Chapter 2009:The Sovereign’s Ascension

Qing Feng wants to wait for the sky!

Chapter One Eight Hundred and Eighty Six


The moment Taikoo Kunpeng appeared, the vast and majestic momentum swept up from Lin Yun.


The sound of the broken sky continued, and the magnificent dragon's might retreated like a tide under such a sharp edge.

The flames on the true dragon Chilian looked dimmed under the bright light of Kunpeng.

Countless people looked at this scene in astonishment, and their eyes were full of fear.

Big, too big!

Chi Lian's true dragon was more than thirty feet long, entrenched on the platform, and Lin Yun looked extremely small.

Compared with Kunpeng, it is completely incomparable.

The big Peng bird flying in the air is as big as a hundred meters, and between the wings, it seems that the entire sky is covered. The huge wings flapped slightly, and there was a violent wind in an instant, and the entire space trembled violently.

"It's Kunpeng..."

"When it enters the water, it becomes a kun, turns into a bird, and flies in anger, and its wings are clouds hanging down from the sky."

On the altar of heaven, all the elders of the holy realm were shocked and stood up and looked carefully.

Sage Venerable Tu You lost his eyes and murmured, "How can this be possible? The astrological aspect of Ye Qingtian before is not this."

Heavenly Jade Sword Saint frowned: "It should be after refining the holy source and reshaping the astrology. This kind of ancient beast can only be successfully condensed in the ancient heritage."

The other people's eyes were puzzled, and they were somewhat puzzled, but the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint had said so, and that could only be recognized.

call out!

Sovereign Tu You was not reconciled, he circulated the holy eyes in secret, the sacred glory in the depths of his eyes, and the rules of the holy way continued to linger.

He is the Lord, and there are only a handful of blindfolds that can be concealed from him in the world.

Even if there is no secret, the juniors will be full of flaws when they use it.

But Sovereign Tu You looked and looked again, and couldn't see any flaws, Ye Qingtian's face, temperament, and internal bones showed no signs of change.

Damn it!

Sage Sovereign Tu You cursed in his heart, his expression unwilling.

"what are you doing?"

But at this moment, a cold voice caused him to tremble slightly, and his hands and feet were shaking unconsciously.

But seeing Great Sage Long Yun looking at him coldly, his face was gloomy, and his eyes filled with hostility.

Sovereign Tu You looked intently, and felt that Great Sage Long Yun had become extremely terrifying. There was an endless void behind him. There was a thousand miles of blood at the feet of a dragon elephant, and above the sea of ​​blood on the corpse mountain, the dragon elephant was as high as ten thousand, and the sacred glory filled , Behind is a heavy circular light curtain constantly rotating.

In that light curtain, I don't know how many holy patterns have been condensed, and the dragon elephant's eyes are each branded with a ** pattern, which has the potential to destroy the world.

Sage Venerable Tu You was shocked immediately, sweating profusely, only feeling that the invisible pressure made him breathless.

"This saint has no malice towards Ye Qingtian, the great saint observes..." Saint Tu You quickly explained.

But Great Sage Long Yun didn't speak, and said coldly: "I think you are full of malice. The dignified sage peeped at my disciple with holy eyes. He is still on the ring. If there is a mistake, you will be responsible. Up?"

The other sacred elders quickly lowered their heads, and did not dare to breathe. In fact, they all watched with holy eyes.

Mainly, this Kunpeng is too magical, making people inevitably curious.

This is Taikoo Kunpeng!

The legendary beast of the North Sea existed before the heavens and the earth were opened, and the background was too big.

Sage Sovereign Tu You's face changed slightly, he could hardly speak for a while, and his expression became more panic.

Fortunately, the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint spoke, she whispered: "There is indeed something wrong with Tu You in this matter, but the scene is really amazed just now. This Saint has also seen it, and I am not here with Great Saint Long Yun.


"Not an example."

Great Sage Long Yun coldly took back his Shengwei.


The pressure on Sovereign Tu You disappeared, he breathed a sigh of relief and gratefully looked at the Heavenly Jade Sword Master

Then he looked at Great Sage Long Yun, his eyes became more alert.

This is just a look in person, if you really ask the door to question, you will have to peel off if you die.

Fortunately, those who didn't listen to Zhang Yue before, the violent temper of Great Sage Long Yun really couldn't bear it.

Tu You was much younger than Long Yun, and had heard many stories about this great sage. He had fought against the Shenlong Empire and killed many dragons in the holy realm.

In the yin and yang realms of the Burial God Lin, he fought against the Blood Moon God Sect and personally killed many demon alien races.

What I saw just now should be the other side's holy appearance, infinite blood hell!

"Ye Qingtian is going to win."

The Heavenly Jade Sword Saint said suddenly.

Everyone hurriedly looked, and saw Lin Yun who had released a picture of the stars on the battlefield without moving a step, letting the opponent fight to kill him.

But no matter what methods the other party used, Lin Yun stood still, swiping a sword, all kinds of killer moves, and he broke without attack.

I have to say that Wang Ziyue does have a lot of cards.

Especially the will to live, his many ultimate moves have changed, and he has been branded uniquely.

"The dragon is in the sky!"

Wang Ziyue, who was repelled several times, gritted his teeth, his eyes gleaming. The sole of the foot slammed on the ground, like a golden light, soaring into the sky.


When the sword was pierced out, the power of the dragon was evolved, and the sharp sword light roared.


The sword body trembled like a dragon roaring, and at the same time his astrology also roared, making the power of this sword soar in the trembling.

But an extremely tragic scene happened. The Dapeng's wings shook the sky, and his claws held the body of the Chilian True Dragon.

The claw blade was inlaid into the dragon's body, blood immediately overflowed, and the back wings flew quickly.


The majestic force whizzed away from under the wings, unable to distinguish whether the space was regressing or the Dapeng was flying high.

At this moment of spreading his wings, his claws violently tore, and the Chilian True Dragon was torn in half abruptly.


Wang Ziyue vomited blood, his sword power plummeted like a frustrated ball.

The original horrible sword constantly overflowed with light, and the tip of the sword became dim.

He wanted to stop, but this sword had become a general trend, and he couldn't control it at all and still stab Lin Yun.


Lin Yun collected the sword and returned it to its sheath. When the opponent's holy sword came, he slammed his fingers together.

Snapped! The fingertips touched the sword tip, the holy sword took off, turned into a light, and then inserted into the ground in the distance.

Wang Ziyue's expression changed, but he still refused to admit defeat.

He stretched out the palms of both hands upwards, and then violently raised them, and the will to life burned like flames.


The injuries on Wang Ziyue's body have improved with the naked eye, and his aura is constantly rising.

Even the real red-forged dragon that had been broken in two began to gradually recover. It looked so thrilling, and only felt that the scalp was tingling.

Too terrible, is this the will to live?

The corner of Lin Yun's mouth raised a smile, and the cloud was calm and gentle, knowing that the other party could not support it.

"Yanyun Palm!"

If Wang Ziyue Zhuang was mad, losing the holy sword, he unexpectedly performed a mastery.

For a time, the fire was like a cloud, and the fire was overwhelming.

With each blow, the void exploded into a gap, leaving a palm print. The invisible air, like a tangible mountain, as Lin Yun quietly retreated, sunken palm prints appeared.

Wang Ziyue was extremely fierce, almost mad, and wanted to smash this space to him fiercely.

But Lin Yun didn't fight with him, strolling in the courtyard, and between retreating, with long hair fluttering, he easily avoided all the palms.

Huh huh!

As Wang Ziyue continued to approach, half of the countertop was covered with orchids on the ground from rebirth to blooming.

It didn't take long for Lin Yun to retreat without retreat, and then he would leave the battlefield.

Behind Wang Ziyue was full of orchids blooming, his expression was mad, his aura was like a rainbow, but he stopped abruptly when he looked at Lin Yun who was smiling at the corner of his mouth.

It seemed that Lin Yun would withdraw from the battlefield as long as he took another palm.

But Wang Ziyue was stunned, his eyes showed timidity, and the remaining palm dared not to split it out.

Without him, Wang Ziyue knew in his heart that he was going to make a move, and Lin Yun would definitely have to fight back.

Lin Yun was not surprised by this, and said lightly: "I said you are a smart person, but a smart person is easy to make mistakes. If you had such courage three days ago, the outcome may be different. As for now, give up!"

He was telling the truth. Three days ago, Lin Yun had not grasped the Galaxy Sword Intent.

There are also many hole cards that cannot be played. If Wang Ziyue is willing to expose his hole cards and fight to the death, winning will definitely be impossible.

But there is still a chance to fight for a tie.

But the opponent was counseled at the time, and would rather admit defeat and go to the loser group than expose his hole cards to fight with Lin Yun.

He didn't know at the time. Once he conceded, his breath would really disappear.

Wang Ziyue raised his hand, his lips trembled, but he did not dare to cut it off.

"I surrender."

Wang Ziyue was relieved, and he, who was at his peak just now, was instantly depressed when he said these three words.

His face was as pale as paper, and he vomited several mouthfuls of blood.


He floated backwards, and the orchids danced wherever he passed, reaching out among the petals of the sky.


The holy sword returned to its sheath, Wang Ziyue held the sword and bent over and bowed his hands in salute.

"Thank you."

Then he stepped down silently, his thank you, Xie Linyun saw the end of his violent crossbow, has never made a move to save him face.

Lin Yun didn't care, looked lazily at the remaining eight, and then smiled and grinned: "Let's go together, one by one is really meaningless."


After the voice fell, Lin Yun's sky sword intent continued to skyrocket, rumbling, and loud noises continued to be heard in the sky.

The sword light on his body is bright, and the sharp sword wind bursts out of his body. The vast sword intent makes people unable to look directly at everyone is shocked. It is the perfect sword intent in the sky, and it is infinite Galaxy, only one step away.

Lin Yun was on the battle platform. He was obviously not that high, but he felt that he could reach the sky by raising his hand.


With sword light blooming and long hair dancing wildly, Lin Yun burst out laughing.

"Qing Feng wants to wipe the sky, we are all madmen, Ye Qingtian is here, who dares to fight me!"

Amidst the laughter, Lin Yun took a step forward, suddenly full of pride, and surged along with the sword.

The billowing sword was like a huge wave. Eight of the top ten were left, half of them vomited blood and flew out.


They flew out, and after landing, they all knelt on one knee, their eyes looked at Lin Yun who was laughing wildly in the wind, all of them paled in shock.

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