Chapter 2008:The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 1865:

The first thousand eight hundred and sixty-five chapters

Looking at Lin Yun, who was still a teenager, Ren Tong was envious and sighed: "I really envy you young people, alas."

Lin Yun didn't want to say anything, but the last sigh caused a string in Lin Yun's heart to be struck.


"I have conceded, you still want to humiliate me?" Ren Tong turned and frowned.

Because Ye Qingtian had a bad reputation, he thought so for the first time.

Lin Yun shook his head and said earnestly: "The swordsman in my eyes has nothing to do with age. Our blood erupts like a volcano, our pride is blowing against the wind and waves, and there is infinite fantasy in the surging heart. The young man at the foot of the mountain will never give up, and the man To the death is a teenager!"

He thought so and did so.

He is indeed not very old, but he is also twenty-four years old, and he has experienced more life and death and emotion than the other party.

But the heart of blood has never been cold.

Ren Tong thought that Lin Yun was going to humiliate him, but he was stunned when the other party said this.

Not only him, but many people who heard this, looked extremely surprised.

This is really nothing like what Ye Qingtian could say, but when he said it, it was inexplicably bloated.

The boy standing at the foot of the mountain will never give up, and the man is a boy to death!

Chen Feng was stunned, this is still the big brother back then.

He looked at Lin Yun in a white robe on the stage, and only felt that the back of the other party was taller than the mountains.

"Is this Brother Ye? After the prodigal son turned around, he was really reborn."

"Ye Qingtian is so handsome!"

"No wonder he can be favored by the two saints, Brother Ye has really changed."

A group of female disciples off the court had brilliant eyes, and their faces turned flush when they looked at Lin Yun.

In the audience, Zhang Yue and Ye Feifan looked embarrassed, their faces were green.

"Really able to pretend." Zhang Yue glanced.

Ye Feifan said coldly: "Look at how he ends up!"


"Teached." Ren Tong showed guilt on his face, bent over and hurriedly stepped down.

After that, Lin Yun defeated his opponents one after another, and came to a nine-game winning streak.

This group was all swept away by Lin Yun!

The clever swordsmanship, the cold and arrogant character, and the passionate rhetoric completely convinced everyone present.

The faces of the defeated are extremely bitter.

At first, I thought I was divided into ten groups, and I found a soft persimmon, but now it seems that it is not the case at all.

From bitterness to bitterness, these nine people did not have any unconvinced expressions, they were all convinced.

Two hours later, the results of the other nine groups also came out.

All the zero players kept their positions and were promoted to the top ten together.

Wang Muyan, Zhang Yue, Ye Feifan, Lin Tongbei, Wang Ziyue... Ye Qingtian.

A total of ten people stood on the battlefield after the complete merger.

The many disciples of the inner sect and the legendary disciples in the audience were all holding their breath and nervous.

The final final is coming!

The ten people on the stage, almost every one of them are irritable, it is too fierce to fight for a top spot among them.

Everyone thought that Wang Muyan would definitely be the top of the list, but now it seems really not easy to say.

They were very nervous, and the faces of the holy elders on the altar of heaven gradually became tense.

Especially Sage Tu You and Great Sage Long Yun, but Heavenly Jade Sword Sage, their expressions were calm and aloof.

On the vast battle platform, Chi Yun Half Saint slowly fell, his eyes swept over Lin Yun and others.

"Congratulations on entering the top ten, as in the past, only the top and the top ten in the ranking competition."

Chi Yun said indifferently.

The meaning of this statement is to put it simply, that is, there is only the first place, there is no second and third, and it is the same except the top.

Very cruel, but also very realistic.

Can make people

Remember that the first is always the first. For many arrogant people, the second and third are not glory, but shame.

"The rules are the same as before, whoever takes the initiative to stand up is the No. 0 player, who can challenge one by one, or challenge several people at once."

Chi Yun half-sage said: "The privileges of the zero player remain unchanged, and they are still allowed to fail once, and the others will be eliminated if they lose."

Ten people present did not move, Wang Muyan looked lazy, smiling, and seemed not too interested.

Zhang Yue, Ye Feifan and others pretended not to hear.

The privileges of player zero are not attractive at all. For people of their level, if you lose once, playing again is still a defeat.

There is no other reason, the heart is gone, and the hole cards are seen.

"No one takes the initiative, just draw lots to decide." Chi Yun Bansheng was not surprised, and said lightly.

"Let me do it."

Just when he was about to draw the lottery, Lin Yun stood up directly, with an open expression, and went directly to the middle of Chi Yun Half Sage.

Zhang Yue and the others were taken aback for a moment, then a smile appeared on their faces, and the corners of their mouths turned up involuntarily.

Contestant No. 0 is basically useless!

On the altar, Sage Tu You smiled and said: "This little guy is exactly the same as the Great Sage Long Yun said, his temperament has not changed, and his high-profile publicity is really easy to die!"

Great Sage Long Yun scolded his mother in his heart, but on the surface he was very calm, and said with a faint smile: "My apprentice, the strength is there, I can't keep a low profile, Sage Tu You, you don't understand!"

Sage Sovereign Tu You smirked, seeing that he was still struggling, and said in his heart to see if you could laugh out loud later.


"Wang Ziyue, come on!"

Lin Yun was not polite, and directly named Wang Ziyue, and the first opponent chose him.

Wang Ziyue's face changed slightly, a little reluctant.

He was not reconciled with the tortoise swordsmanship he had lost to Lin Yun before. He wanted to kill him back from the loser group and then return the color.

But he was really named by Lin Yun, but he didn't have such a strong heart.

It's not that I'm afraid of Lin Yun, but I don't want to fight him so early. In fact,...I'm afraid.

Contrary to him, Lin Yun smiled relaxedly: "Wang Ziyue, think there is no way to crack it."

Wang Ziyue said lightly: "Guess!"

He actually thought of the cracking method that day, and looked forward to Lin Yun's use of the profound thunder sword again, which would give him a big surprise.

"Orchid in front of the court!"

Wang Ziyue repeated the old tricks, and once again used the Orchid swordsmanship, blooming vigorously orchids on the ground.

Empty Valley Orchid, the fragrance of flowers turns back and forth, and the vitality is endless.

"It's this trick again..."

Lin Yun smiled. Last time he had trouble adapting, but right now he really didn't take it too seriously.

"Shenxiao destroys everything!"

Lin Yun swung his sword, and black nether flowers bloomed on the ground, and life was filled, and everything began to wither.


A tornado composed of two petals, with the sword in the hands of the two, each rolled towards each other.

One side is filled with a thick death spirit, and the other is full of vitality, and each has its own sword intent.

After several breaths, the tornadoes composed of petals each reached an incomparable height of one hundred feet.

The sky has changed drastically, and all the hearts are stunned. This is just a sword, is it so terrible?

This is a contest between life and death, and also a collision between sword and sword.


The two tornadoes slammed into each other violently, making a loud noise, flying all over the sky and flying everywhere.


The two tornadoes were equal to each other, and gradually merged together, the sky thunderclouds rolled, and the sky was terrifying.


The two left their places, and within a short time, they came to the upper hand of the tornado and fought like lightning.

Qiang Qiang!

Above the strong wind, the sword blades collided, and the two figures continued to change, and they could no longer see the figures in an instant.

You can only see sparks that are constantly splashing, and two swords soaring into the sky, each vying for the front, the needles are facing the wheat.

"Firefly light!"

"Firefly light!"

Both of them actually used the Firefly Divine Sword, and with only one sword, they heard the sound of heaven breaking suddenly.


The sky was shattered, the first layer of sky exploded with cracks, and stars fell like a rainstorm.

Huh huh!

The two figures changed, each evolving into a majestic sword power, boundless sword shadows, vertical and horizontal.

"The glory of Buddha's dawn!"

"The sunset is red!"

"Lasting Moon!"

"Snow of Tianshan!"

In the legend, the supreme sword technique from the sword ancestor, in the hands of the two, was constantly displayed one by one.

Everyone was frightened, they only felt that their scalp was numb, and they didn't expect that Wang Ziyue would even be able to use the Firefly God Sword.

During the fight, the two petal tornadoes had completely merged.

Under the fusion of life and death, it merged into a tornado of thousands of feet, and the wind shredded the air.

The clothes of the two of them were blown into hunting noises, and they constantly fought against each other around the tornado, moving around, unpredictable.


The two fell on the top of the wind at the same time, ten feet apart from each other, and the moment they looked at each other, another sword pierced out.

"Silver Blood!"

"Silver Blood!"


Two silver star swirls appeared behind them, and the tips of their respective swords bloomed like ** meteors.


Under the fierce impact of the peak sword power, the thousand-zhang tornado was like a mountain, cracked and collapsed.


The two landed at the same time, Wang Ziyue held the sword and kicked, sweat dripping down his forehead, his eyes were filled with incredible color.

This is the useless hole card he hid. He wanted to hit the opponent by surprise, but he didn't even get it at the slightest price.

Not only that, his sword intent of life can't even suppress the opponent.

On the other hand, Lin Yun, among the petals flying, dressed in white, standing with a sword in his hands, looking up at Huaxie Huafei.

It seems to be enjoying this stunning beauty, let alone, under the sky full of flowers, the other side's face is indeed more beautiful.

Wang Ziyue was very unwilling, but still gritted his teeth and took the lead in offering his own astrological picture scroll.


The picture scroll unfolded, and a flame-filled Chilian real dragon appeared, the supreme dragon's might, surging out.

The terrifying Longwei swept all directions, causing Wang Ziyue's momentum to skyrocket.

Following the violent advance, the ground that was forced to begin to burst.

"Red training real dragon!"

"Senior Brother Wang's astrological aspect is a bit scary, even if it is half- sage, the astrological power is nothing more than that."

"I heard that the Wang family specially gave him dragon blood for the purpose of cultivating this astrology. This is his killer."

"Ye Qingtian hasn't shown the stars, I guess it's uncomfortable."

Everyone looked at the real red training dragon, UU reading exclaimed one after another, and their eyes were full of jealousy and fear.

Wang Ziyue regained his self-confidence, his face was cold and arrogant, and he stood in the air, condescendingly said: "Ye Qingtian, sacrifice your star!"

"as you wish."

Lin Yun didn't intend to keep hiding, but smiled indifferently, and a picture scroll flew out of his body.

The scroll was unremarkable, but when it was completely unfolded, it scared others into a panic.

"How can this be!"

Looking behind Lin Yun with unbelievable expressions, a group of people all opened their mouths, which is really unimaginable.

One day the same wind will rise, soaring to the nine heavens, Lin Yun's astrology, Taikoo Kunpeng!

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