's sharpness is still far from those of them."

The Heavenly Jade Sword Saint said solemnly: "Don't sit down and watch the sky. The world has changed a long time ago. All the heavenly arrogances are ready to move. As long as Qinglongce appears, a golden age comparable to ancient times will really come."

The other elders of the holy realm were speechless, and the Tiandaozong had also appeared in large numbers of evildoers over the years, one more ruthless than one.

The sect seems to be prosperous, but his family knows about his family affairs, and Tiandao Sect is no longer flourishing three thousand years ago.

It's really hard to say what position it will be in the world.

Ye Qingtian is indeed very good, but compared with these people, it is bleak, the gap is not ordinary.

Great Sage Long Yun's face was not very good-looking, and he said faintly: "Who knows what will happen in the future? Ye Qingtian will surely rise in this golden age. The old man has seen the elegance of Yuqingfeng in him. In time, he will become a sword. Emperor, even Yaoguang may not be able to compare him."

Lin Yun is his apprentice, so he can scold him, saying that he is of average character and talent.

Others can't, neither can the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint!

The other elders of the Holy Land changed their expressions slightly.

You can hear the voice of Long Yun Great Sage Transformation. On the face of it, it is said that Yaoguang is incomparable. In fact, it is the Tianxuan who is the same three sword sage.

The two great sages were fighting, and the other elders of the sacred realm couldn't speak.

I heard that Great Sage Long Yun was protecting the calf!

But secretly also felt funny, this is what happened, Long Yun Dasheng has a temper like a child.

On the contrary, it was the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint, smiling without speaking.

Sovereign Tu You touched his beard and smiled: "I think he may not even be able to get the capital of the list, so he can be compared with Yaoguang? Becoming the sword emperor... Great Sage Long Yun is too excited.

He hadn't competed well with Long Yun Great Sage before, but now Tianxuan seemed to be on his side, and his words became a lot harder.

Great Sage Long Yun touched his beard and stared: "It's just the top of the list, I'm a disciple, you can get it by raising your hand, and you just look at it."

Unlike the state of mind just now, Great Sage Long Yun is now very public, and only hopes that Lin Yun will be more high-profile.

"Can you get it?"

Sage Sovereign Tu You smiled, his eyes showing disdain.

Ye Qingtian's talent is beyond doubt, but to say that he won the top spot, it is not a normal suspension.

Among the top ten, there are Tianyin Saint, Wang Ziyue, Zhang Yue, Ye Feifan, and their very optimistic elder sage Lin Tongbei.

Any one is hard, Lin Yun and other people are okay, and they will definitely reveal themselves when they encounter these people.


On the lower stage, Lin Yun ushered in his fifth opponent, an old man with gray hair.

He has not been able to maintain his youth, but directly shows his age. He is already a hundred years old.

"Up to Jiufeng, Ren Tong!"

The gray-clothed old man reported his name and bowed his hand.


Lin Yun stretched out his hand.


Ren Tong cultivated the physical body, mastering the saintly body of Yangyan, and cultivating the Golden Sacred Code to refine many divine materials, such as Gengjin, Dragon Silver, and Bronze Mother.

Logically speaking, this should be a tough one.

Even if he couldn't defeat Lin Yun, he could still force him to use some hole cards, but it was just a dozen or so moves against him.

Ren Tong couldn't stand the Sparks splattered all over his body, and he looked uninjured.

But the opponent's sword intent even penetrated in, and the internal organs were destroyed. No matter what he looked like, he cried out in pain.

"Stop, stop, stop, I give up!"

Ren Tong looked at Lin Yun and sighed: "If you are fifty years younger, the old man will definitely fight you a thousand strokes. Even if you can't win, he won't let you win easily."

Lin Yun nodded, believing what the other party said.

After all, he was old, his blood began to go downhill, and the most important thing was that he was gone.

The other party didn't suffer any injuries, and the physical body could carry it for a long time.

If he didn't sacrifice the Galaxy Sword Intent, he wouldn't be able to take a heavy hit by fighting three thousand moves, but his heart was gone, and he no longer had the spirit and edge of a young man.

The heart is soft, and the physical body is useless.

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